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Jar Jar the lesser
05-02-2002, 02:46 PM
OK, Hasbro has done a pretty good job thus far with the Episode 2 toy line. I've not really been that dissapointed with any of the figures or vehicles so far. However, I certainly hope that we will see a few more items get produced from Episode 2 before Hasbro goes back to making all the old trilogy stuff. First and foremost, we need an AT-TE, no two ways about it! This would be a serious mistake for Hasbro not to do this one. The AT-TE is the direct predecessor of the AT-AT. I don't even want it to be a scale one; however if you look at the Episode 2 incredible cross sections book, it is not really that large and it is definately much smaller than an AT-AT. It shouldn't be nearly as expensive as everyone thinks it will be. Also, how about an action fleet Republic assault ship, not the gunship, but the predecessor to the Star destroyer. Last but not least, I do have to gripe about one thing, why does the jedi starfighter convert to a fight mode when we will nevber see it do that in the movie, and the incredible cross sections book doesn't even mention it having that capability?