View Full Version : Who opens and who keeps 'em sealed?

Dooku Fett
05-24-2002, 08:53 PM
I keep mine in the package. I use to open mine but now I have no point in opening them. They look just as good (if not better) in the package.

05-24-2002, 08:56 PM
I mainly keep 'em sealed, but I just had to set up my Obi-Wan/Anakin HD/Dooku/Yoda end scene on my bookcase... :)

I also have Jabba's Palace, Hoth, Wampa Cave, and Mos Eisley set-ups throughout my apartment, hehe.

05-24-2002, 09:02 PM
I always free them from their tiny prisons. They are so much better out of the box. They take up less room, they look cooler and you can set them up to make dioramas and scenes.

05-24-2002, 09:04 PM
I open figures to go in the vehicles I buy. I open almost all vehicles. I also open mos eisley and jabbas palace figs along with the occasional super cool ones like Jango KE. All others can stay in the packaging- I think they look cool that way and I can tack them on the wall.

05-24-2002, 10:17 PM
I open everything. However, for figures with a lot of accesories I like to have an extra carded one laying around in case I lose something.

05-24-2002, 10:20 PM
I free them from their plastic prisons as often as possible. The only figures I still have carded is my carded Jar Jar Binks collection and my trade bait figures. :)


Jar Jar Binks

05-24-2002, 10:20 PM
90% of my collection is carded. I only open the ones I really like (that I have extras of). The only ones I will buy 1 of to open are deluxe figures and 12 inch figures and vehicles. The basic figures I keep carded.

05-24-2002, 10:28 PM
open open open...!

Battle Droid
05-24-2002, 10:29 PM
Open everything. :D

05-24-2002, 10:58 PM
I keep the majority on card...although, if I really like a figure, I'll buy 2 and open one...but I always have one of each still unopened. For instance...I bought 2 of all the Jedi and have them all open...I usually do the same for Vaders and 3PO's and R2's as well.

05-24-2002, 11:25 PM
OPEN them all or DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry, I got a little carried away.

05-24-2002, 11:38 PM
It depends on the characters...I have opened four of my figures, two of which have duplicates. I would kinda like to open more, but I don't really have a lot of room to do that, or any peg stands for that matter.

figrin bran
05-25-2002, 01:24 AM
i open an overwhelming majority of the time, the exceptions coming from POTJ, commtech vader and leia, imperial slide r2.

05-25-2002, 01:34 AM
500 plus figures, all open except about 10 doubles Ive had for a long time (that no one wants to trade for, sniff) and Jorg Sacul. My friend in Chicago got it for me at C2 and he made me promise I wouldn't open it - he wasn't going to send it to me. I sent him video email of me ripping open Toy Fare Darth! He got cranky....

05-25-2002, 03:17 AM
I usually open.

I do have one R3-T7 still on card though. A duplicate. It's nice to have one "packaged" example for the collection --- you know?

I still have way too much Mint On Card stuff from the early POTF2 days where I was psycho and bought two of everything. So, uh . . . if anybody needs anything let me know.

05-25-2002, 07:36 AM
As long as I've got 1 of each carded, I don't care. I only open a figure if I got a double and it's a decent figure. Otherwise it stays carded.

05-25-2002, 07:58 AM
I open EVERYTHING , no exceptions ever, EXCEPT!!! for a rare few, the 4 carded figures that i still have are Zuckuss, Ceremony Luke, and Tarkin, i just got extras, and didnt really want them freed. the last is the only one i ever got with the intentions of never opening it:

Luke Skywalkers:
Jedi Knight (Theater Edition) from the opening night of ROTJ SE

anyway, i liberate them all, and you should too.

hango fett
05-25-2002, 08:35 AM
we(me and my father) keep them sealed! i get extras to get out and play with. but, when i get the collection, i'll open the worthless ones and get doubles of the rare ones.

05-25-2002, 03:42 PM
well when i first started collecting in 1995 i got 2 of everything- opened one and kept one MOC- now i get one to keep MOC and if i like the figure ill buy an extra to take out of package- i have aout 15 of the new ones out of the package but the whole set (except orn free taa and bespin luke) MOC

Darth Evil
05-25-2002, 05:14 PM
I open all that I get, no exceptions. Unless I get something really, really rare, which I never do...

05-25-2002, 06:00 PM
I buy 2 of each - One to keep carded and one to open, you get the best of both worlds. :cool:

05-25-2002, 06:58 PM
Most of my collection is carded. I store them in boxes, I dont have anywhere that I could keep that many figures opened and intact. I had about 15 figures opened at one time, but my nephews coming over and playing with them lost most accesorries so I let them take them home. Now I open mostly doubles of droids and aliens that i really like.

05-25-2002, 08:25 PM
i open everything. i have 2 carded figures, one of which i'll probably open later tonight. the other is a double.

05-25-2002, 08:51 PM
I always open mine. I'm not planning to sell them, so why keep 'em sealed?

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
05-25-2002, 11:28 PM
I'd say 85% of my collection is carded. I feel the urge to rip open the figures out of the package all the time, but the dark side of the force compels me to keep them inside. I only open a few that are worth opening, the ones that Hasbro outdoes itself on (i.e. POTJ FX-7, Amanaman, Black Gown Amidala, Sandtrooper, R2-Q5). I also buy a lot of clearance figures to open but I still keep most of my collection carded.

05-25-2002, 11:38 PM
One to open, one to keep carded, they both look nice.

05-26-2002, 09:34 AM
Open everything especially the hard to find and rare ones. open all beasts vehicles and accessories sets. Playsets and deluxe. Variations and errors and exclusives. Absolutely everything gets opened and displayed and played with and customised and repainted and lost and thrown to the dog and given away and shoved under the bed and in the loft for storage. All I have that's carded is a Sio Bibble and a Boss Nass POTJ. Gonna give them away to someone who needs them.

I treat my toys like toys and like I always have done. I don't see them as being precious or valuable commodities. I love them and I wouldn't be without them but at the end of the day they are just chunks of plastic and not worth anything in the grand scheme of life. If the house burnt down they'd be the last thing on my mind despite having a collection of something in the region of 800 figures, thirty vehicles and twenty odd beasts. I'd grab my dog and my partner first and if I had the chance to go back for something it's be my personal papers and bank cards. possesions are just flotsam in the river of life and they pass you by of stick for a while in the reeds of existence but then they float off again downstream. No point in getting too attached to anything. Might as well appreciate something for al it's worth while you still have it and leaving things packaged isn't fully appreciating them IMO. Opening and playing with and posing and displaying is the only way to appreciate the little plastic toys we collect. If you leave them carded you might as well leave them in the store and just visit every day and stand and gaze at them there. It amounts to the same thing if you only pin them to the wall. But that's just me reiterating my opinion in this copycat thread that's been duplicated several times over already in various forms.

05-26-2002, 11:06 AM
I always get 1 to open and 1 to stay oncard. Sometimes I even buy extras of my favorites, or army builders. They usually stay on card until a diorama is calling their number.

Dooku Fett
05-26-2002, 11:10 AM
I wish I had the money to buy two of each that I like. One to open and one to keep sealed.

05-26-2002, 04:55 PM
Since the Special Edition back in 1997, I've always opened my figures in a neatly fasion. Ever since the Saga figures released, I don't open them. I have kept all the bubbles/blister cards from all my opened figures, but snce I moved twice in just 6 months, I found it stressful to keep everthing in an an orderly way. All my opened figures/bubbles/blistres are stored in a huge bin inmy basement. All my recent purchased Saga figures are siting neatly, unopened in a safe corner in my room.

05-26-2002, 06:49 PM
I used to buy everything to keep MOC, and I'd store them in box after box, only buying a few to open and play with. But I finally I got tired of taking up all the space and I stopped buying all together. I don't really remember what pulled me back, but once I came back, all I bought, I opened. If I didn't need something for a display, I left it at the store and just ripped open what I bought.
They're toys, they need to be opened, me thinks! And they look great displayed around my room. Now, the only problem is....space (once again). I have to get some shelves put in soon :).

05-26-2002, 09:42 PM
I open them, all of them. What fun is a toy in a box or on a card?

A'Sharad Hett
05-27-2002, 12:58 AM
I used to collect hardcore and keep them sealed. I had all the figures from the POTF2 line, not all the variations, just one of every figure, and I continued to collect with the start of the EP1 line. But, since I was only 14-15 around that time, and had school and couldn't drive or get large amounts of money, the hobby kinda passed me up. It got to the point where I couldn't find anything new, right around the Adi Gallia line, it got really really really hard, to the point where I would have to "know people" or get there super early or know when things came in, etc. I just kept getting depressed, I really wanted a Plo Koon with the yellow saber, never found him. So now, I just buy the ones I want, the cool ones, and I open them and put them on display. So pretty much I just buy Jedi, of course, I still went to Midnight Madness :)

Darth Narcis
05-27-2002, 01:08 AM
i have never... EVER.... opened a figure... i have over 300 now, that is only my basic figures, i also have other types... prolly 400 + all together... i may open them some day... i dont know why i dont open them, i just like keeping them in great condition...

05-27-2002, 02:34 PM
lets just say i dont have a closet anymore. mine are all still on cards. i only open the 12 inch sith figures (maul, vader, emperor, and hopefully dooku soon), which i have 2 of each...one opened, one in box.

the basic figures i have one of each, i dont care much for variations...i just want one of each for my own collection. hopefully i'll get a place of my own someday and have them all lined up on a wall for my eyes to see :D

05-27-2002, 02:44 PM
Rip those suckers out of their tiny little plastic and cardboard prisons!!!

Mr. JabbaJohnL
05-27-2002, 03:19 PM
I open all BUT . . .
I keep closed a few duplicates.
*Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine) (Episode I). Got him at Celebration I for $10, and it's a good one.
*Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Fatigues) (Red card POTF). It's one with short saber in a long bubble tray.
*Jorg Sacul. Come on, you need two of this guy. :D :D :D

Skinny 1
05-27-2002, 08:57 PM
When the figures came out in 1995, I was in the fourth grade, so as any red-blooded American kid would do, I opened them. I still have the talking C-3PO carry case (the one that you had to cram the figures into), the Millenium Falcon carry case, and the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collectors Case jam-packed full of them.

Around Episode I, however, I began leaving everything sealed. I have opened few since, and just about everything I own is in storage in my basement.

05-28-2002, 12:24 PM
Everything I've collected since '95 is carded. I'll be keeping that way forever most likely. Maybe I'll give them away as christmas presents to my grandkids and watch them open them.

05-28-2002, 01:19 PM
I keep one of every figure carded, but buy an extra one of figures that I like and open them.

Jedi Juice
05-28-2002, 01:54 PM
I have all of my EP1 and my new EP2 figs and vehicles carded and unopened..... although I have opened Maul's and his vehicles displayed on a nice shelf.....

05-28-2002, 11:35 PM
Hi everybody,
I'm new to this site and I'm very surprised to see so many people who open their figures. I thought I was the only one. All the "collectors" I run into here in San Diego are shocked to here that I open all the figures. I buy two of all basic figures, and deluxe figures. I open one of everything including figure variations. I also try to keep up with card variation and to date have only missed about 3 or 4. 12" figures and vehicles I only buy one of each to open but keep boxes and inserts for storage. With all this stuff I've had to rent a two bedroom apartment just so my wife doesn't have trip over it, but now I'm thinking we might have to get a three.:greedy:

Darth Annexis
05-29-2002, 12:27 AM
What a silly question...I buy two...one to open...one to leave in pack. I could not make this decision when the E1 figs came out...I just decided to go from there...Yoda said it best. Always two there are...

05-29-2002, 08:21 AM
I keep them in the package until I ned them to display. Usually I'll open them because I doubt that they will be worth much more in the future with the amount of product out there.

05-29-2002, 08:33 AM
Originally posted by Thrawn17
I keep them in the package until I ned them to display. Usually I'll open them because I doubt that they will be worth much more in the future with the amount of product out there.

This is true, the only way to make any money off of figures today is in the short term.

So open them up!
Let them go!
Release your figures today!

Everybody sing:


05-29-2002, 09:03 AM
I open everything. The only figs I keep carded are the ones I really like and just want an extra of (right now I've got an extra carded bloody Bespin Luke, Dooku, Yoda, and HD Anakin).

06-14-2002, 02:59 PM
Everything stays closed! I don't have the money to buy opened and closed.....So as the collection stands at this very moment...

POTF2 Figures....................341
EP1 Figures........................117
POTJ Figures.......................130
SAGA Figures.......................66
GRAND TOTAL......................654

Every single one sealed and protected

06-14-2002, 09:16 PM
To those of you who open their figures, I commend you, great job in keeping the toy part of the figures alive.
However, I prefer to keep all of mine on card, except for a handful that I think are exceptionally great, I'll open those.
My reason isn't money by any means, I just think having walls upon walls of carded figures is far more impressive than a bunch of loose figures standing on a bookshelf or shelving in mock posturing.
Plus, with alot of figures, the moment you open them, is the moment you realize they are crap to play with. This way I can revel in my naivety.
And naivety is bliss.

Darth Nihilus
06-15-2002, 01:01 PM
Who here collects posters and pictures, or has pin ups on their wall? That is what keeping my figures carded means to me, they are a nice display piece. I like looking at them as though they are a picture.

06-15-2002, 01:10 PM
i follow the common trend of most of the people on this board....keep most of them sealed and buy two of those i open....currently i have my clone trooper, kamino jango fett, darth bespin, zam and padme open..only bought two clone troppers since the rest are readily available everywhere...

also..yah..i like to display them and the toys are crap to play with.....for starters the vader light sabre broke the second i touched it and the barricade thing it comes with..well, it's pretty much useless since it doesn't fall apart unless you do it manually...

06-15-2002, 01:24 PM
I bought a DVD player the other day....and I was going to open it, but I realized it was crap to play with. Plus, I like the way it looks in the box, so I am going to just pin it to the wall.

I think that is much more impressive than opening it and sitting it on a shelf.


06-15-2002, 01:26 PM
I open all my figures.... I sometimes try to keep them in the box but I just can't stand it and open them any way.... :p

07-01-2002, 10:45 PM
You mean they can be open i have up a figrue since ES 1 toys came out.

07-02-2002, 01:47 AM
i usually keep everything card but if i like the figure i buy another to open it .....simple as that ^_^

Ohio Jedi
07-02-2002, 06:18 AM
I usually open everything. I'm just having a hard time coming to grips about opening my Jorg Sacul figure and some of the others that were hard to get like Wuher. But I would say I do enjoy opening them!

Exhaust Port
07-02-2002, 08:01 AM
I never bought the small figures until the Saga line and all of them have stayed in their packages. Eventually as I need to make room I'll pack them all up in boxes and stash them away to maybe pass on to my kids (when I have some). If they open them, that's fine.

All but a couple of my 12" figures are free from their tombs. First those boxes are just too big and bulky to keep around. Second they are just too cool in my opinion to leave in the boxes.

07-02-2002, 08:44 AM
Originally posted by Quite-Long Dong
I bought a DVD player the other day....and I was going to open it, but I realized it was crap to play with. Plus, I like the way it looks in the box, so I am going to just pin it to the wall.

I think that is much more impressive than opening it and sitting it on a shelf.


hah hah hah!:crazed: that's funny! i bought a TV, liked it too much to get damaged (besides it's play value wasn't that good - limited articulation), i kept it inside the box and now have it on display:crazed:

i open all my figures! scene builder! i have, at most, 10 figures still carded (main characters that i have double or triple of). :crazed: