View Full Version : A Saga Collector Ranks the Franchise! ATOC is easily my Third favorite SW film!!!

05-16-2002, 02:31 PM
Wow! Talk about a return to form. I was really impressed with ATOC.

Sure, there were some problems, some scenes I'd do differently or simply could do without . . . (Dexter and his Diner just felt out of place. Simply didn't work for me at all.)

That said, so much of the film totally grabbed me! Coruscant was so much more interesting this time around. As was Tattooine! Kamino, Kamino, Kamino! I can't get enough of Kamino!

Unlike TPM --- ATOC really felt like Star Wars. The vibe is back! Kick ***!

In fact, this film is surprisingly (to me -- I REALLY didn't expect this) so much better than ROTJ . . . At least in my opinion. In fact, my new ranking of the films is as follows . . .

1) Empire Strikes Back (Still the Best.)
2) A New Hope (A very close second --- "first time" nostolgia factor)
3) ATTACK OF THE CLONES (Obiwan's trip to Kamino alone was amazing!!!)
4) Return of the Jedi (Ewoks and a Lazy Harrison really hurt this one!)

and wayyyyyy down at the very bottom of the list . . .

5) The Phantom Menace (Star Wars in name only IMOP)

Seriously, I am so stoked to have a good Star Wars film again! Time to . . . uh . . . get out there and buy more figures . . . God Lord! I even want a Boba!