View Full Version : Mcfarlane Repaints Hockey

05-19-2002, 06:19 AM
Anyone interested in the NHL McFarlane Repaints ?
I have Lemieux in White, Jagr in Black, Thornton in Black, Hull in Red, Lindros in Blue, Salo in White, and Hasek in the weird Red.
I also have two Bobble Heads from the Canadian Olympic Team which are Lemieux and Lindros, Atlantic Superstore Exclusives.

These are not easy to find all at once and they came one per case
randomly inserted, so the odds of finding all of them at once are slim. They are all in excellent condition and unopened. These go for twenty five dollars plus on E-Bay. The Bobble Heads up to fifty dollars.

I am looking for a Jorge Sacul , will trade all for him.
I am also looking for 3 3/4 Mace , Jango Final , Dooku , Yoda, Clone Trooper Red. Bo Shek, and Anakin Hanger Duel.

Will trade all for 1 Jorge Sacul or all for the S.W. figures i'm looking for.Fair Trade.
Email me at 5150@nbnet.nb.ca if at all interested.