View Full Version : Got these in Mexico

05-20-2002, 12:33 PM
Well it's like I always said, we don't get many things here, the newest figures i found were the preview figures... I know this might not sound interesting at all but these have a tri-logo so if you guys collect 'em you might be interested.

The thing is, being imports, they MUST have custom stickers and stuff but other than that the packages are usually in perfect conditions. Also, and for a change, figures are not expensive at all, maybe it's because they're slightly outdated (compared to the US, remember AOTC has not been released in Mexico), but they're as low as US $8. TPM figures were about $12 when they first came out, and since they were not nearly as cool, the price came down when stores found themselves with tons of Amidalas and Rune Haakos nobody wanted. This is highly unlikely to happen this time, in fact this week i wanted to get some figures for one of my cousins and i came to find they were all gone!

That's it, just in case you might be interested...