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05-14-2002, 03:52 PM
This time around, I'm being a little more selective. (Though already NOT as selective as I'd originally planned.) Anyway, here are my thoughts on the figures that have made the cut and been cool enough to join the ranks of my collection. Please note that all of these write-ups will be fairly positive as I only bought the ones that really grabbed me . . .

Figures are listed in the order in which I was able to find them:

R3-T7 ---- Wow! This was a great figure! A never before produced type of an astro droid really got me excited about ATOC. The "boa" is an interesting idea and looks great on Artoo as well. Love the mechanical details inside the clear head. And the paint on mine was carefully applied. ---- A+++

C3-P0 ---- This figure has some problems, sure. But it was a valient effort. The pieces on mine fit fairly snug and I love the fact they even tried to do this. My only beef is that the hips are a little bit "wonky." Other than that, I really think he looks pretty great. The storage trunk accessory is nicely detailed and oh-so-practical, too. ---- B+

R2-D2 ---- Okay, I love this little guy. The light and sounds are vastly superior to his FX predecessor. As is the paint deco and the extra articulation. This is one sharp looking figure. The accessories seem kinda silly, but who knows, maybe they are very movie accurate --- I'll know on the 16th, I guess. ---- A

ANAKIN PEASANT DISGUISE ---- This figure is not without its problems. But the force effect on mine works great and I dig the little computer consol thing. For me, the lightsaber is a nifty little touch of nostolgia. That said, it could be sculpted a wee bit better . . . I certainly don't want this to be the new lightsaber standard, but it works on this guy. He also lools Wayyyyyy better without that stupid poncho. Stylish vest details. ---- B-

FEMALE TUSKIN RAIDER ---- I was totally into this Babe the moment I saw the pic so many moons ago on Sir Steve. She is a finely detailed desert lass indeed. Sadly, she really . . . uh . . . can't do much. The arms could definitely use some articulation at the wrists. Still, she "Looks" great. And the Sand Baby sure is cute . . . ---- B

JANGO FETT (KAMINO ESCAPE) ---- Okay, I only grabbed this guy because there was nothing else to buy the other day. But I was immediately blown away by Jango. What a Figure! The "cool blue" of the colors . . Dang! He sure is sharp. And then there is so much articulation on the guy. Removable Helmet! Nifty Holsters! Awesome Grappling hook . . . very fun to play with and oh-so-well done. As are his nicely detailed blasters. ---- A+++

ROYAL GUARD ---- Now this is the way he always should've been! They really did this guy justice. The cloak alone is excellent. I especially like the way the "skirt" and the "main cape" overlap -- it creates a nice sense of depth. And even the neck is articulated! Sure, it can't move much, just enough to give it some personality. The weapon is perfect. As for the force effect -- well, I'll have to see this guy in action on screen first to judge that. The only flaw (and it's a minor one) is that wrist articulation would have been sweet. Still over all, definitely a great fig! ---- A

YODA ---- Love the light saber! Very cool. Also the base he's standing on. (Spiffy Copper details . . .) The levitating effect is cool, but couldn't the plastic peg been a wee bit narrower? His force lightning effect is pretty amazing and I definitely dig the way the one corner breaks off from the base to become the "rubble" . . . Excellent face sculpt! The articulated shoulders work really well here. My only complaint -- will we ever get a Yoda with legs? ---- B+++

ORN FREE TAA ---- This is one ugly character! But such a great figure! Okay, so he's a statue. But a big bloated blue statue is cool! And his arms actually have a grande total of Six articulation points! Very Nice, Hasbro! His head can totally turn even with all the tentacles going on. His robes are richly detailed. And his hands in particular are well sculpted. He sure looks great next to the Royal Guard. The Camera accessory is nifty, too. ---- A+

MASSIFF ---- I have yet to open this guy. So my review is somewhat limited by that. (I'm waiting to have something to rip open after seeing the film . . .) This guy is pretty cool. I love the real chain and those scary looking teeth! The Spikey Spine is also pretty dang cool. And he comes with a Geonosian Warrior?! Excellent! Two figures for the price of one. For that alone I have to give this guy a solid . . . ---- A

Well, there you have it. I hope these reviews are helpful to anybody "on the fence" about said figures. I definitely recommend them all. As of yet, I have no regrets about any of my purchases . . .

06-05-2002, 04:20 PM
Thanks for the reviews, I don't have most of those, and now i have a reason too