View Full Version : Has anyone heard from The 'Xir?

Jedi Clint
09-19-2001, 12:03 AM
I am a bit worried about him. His last post was on September 11th in the early morning. He is from N.Y. Does anyone know if he worked in the WTC? If you're out there 'Xir, please post a response so we know you are ok. :(

The 'Xir
09-19-2001, 01:46 AM
Hey JC! and Everyone! Oy! what a week & 1/2!!! ThanX for the concern and sorry I didn't post for awhile. I am fine but needless to say was pretty occupied as a result of the recent events, that affected the world!
I actually live in Syracuse which is about 4 hrs away from the city, however, I do alot of business in the city and go down to NYC about every 4 to 5 weeks! I could have easily been there when all this took place, although most likely I would have been in midtown some 30 to 40 blokcs up from the WTC! Actually I was there on Monday the week before the "attack"! and was contemplating going down either that Monday or Tuesday, fortunately I didn't go at all! In that vein, in somewhat of a brightside to all this, even with all the people I know; most of my persoanl concerns and relationships with the city are like my own experience, near misses, and I don't know anyone close(as of yet) that was lost in this horrible tragedy!
One example I mean is that my new roomate and long time friend from highschool, who had lived in the city for the past 2 1/2 years just moved back to Syracuse 2 sundays before the attack! His art studio was about 6 blocks from the WTC, and in another near miss instance: The WTC's have nothing but art studio's on the very top floors, and my buddy had applied to rent one out! Again fortunately for what ever reason, he was denied, and that was one of the main reasons he moved back! If he got the studio, he probablly wouldn't be here today!
However, on the business side of things, I wasn't so lucky! I've only been in contact with 3 of the 10-15 different Importers that I usually deal with! Being mostly in Midtown as I alluded to before, I assume most have just been closed, and unreachable! Although, I am most worried about one who is located on Canal street, being a few blocks away, I don't know if he received any damage to his storefront, or worse? God willing, they are all alright!!!!! As a result though, my wholesale business has sufferred and I'm not sure of it's future! I may have to close teporarily until further notice! So with that, and just the the fact that I've felt drained and my corncern was not with the internet, along with the fact that I was out of town in Mayrland over the weekend all contributed to my lack of posts! Sorry again for not posting, but once again, I highly appreciate the concern! THANK YOU!!! ...and...May The Force Be With ALL of You...Always!

**Evil has destroyed the foundation of the Old World, but in doing so, unknowingly gave birth to a New Hope which casts forth life from the altar of fire to remold, reshape, and parent the responsiblities of that which can only be described as...Ours!**
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Jedi Clint
09-19-2001, 02:04 AM
Thanks for the heads up! My concern began when I checked up on the thread you started asking if any other SSG posters were from NY. I clicked on your profile and noticed that you hadn't posted since early morning September 11th. I looked up "Da' Cuse" ;) on mapquest and noticed it wasn't too close to Manhattan after I posted my concerns. Still, you never know. You did say that you could have been there. I am glad you are safe. I hope your business associates are o.k., and that business picks up for you again.


09-19-2001, 10:18 AM
Glad to hear you are ok xir!! Jedi Clint executed what i was thinking perfectly, who else is missing from the forums that is from the apple?? I remembered The Xir, but i cant remember if there are more. Well if there are lets hope they are ok also.