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05-17-2002, 02:20 PM
Hey ppl,

so, was there any new stuff released in your regions now that the movie's out? Found anything good?

As far as I'm concerned, got some great finds to report. After seeing the movie yesterday, I was *really* down at first (check my review in the Ep II-forum for details), but I still decided to attend the SW festival at Spielemax.

Great decision! :D I met a lot of cool people and shopped till I dropped.

Dd I get Dooku, you ask? YES! :) The old man was out on the shelves indeed; not in large quantities, but he was still fairly easy to get. Thankfully, everyone behaved grown-up... I also ended up grabbing another few "surprise releases", namely Luminara :), Baby Boba and the Royal Guard, which was a real *pain* to find. I spent around 30 minutes digging through bins until I finally found one. Well worth it, though. :)

However, I'm so glad I checked out the store before the 16th. Otherwise, I would've probably missed out on HD Anakin, Yoda, or the Clonetrooper. I'd say they were best-seeling figures there. In the beginning, they had, like, one bin full of each - and next time I checked (around 30 minutes (!) later), they were *emptied* :eek: . Everyone was looking for more, but the only ones still available were a few of each in teh backroom, which were reserved for the celebration lottery.

Through the lottery, I ended up winning a Yoda. It went straight to a little girl who'd been unable to grab one, though. I already have one, after all, so I figured she could have this one - and her smile showed me I made the right decision. :)

I also won - a 300th Edition Boba Fett, which totally blew me away. It's not been released over here (and never will be, as far as I know), so all the collecters were really wowed - and I got some envious looks when it was handed to me. Envious in a good way, though. :) One guy dressed up as Boba eventually offered me 50 bucks for it, but I declined. This fig's just to great to sell.

Following the celebration, I hooked up with a bunch of other collecters (gave my mint Dooku to one of them in exchange for one with a beat-up card, since I'm an opener anyways), with whom I continued my shopping spree, now through all the other stores. During various stops, I picked up Dooku's saber and the AOTC-novalization, but we were mostly fooling around. One of us, a cool dude in his mid-sixties, was dressed up as Dooku, which earned us a lot of stares... :p Especially once he started swinging his - well, my - saber. :D

Great day overall! How about all of you?

05-17-2002, 06:49 PM
My day kinda sucked. I found the same three figs in stores that i already have. I also found the Jedi Starfighter and both Speeders, but they are way too expensive. Hope i can convince my mom to drive my butt to TRU in Alkmaar, 22 km away from here.

But, yesterday (the 16th) ruled!!! I saw AOTC from 10.00pm - 00.50am and it was so cool!

I REALLY want a Yoda now! What a badass Jedi!


05-18-2002, 04:43 AM
I found nothing yesterday too except the same old stuff but I saw the movie which was bad-*** so that kinda helped my disappointment in findeing nothing

05-18-2002, 06:06 AM
I have been lucky so far. For some reason around here figures and ships have been easy to find. It must be the dark side forcing me to spend my money.