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05-06-2002, 01:01 PM
I had seen these figures in the stores for a while but wasnt going to get it........

Well, I decided later that I would & then I couldnt find SM just GG!!!!! I was like well, guess I messed up on that....... So anyway I went to a half dozen WM & a TRU and all they had were Series 2, no SM :(........ on my last stop of the day, I found 1 super articulated SM & said thats it, I'm gonna get em...... I also decided to pick up GG so that Spidey could have someone to battle against in my room...

Let me just say that these are the what toys are supposed to be!!! The articulation is so great!!! Not to mention the accessories that come with each one. I was at first hesitant about the gargoyle with SM, but after playing with it, there is just so much you can do with it!! I have it screwed to my computer desk top with SM perched on the very top in a crouching position with one hand out, fingers bent in, ready to websling!!!!!!!
I give this figure a big thumbs up!!!! And for only $6 you cant go wrong!!!!!!!!!

(borrowing from Jayspawn a little :))

- Likeness : The likeness on the figure is great. The webhead's suit is great & the proportions are all correct! 5/5

- Sculpt : This is a wonderfully detailed figure. All the small things are included in this figure (textures gloves, suit, etc!!) 5/5

- Articulation : The box says Spidey has over 30 points of articulation!!!! Holy COW!!!!!! I sat and counted & here is what I came up with: each toe, each ankle, each thigh, each shin, three at each knee, where legs meet waist, waist (left/right movement), chest, neck, head, each shoulder, each upper arm, each forearm, each wrist, each hand, & two fingers on each hand!!!!! In total I counted exactly 32, & I may have missed some... Thats a lot of articulation in such a small scale!!! 5/5

- Accessories : At first didnt think a gargoyle would be that good, but after playing with it, its a perfect include. You can have him hanging from the line that comes out to make it look like he is shooting webbing, or have him hang upside down like in the comics, or like I have him, up on top, ready to pounce!!! 5/5

- Playability : Anyone should be able to play with this...... it's a great addition to anyones toy collection..... 5/5

- Value : I picked up Spidey at WM for $6 & some odd cents. Well worth the price, a great value! 5/5

OVERALL : Great figure, great playability, great value. This figures got it all. Don't miss this one! 5/5

Green Goblin
The GG is a great figure too. You get the best of both worlds, Osbourne & the GG (removable mask is great!) The accessory is a clear plastic base that you can sit the glider on..... I have mine setup so that the GG has a knee bent position with his waist off turned to one side, head looking straight on. One hand is up in the air with a fist pumping look, the other arm out to the front & side.....
Again, $6 so you cant go wrong!!!!!

(same review as above, go pick it up!! Youll love it!!!!)

I would recommend everyone getting these as there are endless poses you can put em in!!! The spidey is especially cool!!!!!

I think these two are probably the best figures in the line IMHO, (I doubt I will get Mary Jane (not much action in that action figure) & JJJ isnt that great either (the novelty of the desk pounding action would wear off pretty quick!!!)

What do you guys think???

05-06-2002, 03:10 PM
I have the Spidey figure, and it is a great toy. The articulation is great and the likeness is great. Its just great.
As far as the GG, I havent gotten him yet, but I imagine it wont be long before I pick him up too.
When I first saw the preview to the movie, I didnt like the GG's suit much. I thought it looked kind of cheesy, like Power Rangers or something. But after seeing the film I have really started to like the design of the suit and the character.

05-06-2002, 03:55 PM
I bought both about two months ago and I love them. They are very detailed and the articulation is amazing. Plus these were way cheaper than the SW line. Why can't Hasbro make better toys that sell for less? I know part of it is becuase of the rights that they have to pay, but come on now these toys are awesome.

05-06-2002, 04:45 PM
I got the MJ figure, its prolly rare and i saw it anyway. its scary how much mine looks like Kirsten Dunst. From what I've seen they all have a great likeness except the Peter figure. Doesn't really look like Tobey Mcguire.