View Full Version : Jorg Sacul Beard Variations?

05-06-2002, 02:29 PM
The Jorgs are from 6 of us in our group who went to Celebration II. We wanted a pic of all of our stuff then noticed distinct variations. Some figures had light gray beards, while others had dark gray. What we want to know is who out there noticed these? Can anyone confirm or deny this?

We don't want to cause a comotion or trouble. We just want to know what the deal is. We also don't plan to sell/trade these figures so please don't ask. Thanks to all who can comment here.

Jorg Sacul Pic - Detailed scans coming soon (http://www.originalplots.com/digital/050302/images/DCP_2910big.jpg)

I should note that the distribution was dead even. 6 had light gray and 6 had dark gray.

Lord Malakite
05-06-2002, 03:38 PM
There are three versions of Jorg Sacul that supposedly exist. Compare yours with the descriptions below to confirm if you indeed got the variations. If you do, SirSteve would probably appreciate it if you email him some close up picture comparisons.

Version 1:
This is the white bearded version of Sacul. His beard is VERY white, and looks like the white looks like it was an overpaint over the gray beard. He may also have white hair on his head, but I have no confirmation, as I have not seen a white Sacul opened, and he has his helment on in the package. This version has only been seen on Saculs with a date stamp of 20771.

Version 2:
This is the gray bearded version, unlike Ponda Baba (for our freeze frame veterans), this is the most common version--- if any Sacul figure can be said to be common. It has a deep gray colored beard with deep gray hair and light gray to white highlights.

Version 3:
This one has yellow-gray hair and beard. This version has only been seen on a painted sample, so far. Stay tuned to see if carded versions exist.