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05-25-2002, 02:09 PM
Brians Toys has some figures listed in their list like Wat Tember, Supertrooper, OOda,Mastiff Astro Droid ect.
When called about Wat Tember they said it should be in about 1 - 2 weeks.

Does anyone have any pictures of these figs? I know who Wat Tember is but who is OOda and the Super Trooper?

05-25-2002, 02:19 PM
Their list is old, and way out of date. Wat Tambor isn't even confirmed yet, but he is on early Hasbro lists. He shouldn't be out until Fall/Winter. SuperTrooper was the original Hasbro in house name for the CloneTroopers. Ooda I believe ended up being a mis-spelling of Yoda, who is out now. And the Massiff w/ Astro Droid 2-pack was originally going to be from a scene that was never filmed, where Obi-Wan's R4-P17 truncated droid was attacked by a group of Massiff's on Geonoisis. The idea was dropped, due to the fact the droid was made hardwired to the ship, rather then give him a squat body. It all boils down to, don't go by retailer lists. I have seen some retailers that have E2 Aurra Sing listed. :p :)


Jar Jar Binks

05-25-2002, 02:25 PM
I'll assume the Clonetrooper list is the yellow one with the bubble turret for the troop ship. Can't wait to see this one, even though I bet it's scupted in a sitting postion.

(Which is why I bought an extra red trooper so I can swap the legs...)