View Full Version : In need of Jorg Sacul...(Haves listed)

05-01-2002, 10:23 AM
If anyone is going to C2, I'd really like a Jorg Sacul figure - two if possible (one to open, one to keep carded). I know there is a limit of two per day, but if someone could get me two on one of those days, I'd really appreciate it. Or, if someone going doesn't want any of the Jorg Sacul (when he or she goes there), I could use 4 of them - I have a friend who would like two too.
I can either pay the person the $10 each for them, or I have some figures to trade. I have a ton of POTF2, EP1 and POTJ (if anyone is interested) and here is my list of AOTC stuff to trade:

Taun We
Royal Guard

And I might be able to to get another Dooku and I might be able to get the following figures for trade:

Mace Windu (Geonosis Rescue)
Jango Fett (Final Battle)

If anyone can help me out (and has some decent feedback on here) please email me at: Lman1264@hotmail.com (I don't frequent the forums anymore, so I might miss a message, if you reply here). Thanks!