View Full Version : Notice Similarities between Epic Duel and Saga?

05-11-2002, 07:34 PM
I have the new Epic Duels board game and noticed that all the miniature figures are pretty much exact replicas of the Hasbro toys. The Anakin figurine even has a notch in his back that is used on the figure to spin his wrist. I thought this was kinda neat and wanted to share.

05-12-2002, 06:48 AM
I noticed something like that too on friday at my local toysrus the episode 1 chessgame also has the hasbro figs just as miniature figs
you can espacialy see it at the poses from Sidious, Rune Haako and Nute Gunray

05-12-2002, 02:49 PM
Yeah, the sidious in Epic Duels looks like the one that comes with Dooku. It's just eerie, the way they look. If I were to ever produce a fan film of my figures playing with there toys these would be the thing to use. Hey, I got an idea for a fan film! Toys and there toys.