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05-15-2002, 08:31 PM
i looked up some old newspaper clippings that i saved during the release of episode 1. according to the l.a. times this is a timeline they got from various official star wars places like starwars.com and lucasfilm Ltd..

this timeline is based on the battle of yavin, so BBY means before the battle of yavin. ABY means after the battle of yavin.

i hope this answers some questions you might have wondered before, and i apologize ahead of time if this info is already known (i'm a new poster).

25,000 BBY- rise of peaceful old republic, jedi knights first appear, hyperspace travel invented.

5,200 BBY- ex-jedi knights turn to dark side of the force, form evil sith empire.

896 BBY- yoda born

600 BBY- jabba the hutt born on nal hutta

200 BBY- chewbacca born on kashyyyk

60 BBY -obi wan born

40 BBY- anakin born

32 BBY- episode 1

29 BBY- han solo born on corellia

22 BBY- episode 2

20 BBY- episode 3 (hopefully the story will span over a few years)

18 BBY rise of evil emperor palpatine and the opposition rebel alliance, purge of the jedi knights by vader, birth of luke and leia.

0- battle of yavin in ANH



8 ABY- solo marries leia, sires three children

9 ABY- empire rises again

11 ABY- luke trains new order of jedi knights

14 ABY- solo children kidnapped.

sorry guys that's all the info it gave. maybe you guys know a little more. IMO comic book's timelines don't count for crap if they contradict lucas' timeline. just my opinion.

if you ask me, i think the time of episode 3 should last at least 5 years to help explain the story more and complete it without cramming everything. so basiclly 20 BBY to 15 BBY should be good, but at the very very least it should be from 20 BBY to 18 BBY. episode 3 will have the biggest time frame than all the other movies. unless of course lucas decided to recount the entire story and fit in another episode between 3 & 4 like i've seen mentioned in here before.

later, i'm on my way to see episode 2.

05-15-2002, 09:12 PM
Thats from the Star wars encyclopedia in the beginng there. Im sure that will change since Lucas never wrote it, he had that Timothy Zahn guy do it. So dont go by that entirely