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09-16-2001, 04:32 PM
HEY!!! How is everyone! I made the "big move" to Bozeman, MT- I am in my 2 classes (and my ex is in one of them, oddly enough) and all goes well up here! The toy hunting is FANTASTIC- there are NO collectors up here, I swear! (Case in point- 3 B-Wings sitting on the shelf at the local Target now- for the 2.5 weeks I have been here! I bought one and then another for my friend- no sales tax is nice, too- so they ARE $39.99 ;))

I got my haircut! No more pony tail :( Needed a change- and I am in a show up here on campus (a play) that performs in October- it'll be great!

Anyway, I miss you all!

VT- whassup yo? How's the Tattered Cover? I miss my reubens (I bet you don't though ;)) and my Moraccan (SP) Gunpowder tea!

R2- Take any good piccy's lately? :)

BAAL Jr.- How much you got now? ;)

JT- Keeping the MM faith?

GSJ- Need anything else yet (I STILL owe you for Rogue 2 ;))?

Um, anyone else- Big 'ol shout out!

I should be able to drop by now and then from here on out- I hope to see some of the old crew here. Montana is WEIRD but I like it so far.

Oh yeah- my condolences to anyone here who lost family or friends from this past week's events. It's been a roller coaster- even up here. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anyway, enough about that depressing stuff, let's have some fun :)

09-16-2001, 11:46 PM
well, the tc hasn't been bombed yet so i'm still enjoying it (last time i recall it being threatened was the brou-ha over supreme court's overturning of that homophobic amendment 2 law pushed by that colosprings used-car dealer :p ) on 2nd floor i found a volume collecting winsor mccay's entire Little Nemo series (1905-1914) for only $20 :).
oh, you know b'jr; his gains are usually incremental (i've usually always got a Little something for him when we get together every week or so), but over time they add up ;) saturday he & i watched Armageddon (i've been putting off getting to this overblown, patrioteering sog for over a year but he finally convinced me cuz of the topical imagery; it plays like a 2-hour-long bruce willis catchphrase but i'm still glad they made an mm armadillo ;) ) and jeremy irons in soderbergh's Kafka, which featured a great cymbalom-based score by cliff martinez :)
re payment for 2nd aussiebraid, if you don't do paypal we can just wait till you're next back in the promised land ;) meanwhile, lmk if interested in trading me a cyclonus, i got a number of same-era transformers i haven't had the slightest interest in for years (same goes for apparently-also-collects-transformers jt too :) )
np: shudder to think's High Art (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/stores/detail/-/video/B00002JWZT/customer-reviews/3/102-4823348-7125723?show=-submittime) score

09-17-2001, 03:43 AM
Sounds good on the payment thing- good to see you, VT! So people still hanging out here in this forum or the old one?

And yes, Armageddon is a 2 hour trailer for a decent mopvie, if you think about it- it plays like a big trailer (try counting to "5" before the screen shifts or the camera moves- there is only ONE scene in the whole movie you can get to above 5. It's sad.)

Anyway, no MM's up here in MT at all. Sad as hec, but plenty of other stuff, like I said.

Anyone need a B-Wing for Cost plus shipping, lemme know ;)

I don't know when I will be back in Colorado, but I hope it's at least on the right Thursday ^_^

09-17-2001, 05:24 AM
I wonder if you need even 2 hands to count all the people in the world that actually liked Armageddon. :D Me being one! heh.

09-17-2001, 10:44 AM
WB WS, LMK if you still want the Starspeeder, and also if you want me to start using actual words. ;)

Why yes, I do collect Transformers, so long as they're more than meets the eye. ;)

09-27-2001, 05:11 AM
Still want the Starspeeder- nice personal pic there, JT (making fun of the logo is GREAT! :))

And yeah- still here- but having far too much fun in the real world to be here much! :p

Trying though! Carry on!

10-17-2001, 10:09 AM
I AM still alive- are the rest of you?

On the collecting side, I am still looking but not touching. IT's been a hard, hard 2 months, only having bought the B-Wing. One of my friends is keeping track of ALL of the 3 3/4 stuff I am missing out on here so I can buy it when I make my fortune ;)

Speaking of which, I get to film my first FILM film this weekend- not on video, on 16mm. It's 1 minute, but the script is TIGHT and it should be good.

The play I am in opened and it was GREAT! :) We have 2 weekends left.

I am now best friends with my ex that I had up here- it's fun.

What else?

I haven't purchased the Phantom Menace DVD yet -_-;

The B-Wing has gone clearance at Target for $27 or so- and there are still PLENTY up here in MT.

Other than that, there ya go :)

VT- Dude, I would kill for a Reuben :p

R2- Thanks again for the advice ;)

JT- Starspeeder still in the works? I would still like it.

GSJ- I STILL owe you :)

About it methinks :)

10-17-2001, 10:56 AM

Good to hear from you:) Congrats on your film and play!

You missed out on our latest tea...pics here at the bottom of the page..
VTeatime (http://fan.starwars.com/sabretoothcollection/tea.html)

I still owe GSJ too!:D

10-17-2001, 12:54 PM
as you can see it's only five frames long, but it too has a Tight script (i.e., r2 just added captions to the pix ;) )
don't forget, you still owe Me too, and no it's Not payable in reubens :p (actually they recently changed the menu for fall so i'm not sure they offer that any more. see what happens when you leave town? :eek: )
stage, screen; what's next for ws, puppetry? :D
np: carter burwell, Being John Malkovich score

good shot jansen
10-18-2001, 10:50 AM
'cept maybe jeddah!

where's that dayum parcel awready?!:rolleyes:

better yet, where you been hangin' out lately? ain't heard nuthin from you of late! :confused:

git on the stick girl!:D

np: ian dury - hit me with your rhythm stick:o

10-19-2001, 02:19 AM
I still have it for ya!

10-20-2001, 01:24 PM
Sorry GSJ, I haven't done a runner with 'em - and no they haven't been sent yet, please bear with me just a little more; I've been in various states fo compromise for the past 3 weeks (cowboys organised our mortgage, we've nowhere to live and my partner's been hospitalised for dislocated knee and rotting tendon - so I've been Florence Nightingale for the past week).

Have you guys heard of "The Captains Yacht" (from Insurrection, I believe?) as in one of my latest SciFi mags, there looks to be an AF-scaled one and the stand is a kind of plate insignia. They're 12.99 (? I think, catalogue's at work) each and If any of you want me to order one then I'll be happy to. I'll also find a pic link beforehand so you can see. I think they look quite cool actually.

JT, Zhaan is still not back in Farscape, does she return at all ????

Finally, has there been any movement in the US making it illegal for Us citizens/organisations/Govts [a-hem] to donate money to The Real IRA, yet?


10-20-2001, 01:26 PM
Brit C,

The above Capt's Yacht came from the Forbidden Planet catalogue if you want to get a hold of it yourself.


10-20-2001, 04:54 PM
. . .otherwise you'da seen how we been trashin your taste in music in retaliation for your Still not havin sent us our stuff :mad: :p

10-20-2001, 08:13 PM
I'm dead!!! ;) Just kidding. Nice to hear from ya. My name is Grif and I never got to know you in the old forums so now I am trying to get to know you. My town is almost completly out of MM's to. Oh well.

10-21-2001, 08:22 AM
Hey Jeddah

Thats OK - I usually get into Forbidden Planet in Liverpool at least twice a week - if I see it and it's any good, I'll have it.



10-21-2001, 12:13 PM
..I have the integrity, however, to keep my opinions of your 'nps' to meself:p

I think we're out of the woods so to speak so - provided my weigh-o-toy contraption works, I'll be bagging and sending within the next week . I hope I can sugar the pill of my tardiness with a surprise.

Is anyone interested in the Capt's Yacht, Stateside?


10-22-2001, 02:36 AM
no Pa'u yet Jeddah. :(

10-22-2001, 12:08 PM
if you got somethin to say, then Out With It :D
np: diana ross, "i'm comin out" (rodgers/edwards produced/written)

10-22-2001, 12:56 PM
Okay then, I think your music is bleeeeep. ;) j/k

Actually, what I really think is "what the hell is that?" because I rarely know what toon you guys're on about. I know Swaffy & GSJ are of an age :p and you and I are both of the same generation (with you being on the generous side of trente :p) but I still only recognise a portion of your music.

Same goes for literature, I am quite thinly-read (E M Forster, Shakespeare, Samuel Beckett, Coleridge & TS Eliot) really, so for music, I guess I am thinly-listened :confused:

My music taste is particular and - after a fashion - exclusively nepotistic. If it ain't soul, streetsoul etc I probably won't like it. I find chord progressions of white music and the timbre/cadence of a white vocalist (including myself) 2 dimensional when comapred to jazz and blues chord progressions, vocals. As a young, white, non-heterosexual lover of MOBO, I rarely find myself in a situation whereby I can't talk to any peers about my music, cos if it ain't Kylie, Steps or some other *** icon, then it'll be hard house or cheezy happy handbag house. Not my 'bag'.

Fie for shame on you, JT, for music not being the most important thing in your life!:mad:

BUT, I would like to point out, I do enjoy non-vocal chillout music (like a lot of the tracks on VTs tape for jeddah) but find it difficult to remember names of artists, producers and tracks and I can't really go;"you know the one that goes, tiddly um pum piddle" on teh internet or you guys would have a cow trying to guess what i am 'phoeneticising'.

Also, I love The Division Bell by Pink Floyd and was going to plunder it for 2 tracks on the VTGSJSWAFFYCD for "Cluster 6" (a fantastic intro-instru and another one I forget the name of. (to VT; the Bournmouth Vid's off for another year btw)

I have all of Kate Bush's albums (RnB in the original sense of the term) but that is more from a spiritual POV. Some Peter Gabriel, Geoffrey Oryemu, Stephen Halpern and Baka.


10-22-2001, 12:59 PM
Gee-ay-why is a censored word but heterosexual isn't?

Guess who feels like a dirty secret? ;)

sucky sucky fi'e dollar?

10-23-2001, 05:22 AM
Because of the word being misused in derogatory terms so much in the first few weeks of operation and complaints about it (and my being unable to catch up with all that type of usage), it was put into the autocensor.

10-23-2001, 06:40 AM
I keep forgetting the pond translation microbes! It means something else Stateside, like 'dumb' ?


10-23-2001, 11:32 PM
jdah: "I think your music is bleeeeep"
-ah, that's more like it :) but, uh, what's MOBO, ya mofo? :)
well, it sopunds like my red&white repcruiser won't be here in fashionable time for xmas :( but at least they're FIIIIIInally launching :cool: so, you Are making us a mixtapes? ok, but that floyd better be pretty atypical (i.e. not their usual fie-dollah sucky-suckiness ;) )
btw, your "what the hell is that?" ignance is no excuse re diagonal wood music, cuz i even enclosed handy linx to soundsamplins u can download & edjucate yourself with. be warned that you might wanna have some jemhadar blood anticoagulant on hand though; this stuff's contagiously viscous :p
people cant handle the word ***? that is seauuu *** ;p
np: tabboo, "it's nYAAAchural" from Wigstock soundtrack (which is goin on gsj's tape :) )

10-24-2001, 12:29 AM
Originally posted by jeddah
I keep forgetting the pond translation microbes! It means something else Stateside, like 'dumb' ?It's like a wannabe machismo version of "dumb" or "retarded", basically anything in that vein. I have homosexual friends who say "that ____ is totally ga y!" in the non-sexual, derogatory meaning.

10-24-2001, 06:23 AM
Good, I've been using it at work for the past 2 days. :)

It's a corruption, like "Pants", I guess. A descriptor for a totally hopeless thing woulf be "that ____ is g ay pants" ;)

VT - Glad your np reference was not missed. Why will the packages not make it before Xmas? It's only October.

p.s - MOBO = Music of black origin, now what does LTMI mean?

10-24-2001, 08:37 AM
Hey, now I know what you Brits mean by "pants". ;)

10-24-2001, 11:56 AM
I have the feeling of privilege that accompanies witnessing the birth of a new catch-phrase (at least in the UK) !


10-24-2001, 11:05 PM
cuz ground shipping took ~2-3 months to reach you; the reverse trip'll likely take at least as long :(
i finished with jt's blueprants (hey, where's my aVaTar??) so i now have 4 pkgs in the torp tubes:
jt's blaupanks
swaffy's danglees
gsj's mm/dc pkg
jdah's megapkg (w/timminator's mixtape & bc3's alphas)
"oh, so That's how you spell pants! now i get it, there's no silent K!" -chris "kpants" elliott, Get A Life :p

10-25-2001, 06:16 AM



good shot jansen
10-25-2001, 08:04 AM
i of course shall load and lock, and prepare to do the same!

musical mix will follow in the near future!(these things take time....but of course you already know that ;) )

np: mork gryning - return fire


10-25-2001, 09:36 AM
What, you want ANOTHER avatar? I posted it (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1111), next to last post in this thread dated 10-12-2001 07:36 AM PST.

10-25-2001, 01:06 PM
test, test:

<------ :D

looks Grrreat; can we make its background color match the surroundings? (and of course by "we" i mean "you" ;) or maybe a nice tannish brown background might be nice :D
np: chic, "le freak"

10-26-2001, 08:13 AM
A nice burnt sienna, perhaps? Xuff would never use burnt sienna, and, thenceforth, your logo would no longer look like a Xanthran franchise :p

BTW Do I qualify for an avatar yet? I have made a basic one but don't know what the post-criterior is.


good shot jansen
10-26-2001, 08:17 AM
once you git to 75, you can use a custom avatar!

10-26-2001, 11:49 AM
"Gay" is now a postable term again, please don't abuse this or I get sad. :(

What next VT, a limo, perhaps a nice stretch job with a tv and a bar? ;) Here's the lowdown, I can't cleanly make it a transparent gif because of the odd angles and blends with the background. As for changing the background color, because of the file format, it won't be as simple as the other stuff I did, so I'll try to get to that in the future, but I don't have time right now.

10-26-2001, 12:01 PM
I thought of a way that might work to have a different background color, LMK what you think of it compared to the current one (even if it's not the color you had in mind, that can be changed later).

10-26-2001, 01:11 PM
jt: "I thought of a way that might work"
-mistah jayta, yew arre a clevah man, in Any timeframe" -picard, tng's "all good things" :cool: looks great; maybe skew that tan a little more orange & a little less green :) also feel free to initial your handiwork, or if you wish, some kinda hybrid "jVt" initial :D
i hope this quextion doesn't sound too Gay or anything, but: you guys don't think this aVaTar makes my butt look fat, do you? ;)
np: jdah, "my latest insufferable xanthra joke disqualifies me from my own aVaTar" :p

10-27-2001, 07:16 AM

Y U I OUGHTA.............



10-27-2001, 09:38 AM
What, I'm as clever as the android, "Mister Dater"? ;)

I turned up the orange a smidge, there's no green in the image though. If this isn't right, find me an image online that has the color you have in mind and I'll simply sample the color from that. As for a signature, there isn't enough room for that sort of thing in this type of a GIF.

10-27-2001, 09:39 AM
And then I even uploaded the image.

10-27-2001, 09:49 AM
Mine's cooler! :D Actually if anything it'll make you laugh hard or just go "tsk tsk tsk" forever...and ever.... :P

10-27-2001, 02:59 PM
"there's no green in the image"
-technically there's green in all browns, in that all browns are composed of red, yellow & blue- the latter two being green's constituents. let's just say it had a made-in-japan "green Tint" ;) of course, i know color mixing rules differs somewhat when they're light-based rather than pigment-based, but i figrued saying "more orange, less green" would be clearer. anyhoo somethin worked, cuz now it's perfect :D:D:D
re signin your handiwork, you're still welcome to if you wish; maybe superimpose a miniscule, black "jt" or "jvt" built out of individual pixels in one of its corners :) if shrinking the whole image helps free up any needed data for it, that's fine too :)
np: sade, "like a tattoo"

10-28-2001, 11:11 AM
Glad you dig it VT. In my digital world, your bg color is all orange-based, a red/yellow in-between heading towards shades of gray.

11-02-2001, 12:10 PM
At last, scientific proof about that "dance" music..... (http://www.thisislondon.com/dynamic/news/story.html?in_review_id=470967&in_review_text_id=424979)



good shot jansen
11-02-2001, 12:44 PM
nice to see univerity grant money going to such upmost important research:rolleyes:

next thing you know, diagonal wood music will be scientifically proven to be an aphrodisiac for galopican web footed boobies.

np: the drovers- kill mice elf

11-03-2001, 10:19 AM
GSJ - you must be psychic!

11-05-2001, 05:54 PM
*Skips all the other posts*

Well, I am still alive...:p

Barely. the B-Wings disappeared here :( Oh well.

Later everyone :)

11-06-2001, 05:02 AM
Whatever..... :rolleyes:

jeddah ;)

good shot jansen
11-06-2001, 07:12 AM
am i to gather that you never got one?


post here to let us know, and if that is the case, one of us will track down a marked down to $19.99 b-wing fer wingin' across the atlantic!

np: monsta boy - sorry i didn't know

11-06-2001, 07:21 AM
...I am not getting the B-wing for a time (if at all) as I am channelling the majority of my spare cash (hmm, what's that?) into my R2 project.

I will get one later, I've kind of come round to the VT school of thought that Waiting Is Good. I only have so far about 5 or 6 of the POTJ figures and I am completist figure collector so they're on the back burner too!

I was just having a dig at Warstar :)

BTW, if anyone's interestred in building a life size R2 unit - or seeing the construction of mine, LMK. I can't decide between D1, D2, D3, B1 or R9, I think the first one will be R2-D2 but I will then make a static B1 and R9. The guy that used to mould the R5 series heads has gone to ground (probably after a Cease and Desist from Lucasoft ;)) which is a shame as I really wanted to do the yellow one and Jabba's one.


11-06-2001, 10:29 AM
Jeddah, not for nothing, but WHAT ARE YOU, HIGH OR SUMTHIN'?!? You're the Queen B-wing fan (heh heh), you've GOT to have this! Look at the POTF2 Skiff, that sucker's aftermarket price is now twice as high as its original price tag. If you cannot afford this now, maybe some of us old Buzz Boarders can help you out with this (I'm kinda broke right now, but I'll pledge $5 via paypal to the cause)

11-06-2001, 10:32 AM
BTW, your R2 should be R2-D2, and your second one should be an alt-domed one, maybe R5-D4.

11-06-2001, 11:01 AM
well, okay, thanks for the rally. I can afford an item here and there, just not on the scale I was collecting before.

Okay, if someone can pick one up for me under $30.00 on the arrangement that it is sent seperately so I can Paypal the cost plus slow-o-mail shipping to whoever.

Thanks for the wake up call JT, Since I made my own b-wing (customised the gold tone ERTL one), I didn't really think I'd need another but you're right. I do love them. :D

SWAFFY, I just saw your Dance music thing back 3 pages :D :D :D poor mice didn't have a chance.

*np - how to stealth your messages from VT so he doesn't see you going back on you Good To Wait ethos* :)

11-06-2001, 11:52 AM
Yeah, no thanks to our cohort VerminTittilizer and his "Diagonal Wood" music!!

11-06-2001, 11:32 PM
please tell me that diagwood story's a fake, swaffy; i hate to think i'd have to sue someone for stealing my slang term :o
as for dance music, i have it on good, independently confirmed authority that opus 3 (http://cdnow.com/cgi-bin/mserver/SID=127801653/pagename=/RP/CDN/FIND/album.html/artistid=OPUS+III/itemid=25738) has an aphrodisiacal effect on da chix- i shid you not :eek:
jdah: vt schools of thought are all well & good, btu context is crucial, i.e. u might wanna lissen to jt here. if you want them bwings Now is the time to let one of us bag em for you. their aftermarket & hard2getness's just gonna go in one direction: :rolleyes: no room left in the pkg i'm sending you, otherwise i'd enclose there. separate parcels are an option; but unlike jt i ain't keen on contributin to no charity fund to get you one. you can pay fer yours like anyone else, i say ;D
i've helped b'jr locate & bag 1 $30 bwing and five $20 ones (hadn't heard nuthin bout these from you, so i'd figured you'd made other arrangements, otherwise i'd a got you one while we was at it), and i recall him mentioning he has a lead on ~a couple dozen $20 ones hitting shelves sometime in the next few weeks. lmk how many you seek (This'll teach ws to skip our posts ;) ) :)
np: rhythmic head-scratching over jdah's "stealth" np :confused:

11-07-2001, 04:48 AM
Not at all, I just was not going to buy one. But yes, if any member cares to pick one up for me, I'll happily paypal the cost plus shipping (as I believe I've already said, VT :p) to you. As far as being a charity case goes, well, I already feel like I am - living in England and our associated prices/unavailability :rolleyes:

Thanks for the counsel, guys. It is worth it, isn't it? it IS, Oh yes, collecting is my surrogate child ;)


good shot jansen
11-07-2001, 06:51 AM
all they had were obnoxiously large luke on a speeder bike:(

that things a toy?:rolleyes:

11-07-2001, 07:34 AM
VT, the diagwood story is fake, but the dance music story two posts prior to it was real. As I said before, with Paintbrush and a lot of patience, you can do almost anything. :p

11-07-2001, 10:33 AM
Ugh, I talk Jeddah into getting one, and the SAME DAY, Target lowers the price to the "final clearance" level of $9.94 -- bad timing. Good luck finding one GSJ, but I have a feeling the hunt just became a potential crusade, this sucks, I wanted to help do something nice and help the queen-b get past the whole "guppy" thing... not that this is really possible since the AF one will never go away... ;)

11-07-2001, 12:32 PM
Well, look on the bright side, I wasn't even expecting to really get one so, never mind :)

I think I did quite well getting over my Guppy Thing; it cost Welfare an arm and a leg (and a few therapists their careers) but I did it in the end (and now have 3 AF B's)


*np Deborah Harry - Brite Side*

11-28-2001, 12:00 PM
Must have...2 more POTF B-Wings...but all gone...

Still alive! About to get a year older (tomorrow).

Life goes on...

Miss you guys...

I want a Reuben, dammit!


good shot jansen
11-29-2001, 10:46 AM
Originally posted by Warstar

Still alive! About to get a year older (tomorrow).

yom aleach som meach (happy birthday in hebrew)(close enough anyway!)

always glad to hear from ya ws! how's life on a souyez class starship?

have a great birthday!

11-29-2001, 11:56 PM
maybe you shoulda set out with swaffy (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/attachment.php?postid=20864), i bet 2nd ave deli coulda filled that bill :p

good shot jansen
11-30-2001, 02:05 PM
Originally posted by vulcantouch
maybe you shoulda set out with swaffy (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/attachment.php?postid=20864), i bet 2nd ave deli coulda filled that bill

not likely, 2nd avenue deli is fully kosher:sur:

it ain't a reuben without mixing your meats and cheese together:eek:

you be lookin for a koser style joint

np: george harrisong - piggies (only song i could find by george that wasn't kosher)

12-01-2001, 11:49 AM
it sounds like them dietary rules are more complicated than the tax code :rolleyes: besides, i wouldn't know what's in them reubens, all i know is they Stink to high heaven :p is koser a misspelling of Hoser? if so, take off eh :stupid:
np: sakamoto, "beauty"

12-01-2001, 11:52 AM
Do you have GSJ's snail-mailing address????

(my @home service is down right now, so I'd need the addy emailed to my jr4477@aol.com account ot PRIVATE MESSAGED ;) here to my SWAFMAN SSG inbox.)

Thanks, sir!

12-04-2001, 12:52 PM
Ah Soyuz ain't so bad- once you get used to the plumbing -_-;

Otherwise, not a lot out here- my friend David has decided to collect for me a bit- he sent me a MOC Duros figure- heh- the first new I have had since...uh...well, a long time. I still want 11 more new Tattooine Stormy's- old habits DO die hard :p

BUT! My college student mentality has finally kicked in- meaning NO MONEY ANYMORE :( SO I gott'a be frugal :p

Anyway, yeah, those eating things DO sound complicated. I never understood what is "kosher," exactly.

Still, I eat on. Mongolian BBQ on the map for today (it's decent for Montana food :p)

To make this topical...when are the Episode II machines coming out? And JT- still have that Star Tours thingy :D

12-04-2001, 11:34 PM
cuz i seek a pair of them binocs (but don't wanna buy a sandy to get em). so if you can spare one, i'll send my vintage boussh helm to lbc (who seeks it), & then maybe he can keep an eye out for a lil something you seek :)
meanwhile, did you know that tarantino is on record as saying that when he was an aspiring filmmaker he found reading critic pauline kael most edifying? it's true! so put down that dremel tool (i ain't gonna tell you what That refers to, maybe you'll just have to search thru the mm forum if you're curious :eek: ) & get thee to a hump (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?threadid=2216), ya hump :) meanwhile, let us know if you're returnin for xmas break, maybe we'll arrange a reuben-free rendez :D
np: david nichtern,"midnight at the oasis" from Big Picture (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0096926) (which should be required viewing for film majors ;) )

12-06-2001, 04:17 AM
Yeah, I still STILL got it for ya WS. Just waiting for your email... ;)

good shot jansen
12-06-2001, 12:56 PM
on two cd's, complete with origianl cd artwork and enclosed, bound, laminated liner notes with reproduction of album covers for each track listing to boot!

you don't do anything swafassed do ya?;)

while quickly flipping through the liner notes, i stumbled upon the last page and track 25 which says at it's heading,

what ever happened to be bop deluxe?

you is a man after my own musicak heart! i've wondered that myself fer years! actually after the break up of bbd. bill nelson, it's founder and leader, embarked on a rather uneventful solo path. i kept up with him, cause i always loved bbd, i'll be sure to include some of his later work on my gsj groove.

can't wait to give it a spin, and will post comments under a proper thread headin' in the near future. (i only posted here, as to keep up with the continuity of your posts regarding my addy)

oh! and before i forget, the whole shabang was wrapped up in a 2nd avenue deli plastic bag!

np: doobie brothers - listen to the music

12-06-2001, 03:38 PM
...cool to hear you received the CDs. The jewel case covers were a fun learning experience to create. That part of the CD creator software isn't nearly as user-friendly as the CD burning portion! But it was neat to design. The cover for the side B CD is sorta my humble tribute to all the fantastic album cover art back in the 70's & 80's by the design studio Hipgnosis who did "Dark Side of the Moon," "Pyramid" by Alan Parsons, and "Deceptive Bends" by 10cc, to name only a very few of my favorites of their work. The girl on the side B CD cover sorta reminds me of the girl in Alias.

I'm just crushed that the original cassette ran out of tape before the very end of the Be Bop Deluxe track, Shine. I did an exhaustive search of the music servers I access, looking for a clean version to edit into that portion of your CD, but I came up empty, so you'll have to just imagine that track ending in the 2nd most beautiful fade out in music history (2nd of course to the awesome 3-piano "endless" E major outro to "A Day in the Life"). There may be a clean version of Shine on the Morpheus server network, but now without cable modem (THANKS to ******* **** **** **** AT& **** T@home!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: ), it doesn't make sense to even try to d/l anything until that is resolved.

Anywhoooo, enjoy, and I look forward to a brutally honest review at your convenience.

:) :) :)

good shot jansen
12-06-2001, 04:11 PM
the funniest story contained within it dealt with the final production art for floyd animals. ( i like the color feature!).

the band wanted the album cover to be true to form art, with warts and all. they didn't want to do any airbrush, or strip in work. they wanted the photograph of the pig flying over the battersea powerstation to be an actual photo with no retouching at all. this they realize will require the fabrication of a big pig to be filled with helium so that it can be tethered in teh air.

so the 1st day of the photo shoot, a very windy, swirling dark cloud kinda day, they float the pig on a tether. up it go's, they start snappin', and what happens? the tether breaks, and this enormous helium filled pink pig starts to float away over south london! so off they go racing after the wayward swine, and of course they don't catch it, it ends up in some farmers field some 30 miles outta london in torn pieces! hipgnosis tells roger waters, that they feel that they have enough shots, and if, none are exactly want they want, they can always airbrush in the pig. waters tells them no way, that this cover is goona be "real" and that they gotta redo the shoot.

so another pig gets made, and is once again filled with helium, and thethered over battersea, this time on a mild clear day.

well when the band reviews the contact sheets, they are all in agreement that they really like the swirling dark clouds from the 1st shoot, but they like the overall appearance of the pig from the 2nd shoot, soooooooooooo hipgnosis ends up stripping in the pig from the 2nd shoot, into the sky over battersea from the 1st shoot, and on top of that, they add some additional features and elements to the color and texture of the sky so's to give a more forboding kinda look!

the after story to all of this, is they didn't need to go to the expense at all to fabricate and tether the dayum pig, cause they ended up retouching the whole thing anyway!

of course it cost a rather large fortune to do the whole thing, and now that cd art has been reduced to little 5" jewel boxes, the whole concept is lost for eternity anyway!

12-07-2001, 04:20 AM
Originally posted by SWAFMAN
The girl on the side B CD cover sorta reminds me of the girl in Alias.She has a giant forehead and eyebrows that are constantly "worried"?

Sorry to hear you're with @home, I hear that division went bankrupt and just totally tossed their users to the wind.

12-07-2001, 05:16 AM
If you wish to go to London from Bournemouth by train, it is an hour and three quarters journey and at the last leg, the track passes right by Battersea PS before you come in to Waterloo. I always think about that Album cover every time I pass it....

My fave PF artwork is in the Division Bell, however, with all the communication symbology, and especially the men with the Napoleonic Banners in the wind.


12-07-2001, 01:04 PM
-sounds like jt could be describin my gal hbc ;)
do i hear somebody dissin bn's solo career? :eek: he had a few Great singles like "the real adventure", "flaming desire", "eros arriving" and "livin for the spangled moment" :cool:
so, is gsj's 2-cd mix the same sequenc as my 120-minute cass? ok then, sounds like as soon as swaffy sends jt his own mixcdr, we'll be all ready for his "gang-review" :D
np: joy division, "atrocity exhibition"

good shot jansen
12-07-2001, 01:33 PM
i wasn't dissin' mr. nelsons solo work, i was just commenting on how no one seemed to notice that he even had one!

i love his post bbd work, duely noting the examples you have given, i will insure that other than what you posted bn trax are included on the gsj groove

12-14-2001, 06:04 PM
i might be able to help: re my offer above, i just found 3 potj sandtroopers at kmart. if interested ($6.88 each+tax), lmk if these, along with the ones you already have, make you feel comfortable enough to part with one of their binoculars. if so, i'll keep one binoc, send my VinTage boussh helm to lbc, & he'll keep you in mind for some similar small favor in the future; deal? :)
if not, no problem, i'm sure i can find Someone to take a few troops off me hands ;)
oh, i spose while i'm at it i should make sure this deal's ok w/lbc too :sur: well lbc, what do You say? :)
np: barbara tucker, "stay together" (maw underground network mix)

01-08-2002, 09:44 AM

I don't...I DON'T...I DO NOT......ARGH!

I'll take 'em. :D As much as I DON'T collect anymore, these suckers were a thorn in my side before the time came. I only have 1 to date, and I suppose parting with the binocs on one of them would not be so bad- so go ahead :)

On a good note, I will be in Colorado again from March 11-15 (for sure), which is my Spring Break from up here. I would love to hang on that Thursday (maybe) or at least say hi and howdy to you and R2 (and maybe Baal Jr.) again ^_^

I'll keep you posted- otherwise, let's do this thing :)

01-08-2002, 12:54 PM
i'll send you the vintage boussh helm, then you & ws can talk over what lil favor you might be able to do him, thus makin this a true 3-way, deal? : ) plz advise me on your mailing address again in case i don't have it handy :rolleyes:
ok ws, i'll hold onto troops-minus-1-binoc for you for a poss. mar 11-15 fs meeting (too early to say if that'll work for me, but i'll keep break dates in mind, thanx for mentioning); you can wait til then to pay for jedibraid too (i nevah forget debts :evil: ). maybe by then i'll be able to cajole r2 into joining us by finding somethin for her, thus makin the trip worth her while too : )
b'jr doesn't usu. join me for tea (he's usu. too restless to sit as long as i do), but i can see if a drop-in or drop-by can be arranged-
np: billy idol, "eyes w/out a face (http://sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?threadid=2764)" :(

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-09-2002, 10:55 PM
Sorry for my delinquent reply. I haven't been up on my housekeeping. :sur:

VT and WS this sounds like a good deal. I will indeed keep a look out for your and VT's needs as well. Let me know what you guys are on the hunt for. Perhaps I could be of some service :evil:

Much thanks again!:cool:

P.S. Warstar, I need your E-mail address so we can strike a deal

01-11-2002, 03:18 AM
I don't either, VT- I know I owe ya! :) I was the one to remember first, I thought...:p

Tell Baal Jr. though that his rare earth magnets have provided lots of "WOAH! That's WEIRD's" from my friends up here ;)

And Bantha?


And JT- Star Tours? Pwease???

And yeah :p March 11-15 I shall be there (Hopefully, barring weather or whatever) We shall see :)

good shot jansen
01-11-2002, 09:05 AM
Originally posted by Warstar

And JT- Star Tours? Pwease???


when oh when ws are you gonna start reading all the posts (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?postid=24351#post24351) in your own dayum thread?:confused:

don't mind me;) , jes havin' sum friday mornin' fun at you expense:evil:

however, as you do seem to have access to a computer up there in the frozen north, don't be such a stranger you! it's always good hearin' from ya!


01-12-2002, 07:11 AM
Yeah, what GSJ said, email me darnit!

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-14-2002, 10:26 PM
VT - - - The Boussh helm arrived at my house today in excellent condition. For 15+ years she has been lacking her helmet, but at last once again, they are reunited. It makes me want to cry! :cry:
Thanks again!

WS and I are currently in negotations in regards to completing the trade. I will probably send him a couple of loose MMs to seal the deal.

01-14-2002, 11:04 PM
oh well, feel free to lmk what i missed out on ;) why you guys negotiatin in priVaTe? doncha think the rest of us nosybodys'd be interested in watchin? i'm a fan of The Art Of The MM Deal, which Trumps y'alls right to privacy ;)
i like my old boussh body but the new boushh helmet. so that left me w/one helm i didn't need :) also used the new cape. if i could easily replace the old boushh Head with the new one (and maybe the thermal-detonator-holding Hand) i'd do that too :)

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-15-2002, 11:29 PM
Originally posted by vulcantouch
;) why you guys negotiatin in priVaTe? doncha think the rest of us nosybodys'd be interested in watchin? i'm a fan of The Art Of The MM Deal, which Trumps y'alls right to privacy ;)
i like my old boussh body but the new boushh helmet. so that left me w/one helm i didn't need :) also used the new cape. if i could easily replace the old boushh Head with the new one (and maybe the thermal-detonator-holding Hand) i'd do that too :)

VT: I offered Warstar a choice of which loose MMs he wanted. They included a sail barge, Slave I, A,B,X,Y-wings, Snowspeeders and 2 or 3 others. He'll decide which one's sooner or later.

oh well, feel free to lmk what i missed out on

You feel left out? I do kinda feel like I cheated since you sent me an item and I gave you nothing in return. Perhaps you'd be interested in a mint FX-7 for $3? LMK, maybe I can include some loose MMs if you still feel left out. ;)

01-15-2002, 11:34 PM
. . .i don't have it comin, cuz this Was a 3-way trade and I Did get sandy binocs out of it :) "left out" just meant i never got in on some of that hot mm-swappin action ;)

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-16-2002, 09:54 PM
Remember VT, you found a Sandcrawler for me about a year ago and sent it to me (without hesitation I might add). This would be almost the same thing (you scratch my back I'll scratch yours) If you want to pay shipping and handling plus the cost of the figure, it's yours for the taking (I think it should be around $5, not bad). It of course, is up to you.

01-16-2002, 10:26 PM
ok then, sounds good to me :) if cost after shipping (1st class'd likely be cheapest; so long as you envelope rather than box it, they should let you use 1st class, which would likely be cheapest; i don't care if card/bubble gets a bit roughhoused in an envelope, it provides good protection for toy which is all that matters 2me) would be at or under $4.93, i'll just ask swaffy to paypal that to you since that's what it cost me to send him a 15-vhs VTapeclub pkg :) lmk-
p.s. nice find btw; & it's not like I needed the crawly. b'jr mighta taken it, but he, like me, understands the value of makin a new pal instead of gettin, say, a 4th af crawly. it's simple tactical logic, the long view ;)

01-16-2002, 10:32 PM
um, I may be out of line here, but with all the post-9/11 paranoia is it wise to mail anything lumpy in an envelope these days?

I'll paypal to LBC as soon as I get the official ok. Just lemme know.

01-16-2002, 10:40 PM
plz verify i'm remembering correctly that it was $4.93 (include stamps And metering; first i use stamps to purty up the pkg, then metering to make up the diff which i can't predict til i git to da postoffice :) ). meanwhile, you just let Me worry bout lumpy envelopes ;)
np: wilford brimley, "lumpy oatmeal blues" :p

01-17-2002, 02:58 PM
...........correct, sir!

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-18-2002, 11:00 PM
Originally posted by SWAFMAN
um, I may be out of line here, but with all the post-9/11 paranoia is it wise to mail anything lumpy in an envelope these days?

I'll paypal to LBC as soon as I get the official ok. Just lemme know.

SWAF: Deal sounds good to me. However, I am not familiar with the art of Paypal. I know it is a service of EBay. I don't think though I have signed up for that service (I think it requires a credit card? I don't have one as of yet). If that is the case than we will have to send the $$$ some alternate way, which is fine with me.

VT: I probably won't get around to mailing the figure till next week sometime. I will try like hades to get to the post office tomorrow, but I can't guarantee that I will get there.

As far as the figure costing $3, 2 Wal-Marts in my area clearanced their old POTJ for that price in September. Fortunately for me, they left that price in the computer :D and never thought to change it when the new figures came in. At that price, there are NO Star Wars figs that warm the pegs. They are selling like hotcakes and as a result, I probably missed all of the deluxe figs and the Vader/Wrath wave because someone snatched them all up. I almost fainted when I saw that price for the FX-7 wave. I bought the entire wave for $12 and two extra FX-7s just in case someone might need em' ;)

01-18-2002, 11:56 PM
. . .& with that kinda mojo who wants 2b a jedi anyway? :cool:
paypal.com has registration details. need a credit card or checking acct (or someone else's you can launder thru? ;) ). otherwise, maybe swaffy can mail your payment? or he can paypal me & i can mail you payment :)
speakin of which, no need to bust yer azz gettin it to me asap, whenever's convenient'll do fine :) also plz advise if total final cost is over $4.93 so i'll know to compensate :) maybe you'd like me to keep an eye out for somuvthem figs for you? :)
again, stylin kill, king fx7 bagger lbc :Pirate:
np: sakamoto, (LOWer than a) Snake Eyes score

01-19-2002, 03:51 AM
...for $4.93.
(VT - I'm posting to 'hump' thread re: daytrrippers, too)

01-19-2002, 11:00 AM
jumped the gun; we didn't give lbc a chance to register :0 oh well, if/when he does i'll fwd pmnt to him, otherwise i'll lick a stamp :p
worry not: naturally, these dayz i regularly check Hump for fresh swafvytapeclub posts :D btw i hate to interfere w/your watching em in any sequence you wish (a luxury i've long cherished, which i'll have to write about on the Hump sometime), but plz make sure to not put off watchin the 3 specified library selections, in case remainder take longer than anticipated to get to :)

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-20-2002, 12:11 PM
Just to let you know I am contemplating signing up for Paypal. However I have a few questions regarding the service. I tried to read the Terms of Service, but I fell asleep 5 times and my eyes started to bleed.

1) Is there a monthly fee, or any fee for using the service?

If there is, than I may pass on signing up for it. I hardly use my Ebay account or make other online transactions. I can see the usefulness of the account if I am a frequent Ebay user, but I am not.

2) The TOS mentions that you can use it if I have a bank account.

I assume that includes a savings account, because I don't have a checking account.

3) Anyone have any problems with this service?

Any input would be appreciated. :cool:

01-20-2002, 12:14 PM
I've never had any problems with the service, but I've always used my credit cards. I am not sure if there's any restriction against using a checking vs. savings account. Anyone else know about this? The best part about Paypal for me has been the ability to pay for an eBay auction within a minute of winning. That helps speed up the seller shipping the item (hopefully) and makes for great feedback.

01-20-2002, 04:50 PM
. . .cuz what seems to matter to paypal is acct's ability to be paid or drained via electronic fund transfers. both savings and checking will allow that, as far as i know :)
i printed up & read about half of their terms (11 pgs in smallest font! :zzz: ) and for users like us there's apparently no charges incurred unless you use it to receive more than $100 a month :) at any rate, as a late convert (i only joined cuz aussie braid supplier only accepted paypal), i've never had any problems or incurred charges, which is what matters to me too :)
btw i told b'jr about the $3 fx7 & he got all jelliss ;)

01-20-2002, 05:34 PM
If you use Paypal, please read the T&Cs thoroughly; there are quite a few mishaps that can (and have to friends of mine) happen. The account you submit for verification - be it savings, current, credit or whatever, can be frozen by Paypal at any time.

Wih the squilion users it is unlikely to be one of us that gets nobbled but they have been trading at a loss of for the past 2 years.

You may want to check this article out (http://www.paypalwarning.com/Default.htm) and perhaps this too (http://cgi.fark.com/cgi/fark/go.pl?location=http://www.business2.com/articles/web/0,1653,36560,FF.html&IDLink=90895)

I will resort to International Money Orders when dealing with the R2 builders (simply because that's a lot more money) when I can afford parts, but you guys have a federally-backed USPS MO system so why not use that?

I was really fed up when I first read about this because of the convenience for people like BC3 & I who are stranded out of Mos Espa here in the Jundland Wastes :cry:


Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-21-2002, 06:41 PM
Jeddah: Thanks for the warning about Paypal's recent troubles. While I have just decided to sign up for the service, its good know those all of those details about the company's financial plight. If they start charging their users fees to help recuperate their losses, I will probably cancel their service.

VT: Item will be shipped (in a padded envelope at your request ;) ) tomorrow. Only the fig itself could fit in the envelope, not the bubble wrap or the air packs :( I tried to include with it. But it will definitely arrive in CO in safe condition.

I am still waiting for Warstar's response regarding the MMs that are coming to him. Anyone hear from him :confused:?

And yes, I have just signed up indicating my interest in obtaining a credit card. Haven't received the little piece of plastic yet, but imagine all the Star Wars I can buy with that thing. :greedy:

Also, starting this week, I am back at school and will unfortuneatly, will not be checking in the forums as frequently as I hope to. I will use the weekends to catch up though, and whatever times I have during the weekday.

01-21-2002, 10:37 PM
for that matter, envelope prolly doesn't even need to be Padded; just a lil bigger than bizness size ;) hell, you can even fold the backing card if it helps everything fit, i don't care :)
as soon as you verify for me email address & name registered under paypal, as well as fact that total cost's under $4.93, i'll fwd swaffy's dirty laundered $$ to your pp acct :)
jdah just likes to worry us paypal users into crappin our panks ;) oh well, i've never kept $$ in my pp acct long anyway. i was Wonderin how they coulda been makin a profit w/out chargin me nuthin. guess now i know: Thay Ain't Bin :p reminds me of amazon.com and cdnow.com, both of whom offered me multiple $10 gift certificates a couple years back. so i picked items under ~$6, which left enough to cover shipping, so it was aaaaall fweeee :D i still haven't spent a dime at amazon (prefer to support non-chain bookstores like tc (http://www.tatteredcover.com/NASApp/store/IndexJsp)) , but i might eventually cuz i hear they're offering a world-exclusive philip glass Candyman score. but i'm gonna wait & see if i can score it used first :evil:
i reckon future-speilberg ws is just practicin blowin us off for when he can Afford to :happy:
np: lil louis, "club lonely"

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-23-2002, 06:36 PM
The FX-7 was shipped on Tuesday (1/22) and should be in Denver by early next week. And don't PayPal me yet until I get my account confirmed, I will let you know when.

Also, a quick question regarding Paypal? Will Paypal automatically forward payments received into your account?

01-23-2002, 10:31 PM
. . .at which point you are free to do what you wish with it; either keep it there, send it to someone else (such as an ebay seller), or withdraw it into your savings acct. all such transactions are free of charge in my experience :)

01-30-2002, 12:52 AM
I apologize- I have had a hell of a time these past 2 weeks- school started, amongst other drama (girls, mayhem and hot tubs- don't ask -_-; )

But anyway, where were we in this mess?

List of trades going down, anyone?

BTW- I am taking a class in Photography, VT and R2. Prepare to be photographed when next we meet, sometime between March 11-15 ;)

So please, re-iterate what's going on with this trade and I'll get the ball rollin' again.

Spielberg, I ain't- but Ansel Adams I am aiming for. Of course, I don't shoot in F64 ;)

Peace :)

01-30-2002, 12:26 PM


01-30-2002, 11:39 PM
pay no mind ws- jdah's just goin thru a rough patch (which explains why i Still don't have my stuff yet?? :p )
hottubs? takin a "marine biology" class like in dengarfield in Back To School? :crazed:

good shot jansen
01-31-2002, 07:07 AM
Originally posted by vulcantouch
pay no mind ws- jdah's just goin thru a rough patch (which explains why i Still don't have my stuff yet?? :p )

how's that dhl thang werkin' out?:confused:

Originally posted by warstar
girls, mayhem and hot tubs- don't ask

no can do big guy! without any mm's to be chatty about, i'm forced to ask about girls, mayhem and hot tubs :o , soooooo, gowon....gowon, i'm interested, what about girls, meyham, and hot tubs ?:eek:

np: that jazzy lil number they play between segments on npr's - all things considered

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
02-01-2002, 02:22 PM
Originally posted by Warstar
I apologize- I have had a hell of a time these past 2 weeks- school started, amongst other drama (girls, mayhem and hot tubs- don't ask -_-; )

But anyway, where were we in this mess?

List of trades going down, anyone?

BTW- I am taking a class in Photography, VT and R2. Prepare to be photographed when next we meet, sometime between March 11-15 ;)

So please, re-iterate what's going on with this trade and I'll get the ball rollin' again.

Spielberg, I ain't- but Ansel Adams I am aiming for. Of course, I don't shoot in F64 ;)

Peace :)

Hey WS. We still gotta transaction to complete. Let me know
what MMs you like. If you lost the list I will resend the E-mail. Or you can E-mail me at homerj208@cs.com

02-09-2002, 04:26 PM
one-month notice for ws, r2 et al:
so far it looks good for fs aft ronday on march 14 (thursday of ws' spring break week). could change between now & then (i'll let you know), but ok for now :)
now all we gotta do is come up wth an Enticement for r2 to join us ;)