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good shot jansen
08-16-2001, 01:57 PM
i got a few vehicles laying around my work surface, and decided to do a quick comparison of which vehicles from which line i like the best.

In comparing the vehicles across the micro machines lines, i am ignoring the functional features (as this would be unfair, cause with the exception of a few, none of the mmís have functional features), and concentrating solely on the appearance curb appeal.


1st release of the alpha red 3. This action fleet version wins hands down. The look is crisp, the white coloring around the engines, and the scarlet red paint scheme used for the striping makes this x-wing the leader of the pack!

Millennium falcon

action fleet version, although i fell that the mm versions paint scheme is closer to ďauthenticĒ the radar dish on mm, as well as the dc, and x-ray, is so clumsy, it takes away from the over all appearance.


mm all the way. The overall appearance in terms of scale is just right. The action fleet version is.....ahhhhh, well jeddah, you can probably answer better than anyone else what the faults are with the af version.


die cast! This one is soooooo cool! It even has the separated ring back part of the engine exhaust! Plus this ship feels so good in metal!

Shuttle tyderium

mm. The shape is accurate, unlike the af version. Iíd give it to the royal guard playset variant with the movable wings, except the wings donít fold beyond 90 degrees like they should. (Didnít i say something along the lines of not judging functional features....sheeesh)

tie bomber

die-cast. Everything about this version is perfect! The mm version is a close 2nd, but the die-cast version is truly a great toy!

Tie fighter

toss up between die cast and mm. I love the overall shape of the die cast, but the color of the mm version (the greyer version) is great! Call it a draw.

Darth vader tie advanced

mm version, right scale, right color, right everything!

Slave I

mm version, the af one is not bad, but the black cockpit on the mm, make this a truly menacing machine!

sith infiltrator

af is the clear winner here. from the paint scheme, down to the nitty gritty details, this is one incredible toy

Thatís all for now, when i git home, Iíll do more comparisons.

08-17-2001, 01:44 AM
X-wing: MM - this is the only version that has the proper scale. I think the AF one is too dumpy, especially in the nose. Plus, I like the wide open area of the wings on the MM, where the AF can't open that wide and the DC has wings that are sculpted wrong.

Millennium Falcon: DC - tough choice here, all 3 versions have their own little joys, and I love the DC's feel and width/height (it's the most accurate MF toy I know in that department), and while the AF's retractable landing gear and more accurate radar dish really take the cake for me, features are not part of the equation. The AF one is like the giant movie set piece that's used for interaction with human actors, while the DC one is like the smaller model prop used to film outer space shots.

B-wing: MM - the AF one is just so misshapen, this one isn't, so I'm going with this one. I'd actually choose the 2-seater B-wing from Epic Collection "Dark Apprentice", but I've only seen it in pics so I can't judge for sure.

A-wing: DC - Gotta agree with GSJ on that! I also like how the cockpit looks closed better than the AF version with that lip.

Shuttle Tyderium: MM - Not much competition from the X-ray one, it's wings are fixed at the wrong angle which really bugs me. And the AF one is like the AF B-wing, too much "massaging" of the shape to get it to hold figures.

TIE Bomber: AF - The DC and AF ones are both great, but the DC is SLIGHTLY too squat for my tastes. The MM one is nice, but too blue IIRC. The AF one and the DC one also look very similar to my eyes, but the ultimate deciding factor comes down to the length of the body/bodies.

TIE Fighter: DC - The Die Cast TIE Fighter is nearly perfect, and the only TIE Fighter toy I know with wings that are properly in scale.

DV's TIE Advanced: Painted X-ray - I know, this one is pretty rare, but of all the DV TIE's that Galoob put out, this one has the perfect shape, color, and is even in the Die Cast size. This one LOOKS like a model used for filming.

Slave I: DC - This is a perfect example of what the Die Cast line does best - fantastic, accurate looks, a clear windshield with a molded cockpit visable, and the heft of a real toy. I don't like the guns on the MM version being fixed, and while the AF one is really cool, I think the DC one is the king.

Sith Infiltrator: AF - This one looks really nice except for the hatch hinge, everything else is much more precise than the MM or even DC versions.

good shot jansen
08-17-2001, 06:48 AM
you are soooo right jt! that one does take the cake

08-17-2001, 12:49 PM
X-wing - A supreme AF but not necessarily because it is an accurate realisation but because after ANH, the ship became a cultural icon; I am consequently biased whenever I look on it as the only thing that it brings to mind is the nostalgia of '77. Apart from that, I love the removable astromechs; they llok great removed and lined up in thr Theed hangar playset. Compare the AF flagship of ANH with the flagship of Ep1, the N1; the rendtition of the latter is far inferior to the X-wing :eek:
B-wing - hmm, I could weep. I bought and made 3 of the ERTL goldtone models and repainted them to replace my AF B-wings in my dioramas. We've raked these coals so many times; the only voice I can remember being in dissent was Ackbar, who claimed it was his fave. Kudos for the revolving cockpit tho'. Lame landing gear to rival the lamanity :rolleyes: of the Y-wings'. It is A Good Thing that the new Hasbro B-wing is out. We all hear ppl moan about what they want produced, how they are fed up of resculpts and why are Hasbro creating figs no-one wants but I wanted a B-wing and never got one until they produced the Guppy. I thought that attempt was all I'd get. Now, however the one thing I wanted has been produced, satisfactorily it seems, how many people get to say that?
A-wing - boring but adequate, I have one of each version, both opened. Never saw the 2nd Wave of DCs so can't comment. I llike the idea of the exhaust ring.
Shuttle Tyderium - Donald Duck. Ditto GSJ's 90 degree comments. Tragically and ironically (you guys do get the cncept of irony, right? :p ), the most graceful ship rendered in the most incongruous and ungainly way imaginable. Hell they shoulda gone the whole hog and painted it bright red with a smiley face on the front
Sith Infiltrator - inscrutable
Boba's Special Delivery - a hefty, Feelgoodinyourhands AF. Han plus Bobba mm figs are exceptional, the cockpit doesn't swivel and Boba's a baddie but it remains one of my faves
Millennium Falcon - Well worth the wait, my advice to any MF users :) is to immediately burn the red torp that comes with this
TIE Bomber - Another brilliant AF. I'm not really into the colour argument about the TIES as it's all just shades of the same, and I like to think of different design runs from Seinar Fleets or whoever designed these for the Empire to explain the colour discrepancy. In contrast to the MF, this torp feature is superlative in its execution. I really love these. I would've liked the bombs to be yellow instead of green tho'.


08-18-2001, 03:56 PM
Yeah, I was lucky to get that JC Penny's set from another collector loose just recently, if he hadn't been liquidating his MMs, I'd have never known how good that DV TIE fighter was.

Jeddah, I think you missed the point of the thread. ;) I'm glad you're happy that you're finally getting the Hasbro B-wing though.

good shot jansen
08-19-2001, 07:48 AM
it's actually the jcp gift set a-wing, not the die-cast version which has the rear section of the engine exhaust, cast in the accurate seperated ring section.

i have to say, after looking closely at all the vehicles which came with that jcp set, these are probably the most accurate of any of the classic vehicles. well worth tracking down if you don't already have this set.

as an added bonus, it's the only way to get an x-ray version of the shuttle

08-19-2001, 09:02 AM
Originally posted by good shot jansen
it's actually the jcp gift set a-wing, not the die-cast version which has the rear section of the engine exhaust, cast in the accurate seperated ring section.

i have to say, after looking closely at all the vehicles which came with that jcp set, these are probably the most accurate of any of the classic vehicles. well worth tracking down if you don't already have this set.

as an added bonus, it's the only way to get an x-ray version of the shuttle D'oh! Now I look foolish because I agreed with you. I still choose the DC as my favorite, but here's the sad part, I SHOULD have remembered about the DC A-Wing's exhaust rings, I see that thing every time I go to sleep (it's right in my face on a nightstand).

The JC Penny set is very nice, I wish all of it had been remolded to the DC line. I like X-rays, but I looooove Die Casts. :D

Huckleberry Josh
08-23-2001, 04:42 PM
In comparing the Action Fleet AT-ST to the mm one , I'd have to go with the mm AT-ST . It's so cool looking . I love that little toy . As for the Sandcrawler , I've never seen the AF one close up , but from the looks of it , the die-cast one is my number one choice for the time being .

08-24-2001, 09:48 AM
Oh noooo, the AF Sandcrawler is very nice work. The MM and DC ones are good, but their lines aren't crisp, but the AF one has nice, crisp lines and an accurate aft-section, unlike the DC.

08-24-2001, 11:50 AM
Hi guys,
the title of this thread made me think about a question: Do you know how many different models of the same ship there are in the Micro Machines lines? :confused:

I didn't, so I checked out and these are the results (if I am correct). :eek:

I considered 7 different lines of products: Micro Machines (including SOTE and Epic Collections), Action Fleet (including Battle Packs and Mini Scenes), Die-Cast, X-Ray, Trilogy Gift Set (they are actually the X-Ray molds painted, but I considered them a separate product that can be compared with others), Podracing (they cannot be included in the Die-Cast because there is both a Die-Cast Sebulba's Podracer and a Podracing one, and there could also be a Die-Cast Anakin's Podracer if they had released the last wave of Die-Cast we are missing, sob!), AND Mini Micro Machines Special Edition Giveaway (they are just 3, but they deserve their own category, IMO).

I did not considered all the possible variations (battle damaged, playset exclusive, etc.).

Classic Trilogy is separated from Episode I because not all the categories are applicable to both Classic and Episode I vehicles.

Here are the Classic Trilogy results;

6 different models:
* Boba Fett's Slave I
* Millennium Falcon

5 different models:
* A-wing Starfighter
* Jawa Sandcrawler
* X-wing Starfighter
* Y-wing Starfighter

4 different models:
* Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
* Imperial AT-AT
* Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
* Landspeeder
* Snowspeeder
* TIE Bomber
* TIE Fighter

3 different models:
* B-wing Starfighter

All the rest (other 44 vehicles) 2 or just 1 model.

Here are the Episode I results:

4 different models:
* Sebulba's Podracer

3 different models:
* Anakin's Podracer
* Droid Control Ship
* Mars Guo's Podracer
* Republic Cruiser
* Royal Starship
* Sith Infiltrator
* Trade Federation Droid Figther
* Trade Federation Tank

All the rest (other 17 vehicles) 2 or just 1 model.

There could be a lot of considerations about these results, but one is the most important: Do you think that the number of different models dedicated to one ship reflects the importance of the ship in the story or its beauty? Otherwise why they decided to make more models of one vehicle instead of another? :confused:

What do you think? ;)

(formerly known as Lord Fener)

P.S. If you are interested I could post the excel file with the complete results. Ciao!

good shot jansen
08-24-2001, 02:01 PM
i mean jedigoofy:rolleyes:

if you want, e-mail me the excel, and i'll convert it into an easy viewing post.

it would be great to have a reference list of theat magnitude available for everyone to consult!

i began to go through your list above, and list each of the lines applicable to each vehicle

(mm=micro machines, af=action fleet, dc=die cast, x-ray=....well x-ray, jcp= jc penny gift set, and tga= theater give away)

6 differnet models:
* Boba Fett's Slave I - mm,af,dc, x-ray,jcp,tga,
* Millennium Falcon - mm,af,dc,xray, jcp,tga

5 different models:
* A-wing Starfighter - mm,af,dc,x-ray,jcp
* Jawa Sandcrawler - mm,af,dc,x-ray,jcp
* X-wing Starfighter - mm,af,dc,x-ray,jcp
* Y-wing Starfighter - mm,af,dc,x-ray,jcp

4 different models:
* Darth Vader's TIE Fighter - mm,af,x-ray,jcp
* Imperial AT-AT - mm,af,x-ray,jcp
* Imperial Shuttle Tydirium - mm, af, x-ray, jcp
* Landspeeder - mm,af,dc, x-ray
* Snowspeeder - mm, af, dc, x-ray
* TIE Bomber - mm, af, dc, x-ray
* TIE Fighter - mm,af,dc, x-ray

3 different models:
* B-wing Starfighter - mm,af,x-ray

there are actually 5 different models of the at-at, the electric walking version, even though being an af, jc penny had released it in a different varient with different features from the kay bee exclusive.

as well as two different versions of some mm's such as the shuttle and landing craft which in their playset incarnations, they came with operable wings.

once i receive the excel, and put it into easy viewing form here as a post, i will add additional comments to each, possibly detailing all known varients as well.

thanx jedigoofy:rolleyes: (ya mind if i still call ya lord fener?), great post!

Huckleberry Josh
08-24-2001, 05:39 PM
Well Jedigoofy , I don't think the importance of the vehicle in the movie has anything to do with how many types of models they make of the vehicle . I think it has something to do with the popularity of the vehicle . A lot of fans like vehicles simply for the way they look , even if the vehicle sucks in the movie . If people start buying that particular vehicle , companies will make more different types of that vehicle. That's my opinion anyway .

08-25-2001, 11:10 AM
Wow, that's an interesting breakdown. I think I'd consider separate molds like the MM X-wing and the MM closed-wing X-wing separate items as well, since they're different designs. I think Huck's got it, why else would there be so many Slave I toys when the thing's barely in the film?

Why isn't there a DC Cloud Car or B-wing or Imp Shuttle?

good shot jansen
08-28-2001, 09:14 AM
ok, i received the excel from jedigoofy, and have transposed it into easy (although quite long) listing here.

the codes are as follows;

mm - micro machines
af - action fleet
af II - action fleet repaint
dc - die-cast
x-ray - x-ray
jcp - j.c.penny trilogy gift set
pod - pod racing pack
tga - special edition theater give away
af alpha - action fleet series alpha prototypes
af elect. - electric controled action fleet


TIE Interceptor MM, AF

Imperial Star Destroyer MM, DC, AF*(MM PLAYSET BUT AF SIZED)

Rebel Blockade Runner MM. AF, DC

Landspeeder MM, AF, DC, X-Ray

Millennium Falcon MM, AF, AF II, DC, X-Ray, JCP, TGA

Jawa Sandcrawler MM, AF, DC, X-Ray, JCP

Darth Vader's TIE Fighter MM, AF, AF II, X-Ray, JCP

Y-wing Starfighter MM, AF, DC, X-Ray, JCP, AF ALPHA


Imperial Probot MM, AF


Snowspeeder MM, AF, DC, X-Ray, AF ALPHA

Rebel Transport MM, AF*,(*MM PLAY SET BUT AF SIZED)

TIE Bomber MM, AF, DC, X-Ray

Imperial AT-ST MM, AF, X-Ray

Escort Frigate MM

Boba Fett's Slave I MM, AF, DC, X-Ray, JCP, TGA

Bespin Twin Pod Cloud Car MM, AF, AF ALPHA

Mon Calamari Star Cruiser MM

Jabba's Desert Sail Barge MM, AF

Speeder Bike MM, AF

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium MM, AF, X-Ray, JCP, AF ALPHA, MM VARIANT (MOVABLE WINGS)

TIE Fighter MM, AF, DC, X-Ray

Super Star Destroyer MM, DC

B-wing Starfighter MM, AF, X-Ray, AF ALPHA

A-wing Starfighter MM, AF, DC, X-Ray, JCP

Incom T-16 Skyhopper MM, AF

Lars Family Landspeeder MM, AF

Death Star II MM, TGA

Bespin Cloud City MM

Mon Calamari Rebel Cruiser MM

Escape Pod MM, AF

Imperial Landing Craft MM, AF, MM VARIANT (MOVABLE WINGS)

Death Star MM, DC,

S-Swoop MM

Outrider MM

Tibanna Gas Refinery MM

V-35 Landspeeder MM

Desert Skiff MM, AF

Ewok Hang Glider AF


IG-2000 MM

Stinger MM

Virago MM, AF

Hound's Tooth MM

Lady Luck MM

Skipray Blastboat MM

Sun Crusher MM

Z-95 Headhunter MM

Shriwirr MM

Flurry MM

Expanded B-wing MM

Tafanda Bay MM

Coral Vanda MM

Scimitar Assault Bomber MM

Mon Remonda MM

Hapes Nova Battle Cruiser MM

TIE Defender AF

E-wing Starfighter AF


Anakin's Podracer MM, AF, POD

Flash Speeder MM, AF

Gungan Sub MM, AF


Gasgano's Podracer MM, AF (turbo), POD

Ody Mandrell Podracer AF (turbo)

Coruscant Taxi MM

Sith Infiltrator MM, AF, DC, AF ALPHA

Sebulba's Podracer MM, AF, DC, POD

Naboo Fighter MM, AF, AF II, AF ALPHA

Sith Speeder with Darth Maul MM, AF

Mars Guo's Podracer MM, AF, Pod


Gian Speeder MM, AF, DC


Federation Droid Fighter MM, AF, DC, AF ALPHA

Neva Kee's Podracer MM, Pod

Federation Landing Ship AF

Republic Cruiser MM, AF, DC

Ratts Tyrell's Podracer MM, Pod

Mohonic's Podracer MM

Droid Control Ship MM, AF, DC

STAP with Battle Droid AF

Boles Roor's Podracer Pod

Dud Bolt's Podracer Pod

Clegg Holdfast's Podracer Pod

Teemto Pagalies' Podracer Pod

Aldar Beedo;s podracer Pod


dooko's solar sailer AF

at-te AF

i have chosen to ignore listing simple repaints (with the exception of the holographic royal star ship, and the new action fleet II line), as well as known manufactured items which were never released, neva kee and boles roor af pod racers, and anakins dc pod)

i am also ignoring non-vehicle items such as the faamba, rancor, dewbacks, etc.

08-29-2001, 05:37 AM
a very good job!

I am going to update my own file in order to reflect the changes you introduced in your more comprehensive list.

Looking at your work I saw you are listing a couple of MM variants I was not aware of, namely: Trade Federation Tank rotating turret, Trade Federation MTT blasting cannons. Could you tell me where these variants can be found (so I can update my "missing list", sob! :( ).

Then I also saw you included the Rebel Transport Transforming Action Set. What about the Star Destroyer/Space Fortress and SlaveI Transforming Action Sets? Do you think we should also include them, or not? :confused:

Finally, there should also be another X-wing MM variant, the one with equal length engines included in TIE Fighter Pilot/Academy Transforming Action Set, even if I never saw it personally :o (I hope this is included in an eBay auction I won, but I am still waiting for the items).

Thank you again for your very good job.


good shot jansen
08-29-2001, 06:59 AM
the engines of the x-wing are the typical top engines longer than the bottom engines:(

the picture on the box does indeed show the x-wing to have all four engines of the same length, but alas, this condition did not carry over to the actual product contained in my set.

if anyone has this set, and the x-wings engines are all of the same length, please let us know by posting here.

the mm variant mtt and att are included in the naboo battlefield play set. this is the one which when closed is a large mtt, and when opened reveals the naboo battle field.

i have this set in my office, i was planning on giving it to mason in the next couple of weeks, i just opened it up to verify all the vehicles contained within.

the att tank turret top is actually an exploding top, but it does rotate.

the mtt on the other hand is actually the size of a jcp,dc,x-ray, af alpha vehicle! now i'm not quite sure which catagory to put that one into.:confused:

the star destroyer playset shpuld indeed be listed in the smae manner as the transport. when in the closed position, it is indeed af sized.

i've never seen the slave I playset, so i can't verify the size, but as i recall, when you open it up, it reveals tatooine, and not the interior of the ship, si i think i'll leave that one out (this is the same reason why i did not include the deathstar doubletakes set)

08-30-2001, 09:15 AM
If you're counting that dinky Rebel Blockade Runner inside the DC Star Destroyer, then you should mention the dinky Star Destroyer with the DC Super Star Destroyer, and the mini-MTT from the AF Trade Fed Lander.

Also, you missed these--
- X-wing: MM variant (Battle Damaged), AF variant (Dagobah, ToyFare exclusive), AF variant (Wedge's battle-damaged X-wing from Yavin playset)
- Death Star II: AF (playset)
- Cloud City: AF (really an MM playset, but in AF scale)
- Snowspeeder: MM variant (w/ tow cable from Luke head playset)

I can probably think of a few more, but... I'm gonna give it more thought ;)

good shot jansen
05-14-2005, 10:30 AM
whew, this one's from awhile ago,

jg, any chance you (i ask you 1st cause you and i were the ones to have prepared this list back in the day), might wanna update this complete listing.

i don't think i'm qualified to do it, as i have been out of the scene for some time, and have no idea of what's been released as of late (if you wanna consider a year and half as being defined as "as of late" :rolleyes: ).

i know it would be extrememly helpful for me to see the new titanium, and wahtever else has been released, and how it compares to the complete galoob/hasbro mm inventory.

np: santa clause is coming to town (makin' a list checkin' it twice........ :o )

good shot jansen
05-14-2005, 01:39 PM
i just saw jg's post here (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=374377&postcount=18)

thanx for keepin' us up to date (particularly for someone like me who has been way waay waaaaaaaaay out of date) :)

05-16-2005, 03:30 AM
Currently the MM and AF comparison list is not updated, but it is still in my plans to transform it in a small internet site (if only I had the room to unpackage my collection and catalogue it :stupid: ).
Anyway, here is a list of the current micro/AF-related toys as far as I know :) (if anybody finds a mistake in it or something missing, please feel free to correct it in order to have a possibly complete list, thanx :D ).

Titanium Series (Wal-Mart exclusive):

wave1 -
Tie Fighter
Slave 1
Millenium Falcon

wave 2 -
Y-Wing Fighter
Imperial Star Destroyer
Republic Attack Gunship
Jedi Starfighter
Droid Tri-Fighter
A-Wing Fighter

wave 3 (future release) -
X-Wing Fighter (Gold Leader)
Tie Bomber
ARC 170 Starfighter
Clone Swampspeeder
Naboo Starfighter
Battle-ravaged Millenium Falcon
Jedi Starfighter (version 2)
Royal Starship
Tyderium Shuttle

5-pack -
with exclusive "silver" AT-RT
you can see a picture here (http://photos.sirstevesguide.com/showphoto.php?photo=10685&cat=3798&page=2)

Celebration III "gold" X-Wing Fighter
attached you can find a picture I got from an eBay auction

Micro Vehicles (Target exclusive):

wave1 -
A New Hope Ė Tatooine Desert Set (sandcrawler, landspeeder, sandtrooper, and Luke Skywalker)
Return of the Jedi Ė Space Assault Set (TIE fighter, A-wing, TIE fighter pilot, and A-wing pilot)
Return of the Jedi Ė Death Star Attack Set (Millennium Falcon, B-wing, Han Solo, and Chewbacca)

wave 2 -
A New Hope Ė Trench Ambush Set (Darth Vaderís TIE fighter, X-wing, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker X-Wing pilot)
The Empire Strikes Back Ė Battle of Hoth Set (Snowspeeder, Imperial AT-AT walker. Snowtrooper and Luke Skywalker Hoth gear)
Return of the Jedi Ė Bounty Hunter and Sith Set (Imperial Shuttle Tydirium, Slave I, Emperor and Boba Fett)

Micro Playsets -
Blockade Runner
Separatist Cruiser
Clone Turbo Tank
you can see pictures here (http://photos.sirstevesguide.com/showgallery.php?cat=3823)

Revell pre-painted snap-together kits:

ARC-170 Starfighter
Droid Tri-fighter
Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter
Anakin's Jedi Starfighter
you can see pictures in this thread (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showthread.php?t=27175)