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05-20-2002, 10:20 AM
Is anyone apart of this? I just finally realized that I'm tired of hunting down new figures :crazed:. I keep going to stores, wasting money on gas and stuff and I figure if I have to pay a little more on an online store, then that's not so bad (it might actually end up being less than the cost of gas) :D.
So, if anyone here is apart of it, can you tell me all you know about it? What's the shipping cost like? Do the figures arrive in good condition? How easy is it to make the order? Stuff like that.
Any help here would be hot :)

Orn Free Taa
05-20-2002, 12:09 PM
I'm interested, too. Where do I sign up? :)

05-20-2002, 12:14 PM
Orn Free Taa, here's the scoop from KebCo's website:

1. Exactly what is the "One Of Every Figure" club?

The "One Of Every Figure" club is what we are calling our Pre-Order method where you do not have to remember to order new figures when they are released by Hasbro. The ordering process is automatically done for you.

2. What if I do not want one of every type of figure. I just want the 3.75" inch line?

We only call it one of every figure. You may pick and choose the product lines that you want. You may only want the 3.75" inch line, you may only want the 12" inch line, you may want a combination of several product lines - you choose.

3. What if I only want the blond hair figures that hold the light saber in their left hand?

Then this is not one of every figure. If you want only specific variant figures then you must specifically order those figures and you would not receive the special club price.

4. I always buy two of every figure. One to open and display and one to keep sealed. Can I buy two?

Yes. We call our club "One Of Every Figure", but you may sign up for two, three or twelve. Again, it is your choice. If you need to increase quantities on specific figures at anytime in the future just email us and let us know.

5. I buy for myself and a couple of friends in the office. Can I get one of every factory case?

Yes. This is your choice. You only have to specify what you want.

6. How do I check the status of my Pre-Order?

Click on the Pre-Order status link on our main page, then enter the email address that you placed the order with and you can view a list of what figures you have on order, which figures have not yet shipped and total charges that have been billed.

7. I want only mint figures on mint cards. Am I guaranteed to receive mint condition figures?

We only deal with mint condition figures. You will receive mint figures unless you specifically request otherwise. At times we do offer slightly damaged figures. But they will be marked and priced as less than perfect figures.

8. When does my credit card get charged?

This depends on the payment plan you choose. Refer to the payment plan options at the top of this page.

9. When do you ship the figures to me?

As with all our figures, they are shipped to you as soon as we receive them from Hasbro. We try to give expected delivery dates, but Hasbro is well known for changing the dates.

10. Do you ship one figure at a time, several figures at once or wait and ship all figures when the order is complete?

This is your choice also. We normally ship at least 4 to 5 figures at one time as they become available. But if you want us to hold and accumulate more figures in order to ship a larger number at one time, then we can do this. Just let us know.

11. What are the shipping charges?

We ship by UPS, unless it's a P.O. Box and then we ship USPS priority mail. The charge is based on the number of figures. Refer to the shipping charges at the bottom of this page.

12. I've changed my mind and no longer want one of every figure. Am I obligated to continue receiving all of them?

We ask that you be sure what you want before placing any order. This is true with the "One Of Every Figure" club. We place our order with Hasbro based on what you order from us. If you ordered twelve of every figure we will increase our order to be sure we have enough in stock. If you then cancel your order we may have excess stock that we may not be able to sell. We do not keep excess inventory in stock. This is why we can offer figures at our low price. If you decide to no longer be a member of the club, just notify us and we will not add any additional figures to your order. However, all current figures on order must remain.

13. What is the "get one figure free" for every 25 figures purchased?

Just what it says. For every 25 figures purchased, your 26th figure will be free of charge. This offer is only made with the "One Of Every Figure" club. This offer is good if you are buying one, two or twenty of each figure. In effect, you will be paying $7.61 per figure on the 3.75" inch EP2 line. This offer is also good on any product line, 12inch, deluxe and all other items. For every 25 purchased, the 26th is free. As an added bonus, if your club order includes the 3.75" inch line, you will get the lowest club price on all other product lines.

14. OK - I have decided this is what I want. How do I join the "One Of Every Figure"club?

Click on the EP2 AOTC Pre-Order links at the top of this page. Then enter your payment plan option, fill out the Pre-Order form and you are all set for our exclusive "One Of Every Figure" club. Then sit back and wait for the next shipment to be delivered to your door.

And the link they refer to for signing up is here (https://stronghold.netnation.com/~kebcotoy/Merchant/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=kebco&Category_Code=sw-ep2preorder&referrer=). No I don't work for KebCo :)

05-20-2002, 12:18 PM
I don't either... but they are a good company.