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09-09-2001, 12:31 PM
I've just finished sorting out the stuff that Brit C and I have scored over the past couple of years for shipment to you guys.

I am sending the following packages; Baal was to get all of these and then send them on to VT, GSJ and Baal'jr, however there is so much gear to send I will probably have to split it. Before I forget, VT, I've still not received the Timminator's tape to send you, you may want to chase her up.

Baal gets.......
The 7 Rancors and all the miniheads - :) - I'll also need a shipping address.

GSJ gets........
Micromachine Epic sets 4-6

Baal'jr gets......
Starship Troopers sets 1-3
Terminator 2 sets 1- 3
Predator Collection 3 (with the "goofy-lookin" Predator UFO in it to paraphrase someone) ;)

VulcanTouch gets......
DC Sith inf
DC Sebs PR
DC Radiant
PR pack 2
Collection 11 EP 1 mms
John Barry Themeology booklet and inlays
present from Eeg'
ID4 mms (loose - Alien attacker and US interceptor)
Sith Inf mm (from the DM transforming head, I think)
XIV St mms
Collections 12 & 13 EP1 mms
battered Queens Royal Starship
2 mm AT-STs (loose)
1 mm AT-AT (loose
2 mm TIE Bs (loose)
4 mm stands
(note to VT, you may recall that the above loose mms are ones from my collection; when I locate all my mms I'll have a look see what others I can send in a future shipment)
VT, I have received the MTT transforming playset and would be grateful if you would confirm what you want from it. It comes with some mm creatures (Faamba's Falumpasets, Eopies etc), about 5 BDs, and some Gungans too. I know you want the exploding AAT but there is also a really, really cool little MTT which I think you may like; it's too big to be in the mm scale but too small to be classed as AF. It's about 2 inches long and has firing cannons.

LMK about the MTT playset and Timmer.

Due to the size of this shipment and the weight constraints imposed by the Regina Federation, I am definitely going to have to split this package up in two. So what do you think the best way is. I propose a seperate Baal package and the rest go to VT for enroute-age ;)


DC Trade fed ship & Sandcrawler (hahahaha)
2 x mms Classic characters set on grey/black stripey mm pack not EU
collections 1-3 Aliens mms
collections 3,3 & 1 Aliens mms
EP1 mms collection 7 EU (DM, DM & Sith speeder, Nab SF, Nab pilot)
Predator collections 1 &2 mms

So speak up of you want these....


09-09-2001, 12:48 PM
confirming that i also take delivery on. . .
-ep1 mm coll. 7 :) (for b'jr)
-All aliens mms (for b'jr) :)
-turning-turret aat (and ok, throw in bullet-firing mtt, maybe b'jr'll dig it :) )
also, timmer already sent me a cdr direct, so no worries bout dat :)
as far as i'm concerned, gsj's stuff may be enclosed in my shipment Or baal's, whatever's the easiest fit :)

-1st & most important, SOMEONE ELSE HERE MAY HAVE EP1 MM COLLECTION 13, since i only collect mm ships, not mm figures :)
-pod race pack 2 also not needed on this end- anyone else?
-the t2 mm collection(s) that do not feature a ground Or aerial hunter-killer vehicle is not needed on this end either :)
-am i to forward the ep1 dcs on to someone else? if not, those aren't needed on this end either :)
thanx :)
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09-09-2001, 02:31 PM
RRrrrrroger on your corrections.

Sorry about the EP1 collection 13, I got it muddled with the 2 you were having. Brit C sent this for me but for some reason I had it in my mind that it was Gungan Warriors, not Naboo-heads. I think the same is true for the Rep Cruiser and Seb PR but I am SURE the DC Sith INF is for someone else. BritC, can you confirm, plz? :)

One last question VT, do you want me to open and discard packaging on any of these things?


DC Trade fed ship & Sandcrawler (still available, of course :()
2 x mms Classic characters set on grey/black stripey mm pack not EU
Predator collections 1 &2 mms
Podrace pack 2

09-09-2001, 05:55 PM
Jeddah: If you come across more EP1 MM sets 11-13, please keep me in mind. Also, if sets 14-16 show up I'll need them too.


09-10-2001, 01:31 AM
Thats right Jeddah.

I scored you the set 13, as I already knew that VT was a vehicle only man.

I got him 11 & 12.



09-10-2001, 11:22 AM
OR them diecast ships? isn't the sithinf rare??
s43: don't worry, bc3 & jdah already know to keep All y'all in mind for Any quantities of sighted 11-13s (and me too for any 14-16s- provided they exist ;) )
jdah: if it helps w/size &/or weight, you may send everything o-o-p except following:
-ep1mm pax 7, 11, 12
-if you enclose gsj's 4-6 epics in mine, might wanna keep them in-pkg so he can see pkgs for himself :)
-stmm #14 (if you still need to make room) :)
-plz don't forget to enclose stands packed inside undertrays :)
-also, b'jr likely wouldn't Need mm figures of t2 or predator "civilian" figures or non-scifi vehicles. he will, however, take any t-800 or t-1000 figures :)
-aliens nostromo ship has a tiny gun up front which'll need a lil xtra protection o-o-p :)
-of course, i don't have to tell you to wrap All o-o-p mm items w/sufficient security & separation so as to avoid any warping or paint abrasion, right? ;)
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09-10-2001, 01:54 PM
Slow Down ViTesse !?!?!?! :p As explained I put my EP1 mms in the wrong category - I've received so much from BritC that I got confused during my 3 hour sort out yesterday - thy're going on my Naboo Hangar when we move ;) .

What IS confusing is that the 3 EP1 DCs ARE available, and not mine. Today I found my Sebs PR & Rep Cruiser. BritC scored these for me and another 3 (including the Sith INF) for someone else a while back. If they're not claimed, I'd be happy to asimilate the Sith Inf to complete my DC set and send you the cash BC3.

SWAFFY and GSJ have been a bit quiet for the past 3 days so let's wait and see what they say. They're probably for GSJ.

I don't mind sending with the packing - I've been saving poly balls and pop-rolls and boxes or 2 years now so protection isn't going to be a prob either. I don't feel it would be as exciting if I removed these from the packages (Oh and I certainly won't remoive the EPICS from the boxes, GSJ as they're part of the attreaction IMO :) So I'll see if there's any more feedback before removing the packages......

Getting exciting now innit! :)


09-10-2001, 01:58 PM
2x Classic jammies, EP1 #13, and whatever other stuff that is MMs or AF that you still have.

09-10-2001, 02:01 PM
Hey Jeddah

I scored 4 of the Ep1 Die Casts for GSJ - can't remember which ones though, you'll have to ask him.



09-10-2001, 05:49 PM
I did not recognise anything in your list as being por moi. The only item I recall was a euro-Rancor, but I thought that was pilfered from your workplace a long while ago.

I still need to get you the paypal information. I'll get off my a** and get that done asap.

- Swafman

good shot jansen
09-11-2001, 08:16 AM
the ep I diecasts are indeedyo mine!

they are the sith inf, republic cruiser, and sebulbas pod. (btw if anyone has a line on the die cast att, i just realized i am missing that)(see! there's always something else!).

the pod racer pack II came from the same auction. if anyone wants that, please go ahead.

09-11-2001, 08:59 AM
Ok, Thanks GSJ - that's cleared that up. Will post the shipping arrangement later