View Full Version : FS/FT: POTF2, POTJ, Ep. 1 items

04-30-2002, 12:31 AM
Below is a list of items that I have for sale for the prices stated. I am
also interested in trading. I am most interested in acquiring 2 of the new
Playskool X-Wing adventure sets. Only one need to be in a mint package, as
I intend to open one to take the Vader for my Vader collection and let my
daughter play with the rest. I am also interested in Vader items,
especially foreign knockoffs and a mint, loose, complete Vader from the
Masters of the Darkside 2 pack. LMK if you're interested in anything.

Item Pkg. Type Cond. Price

3 " Figs

Hoth Rebel Soldier .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9- $2.50

Princess Leia .00 Red Card (3 rings belt) C9.5 $2.50

Death Star Gunner .01/Coll. 1 Green Card (holo) C9.5 $2.50

Slave Leia .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

Admiral Ackbar .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

Garindan .00/Coll. 3 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

2-1B .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9.5 $2.00

Bib Fortuna .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

AT-ST Driver .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9 $2.00

Deluxe Luke .00 Red Card C9+ $3.00

R2-D2 .00 Red Card C9.5 $3.00

C-3PO .00 Red Card C9 $2.50

Ketwol .0400 POTJ Card C9.5 $2.50

Lando Calrissian .0300 POTJ Card C9.5 $5.00

Mon Calamari Officer .0100 POTJ Card C9.5 $4.00

Destroyer Droid .0000 Ep. 1 Card C8.5 $3.00

Mace Windu .0000 Ep. 1 Card C9.5 $4.00

Yoda .0000 Ep. 1 Card (no text) C9.5 $4.00

C-3PO .0000 Ep. 1 Card C9.5 $2.50

Ellorrs Mordak .0400 POTJ Card C9.5 $2.50

Bespin Sec. Guard .0400 POTJ Card C9.5 $2.50

Anakin Naboo .0100 Ep. 1 Card C9.5 $3.00

Luke X-Wing Pilot .0400 POTJ Card C9.5 $3.50

Han Endor (blue pants) .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9 $2.50

Rebel Fleet Trooper .01/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $3.00

Ponda Baba .01/Coll. 3 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

Weequay .01/Coll. 3 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

Emperor Palpatine .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

Ghost Ben White Mailer Sealed $3.00

Ghost Ben White Mailed Not Sealed $2.50

Cantine Band Member White Mailer Sealed $12.00

ASP-7 Droid .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9.5 $3.00

Lando Skiff .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

Nein Numb .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9 (price sticker on bubble) $2.00

Lando General .00/Coll. 1 FF Card C8 (warping to card) $1.50

EV-9D9 .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9 (price sticker on bubble) $2.00

Han Bespin .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9.5 $2.50

Endor Rebel Soldier .00/Coll. 1 FF Card C9.5 $3.00

Ewok Celeb. Leia .00/Coll. 1 FF Card C9.5 $2.50

Han Endor (blue pants) .00/Coll. 1 Green Card C9- $2.00

Gamorrean Guard .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9 (price sticker on bubble) $2.50

Malakili (Rankor Keeper) .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9 (price sticker on
bubble) $1.50

Saelt Marae (Yak Face) .00/Coll. 2 Green Card C9.5 (price sticker on
bubble) $2.50

Deluxe Hoth Rebel Soldier .00 Green Card C9.5 $3.00

Gunner Station Luke .00 C9.5 $2.50

R2 w/Leia Holo .0000 Comm. Chip Card C9.5+ $25.00

Greedo .0000 Comm. Chip Card C9.5- $1.50

Cantina Han .0000 Comm. Chip Card C9.5 $1.50

Jawa w/Gonk Droid .0000 Comm. Chip Card C9.5 $2.00

Chewie Mechanic .0300 POTJ Card C9.5 $2.50

Bespin Esc. Leia .0300 POTJ Card C9.5 $2.50

Sneak Preview Mace Windu White Mailer Sleeve C10 (sealed in mailer sleeve)

Deluxe Probe Droid LOOSE C9.5 $4.00

Complete Galaxy

Luke w/Tatooine MISB C8.5 box $8.00

12" Figures

Amidala in Red Senate Gown C9.5 (MISB) $14.00

Cinema Scenes

Mynock Hunt MISB (Trilogo box) C9.5 $30.00


Luke's Skyhopper Mint, loose $5.00

Rebel Blockade Runner Mint loose w/box Box is C9 as has orig. internal Pkg. contents $7.50