View Full Version : Luminara Unduli and Taun We momc for trade/sale

05-28-2002, 02:07 AM

I just picked up 2 Luminara Undulis' and 2 Taun We and Jar Jar Senator all are momc c9.5 . I'll sell these to people looking for non scalper prices. I paid 6.25 and I'm not sure on the shipping but my guess is going to be 4.00. So if this helps anyone out I picked those up. But if you rather trade I'm looking for the following I'd much rather. I'm looking for the following loose or on a beat up card because i plan to open them for my loose collection some of these are serious pegwarmers or easy to come by so I won't trade straight up if loose. But try me for certain

the list

Death Star Trooper
Death Star Droid
R2D2 with Leia Hologram
Tusken Raider POTJ
Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV)
Zutton(snaggletooth) potj
Jek Porkins
Jawa with Gonk Droid
Ben "obi wan" kenobi (old ben from anh) potj
stormtrooper blast damage


Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Count Dooku

If you have these MOMC I will straight trade for them also

e1 figs loose or on a momc card
Amidala attack( from wave 10)
sio bibble
darth sidious hologram/graph

LMK asap

Email me at ABetterTomorrow2@aol.com

or post here. LMK