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05-31-2002, 03:39 PM
Today I was at KayBee for the 12" Clone Troopers (no luck) but a UPS guy comes in with one package for the manager: a fresh case Collection One, Wave Four. Inside:

1 Han
1 Chewie/3PO
2 Obi-Wan pilots
2 Darths
2 Lukes (painted, non-bloody, magnet or plain plastic stump - whichever)
2 Jangos (Final Battle)
2 Mace Windus

A guy from JediNet is local here and he got the Han & Chewie w. 1 Obi-Wan. I got the other Obi-Wan since I won't be needing any Hans (have an extra commtech one already) or Chewies (have 2 extra ones in chains and 1 extra as mechanic (still the best Chewie).

Obi-Wan's undertunic is NOT softgoods. It appears to be the identical figure that comes with the Coruscant Droid! The outer brown cloak is soft fabric of course. It looks like the stuff vintage Kenner Jedi Luke's cloak was made from - which is more delicate, though still superior to the robes they used in the E1 accessory packs. Anyway, Obi-Wan appeared at first glance to only be a new head sculpt. The flight headset is molded on and NOT removeable, severely limiting this figure to only be delegated for the Jedi Starfighter. I recommend not opening this figure, as KayBee may carry an exclusive JediStarfighter that could come with a better Obi-Wan pilot figure, and if we're really lucky, the Delta-7's hyperdrive engine apparatus.

Chewbacca is nothing special. His hands are molded with a super-small grip so he looks like he won't let that little Imperial blaster slide out of his hands. 3PO is supposed to light up (his eyes) or something. Maybe he talks. Don't know. This happens when you stick his head into place on his body. Comes with a cargo net to carry him around in. This is NOT molded onto Chewbacca (fortunately). But our 3rd version of Chewbacca in less than 2 years does not top the Mechanic Chewie in quality, though the playability might be fun for those for which the RL Threepio stuffed on the back of any other Chewie doesn't satisfy. Note I have nothing against Chewbacca who was my first favorite Star Wars character, one of my first 3 action figures, and still has a special place in this fan's heart. It just wasn't necessary for a figure right now IMO.

Han Solo is actually pretty impressive. Brown pants with yellow piping, this one's from the Endor Bunker scene. There is no trench coat, cloth or otherwise. He comes with the least impressive accessories and features a quick draw action that might be similar to Zam's or Padme's. I couldn't tell you if you can put both his arms down and pose them that way indefinitely or if Han will only dance with Amidala. The gun goes in the holster of course, and the head sculpt is nice - conditionally. It is a nice artist's representation of Han Solo, but it does not look like Harrison Ford portraying Han Solo. Let that part be clear. But while I don't need this figure, I think people will like him. Still, not a star of AOTC, and not boasting electronic droid features, Han will become the pegwarmer of the group most likely, as kids will balk on him more than they would on "the giant furry alien with C-3PO." Just kidding. Kids are smarter than that and possibly as into the Classics as we are, uh .... I hope.

Overall, this wave is not too useful and not too impressive, but not bad either. I guess it's just plain and "nice."

Do what you want with this review. It is not p.c. and honesty probably has little value around here but I don't have time nor patience to write objectively at this moment, and I needed to vent. Thanks.


Slacker Jedi
05-31-2002, 07:27 PM
This is actually very helpful in keeping my expectations down to earth.

On the poster, these figures look *very* impressive. Maybe once I can actually get my hands on them they won't seem so great.
I've got 1-31 & 33, so still looking for 32, 34-40.

How come you didn't just pre-order the 12" Clonetroopers thru KBtoys.com?

05-31-2002, 07:51 PM
We have good toy connections down here in SD. We'll get them. Plus I think they are 3-4 bucks more a piece on the website for some reason, plus shipping. There are 2 KayBees 10 and 15 minutes from my apartment, plus 4 more within 20 minutes. But I'm very confident I'll get mine from my most-frequently shopped KB store.

But anyway, it's mostly avoiding the higher price plus shipping.

I buy huge quantities of certain army builders or other figures I need frequently for my dioramas. When Ki-Adi Mundi's new figure comes out, I'll need 4 of him for example. Well, what I'd pay for postage for the mail order would cover at least one of those Ki's for me. So I'm just trying to stretch my dollars.

Some people are going to use KayBee's 3 for 2 sale to go and re-buy their exact collections (exactly however they appear on their K-mart, Wal*Mart, TRU receipts anyway), and then return them for the higher price. I think the figures are $5.99 and if you buy 2 you get a 3rd free. They had an Endor Rebel hanging today (from Orm Fre Taa's case, or Palpatine's - couldn't tell) so they are getting the latest figures. I'm not sure if the 3 for 2 promotion still applies since I only bought Obi-Wan and am not interested in returning a ton of figures to other sources I frequent and have positive relationships with employees at. Sure, you can drive out of town to a store you don't frequent, but you sure spend on the gas and time factor, and anyways, I have a job.

Finally a word of caution - returns are now being checked with a drivers license / photo ID in many Wal*Marts, Targets, TRU's. The larger your return or the more frequently your little ones are, they are going to start denying you supposedly. They are wary of these tricks since many of us have played them since 1997 or thereabouts approximately.

I merely wanted to point out that they might have a 2 for 3 sale going on at 5.99 prices. Star Wars figures are selling at all locations stocking them it appears (as I've been shopping a lot lately and even earlier waves (Capt. Typho / Tusken or SaeSee Tiin / Geonosian are selling good).

Harder to find (really):

Obi-Wan Coruscant (he's at almost EVERY store, but not 30 of him!)



Tusken Mother

Captain Typho (at certain stores)

Jango Fett (Kamino Escape)

Boba Fett

Plo Koon (at certain stores)


and newer figures of course.

05-31-2002, 09:41 PM
tycho sent you a pm

05-31-2002, 10:58 PM
I got your message KIDD. :)

Even I didn't get any Han and Chewie. There was only 1 case and I shared with another collector who was there.

All I got was the Obi-Wan. But I took a good look at the figures so I could tell you all that they were out there and how they were.

05-31-2002, 11:52 PM
hey tycho y do u want to know where i live?

06-01-2002, 12:19 AM
Nevermind, I see it says Chicago on your location by your username.

I wasn't paying attention and thought I'd go pick up the 12" Clone Troopers at your KayBee toy store if you didn't want them and told me which store you saw them in.

I regretfully can't fly to Chicago from San Diego just to go to KayBee Toys.

By the way, if you private message people about trade deals, it automatically e-mails the person you sent the message to. If they are still online and on SirSteve's forums, a pop-up window appears and lets them get their messages too.

So you don't need to post when you private message someone. They'll get the note. Trust me.

Again, I didn't even get Han or Chewie, so I have none to trade. I shared with the other collector who was there when I was.