View Full Version : Wait... Geonosian Mace's eyes are TOTALLY closed?? What's up with that?

05-06-2002, 06:45 PM
I was one of the people that was really excited for "Primal Scream" Mace Windu--but from the smaller shots of him, I just assumed he was squinting as people tend to do when they scream... but from the close-ups I see that his eyes are TOTALLY closed!

What is up with that? Did Mace get to Geonosis and got scared, so he closed his eyes, began screaming in terror, and starting swinging or something? I just don't get this figure at all...

05-06-2002, 06:48 PM
"Your eyes can decieve you, don't trust them" Obi-Wan Kenobi ANH.

Jedi do not need eyes :)

05-06-2002, 07:02 PM
It's because Mace Windu travels to Geonosis on the experimental ship, Event Horizen. "Where we are going, you don't need eyes to see." :D

Actually the figure is intended as scene specific along with the the flamethrower Final Battle Jango to recreate that scene. That's why Mace is screaming/yelling. All will be revealed on May 16th. :)


Jar Jar Binks

05-06-2002, 07:10 PM
I used to like Mace. Now I dont.....for obvious reasons.

05-06-2002, 07:45 PM
Event Horizon was SUCH a great movie..maybe Mace was so moved by the experience he wanted to do it himself:D

And,yes,Jedi dont need eyes to see.It could all be a simple Force trick.;)

Mandalorian Candidat
05-06-2002, 08:21 PM
Actually, he's doing either a James Brown or Grace Jones impression. :)

05-06-2002, 08:33 PM
I like to refer to him as taking a huge crap Mace. :)

05-06-2002, 09:12 PM
"I just sat on a tack" Mace.

05-06-2002, 09:15 PM
It's the sand in his eyes. :rolleyes:

05-06-2002, 10:12 PM
I think I'll be swapping the head with one of my Ep1 Maces when I pick him up.:)

Dak Powers
05-06-2002, 10:50 PM
LOL What I love about him, looking at the back of his card just now (I finally found him today) is that his face is like a feature on the figure... Where it usually shows "Battle swinging magnet lightsaber-blaster-reflecting action" it's got a close up of his face. LOL. That cracks me up.

05-06-2002, 11:00 PM
Originally posted by JangoFett96
"I just sat on a tack" Mace.

"Ahhh! I stubbed my toe on this dead Reek!!" Mace. :D

05-06-2002, 11:13 PM
Maybe all the shark got away with was his eyes...and hair. :p

05-06-2002, 11:31 PM
Now we know why he has the name Mace, thats why his eyes are closed, Jango sprayed "mace" in his eyes.....


ha ha, I kill me....... :)

05-07-2002, 08:40 AM
The sad thing is that both of the new Mace figures are bad when it comes to their faces. Deluxe Mace has that smile and now the eyes being closed on the other. Great job Hasbro.
I wont be as hard on it now because the movie isn't out yet. JarJar makes a good point about the final battle Jango figure and Mace, so we'll have to wait and see.

05-07-2002, 08:51 AM
Is that a "holster" for Mace's lightsabre that I see on his right hip? A lot of good it will do, seeing as the figure will look ridiculous doing anything other than swinging his sabre :rolleyes: