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05-02-2002, 03:15 PM
As I’ve said in my earlier post “Episode II sets available in Sweden!” the new “Attack of the Clones” System and Technic sets has been available at this side of the pond since April the 22nd so I thought I’d write down my reviews of the sets and contribute to the forum for you. Since I’m a former (in a way I still am) model kit builder and collector I thought my views of the sets could be interesting for you guys as I’ve been very much into building and collecting model kits that are as accurate as possible compared to the original filming miniatures etc.

However, to be honest with you guys I don’t know too much yet about the original filming miniatures from “Attack of the Clones” and I haven’t even seen too many pictures of the vehicles and spaceships but I’ll try and do some good reviews of the sets anyway.

Okay... Let’s rock.

The box:

This is a traditional “Cornflakes” box issue as I like to call them but unlike the boxes being released in the US of A there’s no additional markings of being a building toy that contains small parts and piece count isn’t mentioned either and it comes with a plain Star Wars logo.

The instruction booklet:

Is in full color and 24 pages long and takes you through building first the Yoda and Count Dooku mini figure along with his speederbike on pages 2 to 11 and second the crane on pages 12 to 19 while the rest of the pages are used to show off the other Star Wars sets available. But there’s no instructions included for the alternative models that are being shown off on the back of the box but it’s of no loss at all for me at least as I’ve got no interest at all in them and then again they’re pretty easy to build for the avid LEGO enthusiast so no problems at all.

Included in the box was also one LEGO and one Episode II flyer.

Parts and construction:

Parts came in one big and one small plastic bag and the construction was straight forward.

The set itself:

All in all this is a very nice little set and of course very easily to build for this big kid and it comes with Count Dooku mini figure and his Speederbike as well as a Yoda mini figure and a crane to go but a larger scene would have been nice but of course the set is made for the kids.

The Yoda mini figure do have “stubbies” for legs indeed and his head seems to be made of vinyl as earlier reports said but shorter “footies” would have been much better for this fellow as he’s a rather short and tiny guy but at least we now have a Yoda mini figure to play with.

The only real low down with this set is Count Dooku’s Speederbike as the printings on the blue new parts (whatever their correct name is) that’s on top on the tail/engine section to the right and left were totally off compared to one another on my sample at least. Anyone else?

As debated on many other websites Count Dooku’s lightsaber is indeed curved and like many others I thought this was a molding error made by LEGO until I saw the Hasbro? toy version of the lightsaber that had a curved handle and after that I knew it was a special saber.

I’ll give this set a total amount of three out of five lightsaber’s for the Jedi Master himself.

Price in Swedish Crooner: 119.00 SEK or $11.55.

Maybe all this is old news but anyway I love to contribute to this very excellent forum.

Kindest regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

05-12-2002, 12:21 PM
I bought this set with the Tusken Encounter (I haven't invested in the larger sets yet), and while it was a fun little set I like the Tusken set much more.
I must admit to being fooled by the count's speeder, while building it I kept thinking the front was the back (I never really looked at the box, I just wanted to tear it open and build from scratch. :D )
I just don't think the crane is as cool as the moisture vaporator. I do like it, it has great movement. It's just a matter of preference for me, I'm not as excited by it.

Mandalorian Candidat
05-14-2002, 02:11 PM
I like this set, but it's definitely not worth $10. I only got it because it was 20% off at KMart and I had a $2 off coupon to boot.

My speeder also has the misaligned engine marks, but what are you going to do? The crane thing does have good movement, but what's it really good for? It's supposed to hold the speeder up I suppose, but it doesn't work unless you hold the whole thing up.

I actually bought it more for the Yoda and Dooku figures than anything else.

I would rate it a 5 out of 10. Very average.