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06-02-2002, 04:48 AM
Hey guys, thought I would take the initative and start the summer forum we talked about. Haven't found anything new, just a massiff at KB inWoodfield. KB is surprisingly getting all kinds of good stuf lately. Happy Hunting!

06-02-2002, 09:36 PM
the target in niles on toughy ave dint have anything good but i bought the honey nut cheerios and i got the dooku light sabre pen. walmart had faint signs of the palpatine wave and i asked one of the toy guys and he said they had received them and put them out early monday morning

06-02-2002, 10:32 PM
Well, I've all but gotten out of the collecting game for good, but I did see the Bo Shek wave at the Suncoast in Randhurst mall today. They also had a few Geo warriors, a Taun We, and something else, but I forgot.

06-04-2002, 02:22 PM
New to Star Wars collecting after a few years off. Can't beleive how hard it has been to find figures. Toys R Us in Deerfield had six cases of the Yoda wave yesterday. Picked a few up at lunch and game back after work and every Yoda was gone! A few Dookus as of 5 PM on Monday. Toys has been the best luck for figures. Kmarts in the area have the same figures they got a month ago and it seems target gets one shipment every six months. Actually considering the time I have spent running around trying to find figures I would have no problem paying a premium for the items I need on Ebay. We do live in a free market society and prices are driven by supply. It does suck when these fat slobs take every item off the shelf. I doubt any of these figures will demand a premium when it is all said and done in a few months. Will keep everyone posted on other finds.

06-04-2002, 02:27 PM
Hey Wolfwood why you giving it up? Hope that scalpers didn't run you out. Nothing new in the north west burbs. Went to Gurne and Racine WI this weekend and struck out. Seems the Palpy wave is starting to filter to our area. We'll all have them soon.

06-04-2002, 10:20 PM
Actually, I've never really run into the scalper front in area since the old POTF2 days.

I'm not "giving up" per se, but I'm no longer really a hardcore collector. I don't "hunt" anymore, and there are 1 or 2 figures I still might try to get this year. I've mostly stopped because I don't get as much satisfaction out of collecting as I used to. I'm still trying to complete my cantina dio, and I want to do an Arena battle, too.

For the most part though, I just have gotten too busy to go out and keep up with the hobby. I've gotten back into collecting "comics" and Spawn toys mostly. They're a lot easier to collect then Star Wars.

06-05-2002, 09:46 AM
I understand. Comics and Spawn are fun too. I am sure you'll be much happier becasue those two hobbies don't have the rabid fans and crazyness that infests Star Wars. At least not as much :)

Anyone seen figures for $4.77 at WM. A report hear said that they were dropping the price. It was posted by Dar'Agol who is a MGR @ WM, so I think it's a company wide thing. Well if you do post it. That's a whole dollar off, and that adds up quick!:greedy: :greedy: :greedy: :D

06-05-2002, 06:21 PM
Hey guys kkep your eys and wallets open i scored(Han Solo)(Chewbacca)and(Obi-wan) today at kb toys the assortment is not coming on a truck but through fed ex 1 case per store is what every kb that had the assortment told me so good luck,god speed and may the force be with you!

06-06-2002, 09:00 AM
Found 1 Palpatine and 1 Dejas Pur (SP?) at Vernon Hills WM yesterday. I only need three more (Han, Chewy, and flying Obi). Still no price drops anywhere :(

06-06-2002, 11:13 AM
Target by me (Broadview) did lower their figure prices to $4.99. Forest Park Wal-Mart still did not lower prices.

06-06-2002, 11:23 AM
Hey guys have any of you ever been to Wizard Con? It's comeing up in about a month, and I just woundered if it was worth my time. I don't care about meeting Lou Firingno (Sp?) or getting the auto of that chick from Farscape, but I am interested in buying Star Wars stuff. So, if I went do you think that there would be a lot of people selling Star Wars stuff? Would it rival St. Charles (wich is a week or two away :) :) :)). Post it to let me know.

Thanks guys!

06-07-2002, 12:47 AM
Scored 12" utimate jango fett today at toys r us in melrose park

06-07-2002, 10:29 AM
K-Mart in Broadview also recieved the 12" Jango.

KB in North Riverside got the new Han Wave but quickly sold out.

Haven't seen any of the other new stuff or the deluxe.

06-08-2002, 03:38 PM
Scored the 12" inch Red and Yellow kb clone troopers today at the kb toys on irving park and cicero happy hunting and mtfbwy

06-08-2002, 03:40 PM
oh yeah and all the kb's-toy r us's-target's and walmarts have dropped the price on their figures

06-08-2002, 06:57 PM
Woodfield K-B had about 20 Dookus as of 1 pm. Didnt see any clone troopers. Watch out for the BIG salesperson there, he was telling some kid that Yoda was produced in very limited quantities. Nothing like someone trying to make a sale by lying to some kid

06-09-2002, 02:06 AM
Finding tons of Orn Free Ta wave at several WM around the burbs.

Alright, I was at Woodfield about 7ish and they only had 6 Dookus left.

Boy have I got a story for you guys. I'm going to make a thread about it, but I thought I'd tell you first, just becasue you'd recognize the guy I'm talking about.

So, I'm in KB at Woodfield mall, checking things out. Nothing to good, but the price drop was interesting. Anyway, I walk back to the regular action figure isle just to see all the cool toys. So, the portly employee comes back walking really fast and asked the yougster with the spiky hair "Are there any Yoda's back there, its for a hot chick!" The youngster replied, "Yea, but I want to give it to her!" So, they both race up to this woman and give her a Yoda. First of all this woman was about 30 and with her very Italian ("connected") looking husban. Second of all she wasn't a model or anything. She was very nice and good looking but these guys where acting like they had never seen a woman before.

So, I thought this to be odd and a bit un-nerving. I thought those guys were real dorks, and a bit stupid. But I got to thinking that this was my key to a Yoda. See my fiance' was looking at some things at JC Penny's. When she was done I told her the story, and I told her to do the same thing. My fiance' is very good looking and I knew she could wrap those punks around her little finger. So, I talked her into doing it. I of course made myself scarce and looked at the WOTC store.

Let me start by saying that my fiance' is very informed in Star War and in the collecting. She knows as much as anyone when it comes to what is good and what is rare.

She told a good story, and she said she was so good at playing that dumb girl who needed this figure for her little brother.

She started by looking at the figures and looking very confused. The older portly fellow asked if she needed any help. She then in turn asked him if he knew who that little green guy was who fought the old man at the end of the moive. The dude said that he was Yoda. She asked if they had one because her little brother really wanted one. He told her and mind you he was fumbling with his words the whole time ( you know in that dumb flirty way us guys do) that he had one behind the counter and that they were really hard to find. He then went on to say that he knew who Yoda was becasue he saw the movie. So, she got a Yoda and gave this guy a thrill for the night. He was so excited to talk to a pretty young girl about Star Wars that he almost wet himself(or something much more grose).

She was very excited about her little escapade. She said it was very fun to do, and we just cracked and that guy and his little side kick all the way to the car.

My suggestion to you guys is find a hot chick to get your figures. I mean it worked twice today. If you don't know a hot chick go to the mall and find one. Ask her to go up to that guy and ask for a Yoda or whatever you need. He'll blush and hot step it to the back. Good luck!

06-10-2002, 02:27 PM
Wal-mart in Vernon Hills had a ton of the Orn-Free waved. Also picked up the last Nexu. Nothing at Toys, Target or KB except peg warmers..

06-10-2002, 06:30 PM
Icatch, that guy (the portly fellow) is a doofus. I am in there all the time since I work at Woodfield, and he ALWAYS has a 'story' for me. One day it was they had stopped production on Dooku and would never get any in t he store. (You and I both know that isn't true) He also told me that they were done with preview figures...and then the next day they get in 10 cases of them. The only one there that has ever helped me and really been a help is the younger manager.

06-10-2002, 07:14 PM
somebody asked about wizard world a few posts back so I thought Id respond

Ive never been to the Kane County toy fair so I cant offer comparisons but I go to WW every year and I can say taht there are TONS of dealers selling star wars stuff.... after comics, Id say star wars toys are pretty much the biggest item for sale.... and you WILL be able to find just about anything youve been looking for.... but deals might not always be that good.

That being said, in summer 2000, I picked up all the basic EP1 figures for $2.00 each.... in fact, this amazing price pretty much got me back into collecting for the first time since I was a kid (and boy has my collection grown in the past two years)

given the apparent glut of new stuff in the stores right now, I would bet there will be some deals on all the basic figures, but the newer and harder to find stuff will all probably be a little more expensive--hard to predict, but Id imagine $8-$10 cheapest.... all the way up to $20-$25 a pop with the greediest dealers for the rarest figures. The original basic figures might sell at some dealers for less than $5.00 each. Maybe. And guys like Brians Toys will bew there.... so you can actually meet Brian. Oh Joy.

its still pretty neat to see all the stuff that is there--both star wars and everything else... oh yeah, some dealers sell custom figures that are really cool

I always have a blast at WW.... I especially recommend going the night of the awards ceremony (usually friday I think).... its a lot of fun

and David Prowse, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker, Jeremy Bullock, Aura SIng, Mara Jade, and some others are always there

the final line up for the convention is NEVER finalized till the week of the convention so its sometimes hard to know if it will be TOTALLY worth your while to go or only PARTIALLY worth your while.... but I always get a 3 day ticket and have a blast.

As I tell my fiance, its my annual geek-out so what the heck.

The convention will be Fri thru Sun, July 5-7 at the Rosemont Convention Center (now called the DOnald Stephens Center) right by Ohare.

You can get more details here:


BTW.... I dont know if anyone cares but last year I sat 20 feet away from Alex Ross as he did a painting of Spider-Man for 2 hours and answered questions from the audience--leading to some lively answers, including some real digs at George Lucas and co. Anyway, it was about the coolest thing I ever saw at a convention.

goven that this is the summer of Spider-Man, Ep2, Smallville, with X2 and Daraedevil on the way.... this could be a good convention

hope this helps....

-Rash Flembar-

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06-11-2002, 09:07 AM
Skyywalker, that's why I try not to talk to guys who work in the toy department. They think they know it all becasue they have a job there. I'd of shoved those 20 Dookus in his face after he told me that.

Flembar, thanks for the info, you sold me on a ticket. Don't think I'll go for the 3 days, but certaininly one day! I like all the comic stuff, but not as much as some people. I don't read or collect them, but I think super heros are cool! I'll go for the Star Wars stuff. I'm under the impression that true comic people don't like Star Wars people. So, will there be a brutal line to get in? I mean will I have to stand in line for an hour just to get in? That was the case at Celebration, but there were 70,000 people there. I don't think the WW commands that kind of crowd. Thanks again for the info, I'm going to do my best to go :)

06-11-2002, 10:12 AM
lines to get in arent really that bad... maybe 5 to 10 minutes or so to get a ticket (but dont hold me to it).... no biggie..... best bet is if you have a decent comic book store near you they probably can sell you an advance ticket at a slightly lower rate... and I think you can proablyl buy online. check out the link above in my earlier message

its probably busiest on Saturday.... and it gets crowded, but there are nowhere near 70K like at the celebration 2

there are certain presentations that you will probably need to line up early for..... if Kevin Smith is there as he usually is you should probably get in line an hour ahead

the movie trailers get busy too

the convention itself.... and the dealers arent bad

oh yeah.... haasbro was there last year previewing upcoming figures.... id bet good money theyd be there again. last yearsa WW was the first look anyone had at the Eeth Koth wave and TIE Bomber

-Rash Flembar-

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06-11-2002, 11:14 AM
Thanks again for the info. I'd love to see Kevin Smith, but I'm not so sure about an hour wait for him. I think I'll buy my ticket on-line to save me the wait. My main interest is the dealers, and anything else is just gravy. Seeing all the stuff and the exhibitors will be well worth the price to get in.

06-13-2002, 10:28 AM
Target in Palatine had Nexu and Anakin. Desn' t Palatine sound Star-Warsific?

06-17-2002, 10:15 AM
Looks like a good number of Wal-Marts are getting the C1 figures with JUST the Han Endor, no Chewie or Obi-Wan. I don't know the case breakdown but I think there's a Clonetrooper in it as well. Anyone see any Chewie/Obi-Wan out there? If Han IS only one per case, then the Forest Park store must have gotten 8 cases in this morning (I saw 8 Hans). I'm going to be looking at Mace Windu peg warmers for a decade......

06-17-2002, 08:01 PM
i scored a couple of hans last night at the niles walmart and also a blue visor jango

06-19-2002, 12:44 AM
I have resisted the urge to pick up any of the aotc/saga figures so far--knowing that a big time price drop was coming for the peg warmers.

that being said.... can anyone offer a summary of what are the rarest new figures vs. the most common ones.... mainly so I can start to figure out which ones I should try and get now and which ones I should wait a while longer for the clearance....

also.... are any of the rare ones already just plain gone from the shelves in these here parts... or are new shipments coming in all the time

i guess Im really looking for a ranking of most common to rarest.... if any one knows of such a ranking and could steer me to it that would be great..... but Im posting here in the chicago thread on the chance there may be some region specific variations in supply that people are experiencing

I already have a general idea of whats common and whats not... but if anyone could elaborate that would be cool

thanks in advance

-Rash Flembar-

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06-19-2002, 09:39 AM
Well, I've still seen pretty much all of Wave 1 for Col. 1 and 2 still, although I'm starting to see little less of Boba and Plo Koon.

For the future waves I'll do them individually:

Col. 1

Red CLonetrooper (common)
Zam Wesell (common)
Dooku (not common)
Yoda (not common)
Hangar Duel Anakin (not common)
Arena Mace (common)
Final Jango (semi-common)
Bespin Vader (pretty common)
Bespin Luke (semi-common)
Endor Han (have not seen on a peg yet)
Cloud City Chewie (have not seen on a peg yet)
Pilot Obi-Wan (have not seen on a peg yet)

Col. 2
Jar Jar (excessively common)
Saesee Tiin (common)
Geonosian Warrior (not so common)
Dexter Jettster (not so common)
Nikto Jedi (common)
Luminara (common)
Taun We (semi-common)
Royal Guard (not so common)
Endor Soldier (have only seen one ever, but hear they're common)
Orn Free Taa (have not seen on a peg yet)
Massiff (have not seen on a peg yet)
Qui-Gon (have not seen on a peg yet)
Djas Puhr (have not seen on a peg yet)
Palpatine (have not seen on a peg yet)

I will say I don't hunt very often since I generally get the figures onlinebefore they start hitting. My area coveragre is mostly in the West 'burbs. Someone like INDIANA can probably give a better feel for what's around on a daily basis. My results are based on casual searching through various TRU's, Wal-Marts and Targets.

06-19-2002, 10:10 AM
then get with the hunt i have all 40 figures to dat and i found them by hunting

06-19-2002, 01:40 PM
K-Mart hasn't reduced their prices on figures, so they are sitting on a lot of the original, 4/23 items. The Taun-We wave has been pretty common at Targets. I've seen the Geonosian Warrior and Orn Free Taa at Wal-Marts. I think all the Wal-Marts in this area just got in a huge shipment of the Bespin wave and we will all be looking at those 4 for months to come (not too many people want multiples of any of those). KB, in addition to getting the Chewies 2 weeks ago, seems to be getting the second Zam, Clonetrooper, and the occational Anakin. I would advise you to pick up Dooku and Yoda whenever you see them. Han/Chewie/Obi may be hard to find for a while, but give it some time, or order them on-line. If I was asked today to go out and buy everything I could, I think only Dooku and Yoda would not be found within a 5 mile radious of my home (2 Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, 2 K-Marts, 1 TRU and KB).

06-19-2002, 06:33 PM
are u saying you also have all 40 figures to date?

06-20-2002, 12:28 AM
Thats not so hard to beleive is it? I have 37 out of 40. I just haven't seen the latest 3 yet. I'd bet Indiana does, he seems to have real good luck :)

06-20-2002, 09:51 AM
yes, probably 1 day before you. I didn't need a friend to pick up my Chewie and Obi.

I do not see this forum as a bragging post. I try to only report items I see when I don't already see them here. I see this forum as a way to communicate to other collectors where they may be able to find items they are looking for, NOT to brag to others that Nan, nan, I got it all and you don't. Sometimes Kidd, that seems exactly what you are doing. You were very lucky to find the 40. I'm very happy for you. No need to show it off and tell others to get out there and start hunting. People have jobs and other time restraints and responsibilities. Very few people have tons of free time to run around looking for stuff all the time. Most people MAY be able to hit a Wal-Mart before work or a Target on the way home and take months to find something. Most people do not have friends at Target who will "hold" all the Unleashed figures for them. Star Wars collecting is a hobby, not a way of life.

My Wal-Mart this morning got in a few more cases of the Djas and Palpatine this morning. Others probably did as well.

06-20-2002, 10:10 AM
im not braging but if someone wants something bad enough they should go out and look for it and the part about you saing(not everyone has friens at target to hold the unleashed figures for them)first of all it was toys r us not target and second of are you complaining because you dont have a friend who looks out for you? well thats your problem.And the part about you not needing anyones help on anything thats a lie cause iseem to remmember a couple of moths ago you needed the bomber and snow speeder and were begging bucarroo to meet you somewhere with them so u could buy them from him.Are you trying to insinuate that i dont have a job?Because for your information i probably work harder than alot of other people. thats just my 2 cents

06-20-2002, 11:20 AM
hey kidd is nice enough to sell me a han solo endor raid for cost. maybe he is just excited to have found all 40. i have only found 37 and i hit 3-4 stores daily. these last three seem to be very hard to find. if you want to find the stuff you have to look.

06-20-2002, 12:51 PM
I know I stated that I tend to not find as much during casual hunting. I also stated that I usually get stuff online anyway.

Even if I had a lot of free time, I would not want to spend 1-2 hours a day on gas and time to look for stuff that can be had pretty easily from online vendors either at the same time or before it hits retail in decent numbers. The few bucks more a figure is easily worth it, considering gas prices are already going over 1.65 a gallon. I don't miss the hunt at all.

And I also have all 40-this really is no great feat. A month ago it would have been.

Also, I had the Bespin Luke wave and Dooku/Yoda wave on 4/22, as well as all previous waves weeks before. I just felt like getting them a little sooner. Again, I don't feel special, because it wasn't difficult to do.

I admit it's fun to walk into a store and find what you're looking for, but it started becoming more and more unlikely to find what you want after the Panaka wave for E1.

I'll take online any day.

06-20-2002, 01:33 PM
KIDD...don't know where you get your info, but I was one of the few lucky enough to find the Speeder before the 23rd and the Bomber on the 23rd. I NEVER asked anyone to meet me anywhere to buy them, or any other item.

I do have friends at stores, probably more than you since I have been doing this longer. I just don't brag about it and I have never cleaned a store out of new stuff.

I didn't insinuate anything about you working. Quite frankly I don't give a damn what you do. My "problem" is I believe these forums are for information to help others find new stuff, NOT bragging that I got it all before others or who I know at what stores. I am not the last say here, and if that is what this forum becomes, fine, I'll leave.

06-20-2002, 02:08 PM
OK, you know, these are just toys. It's not worth it to me to get in an argument with anyone about it. KIDD, fine, sorry if I offended you. Your a good hunter, find stuff early, and should have some room for bragging rights. You should just realize that most of us don't have that chance. You also seem nice enough to share your finds with others who are looking, that's a good thing.

06-20-2002, 03:17 PM
Found the Acklay and Deluxe Anakin at Target on Dundee in Palatine last night. Got the last ones, but they should get more today. I also wanted to add my $.02...like Indiana said, they are just toys :)

06-20-2002, 10:10 PM
they are not just toys they are star wars action figures!!!!
and how can u say you have been doing this longer than me you dont even know how old i am! but anyway im not in the mood to argue i just wont help anyone out anymore because i dont want to get stereo tiped as a (bragger)

06-20-2002, 11:19 PM
Man, that last post made you sound like a complete arrogant fanboy JACKASS, Kidd.

Good god...

06-21-2002, 12:10 AM
i think you should choose your words more wisely

06-21-2002, 12:13 AM
You know what u people are really moronic if you cant see sarcasm if it came up and bit u in the @$$ like i said im not here to argue! im just here to collect and enjoy myself

06-21-2002, 09:45 AM
I would like to remind everyone that one of the MAJOR pitfalls to e-mail communication is that a persons tone and inflection can not be heard and understood. It is VERY easy to misunderstand some or interpret them wrong, something I am very guilty of often. It is NOT easy to see sarcasm here and IS easy to be taken the wrong way.

06-21-2002, 10:07 AM
I guess in a way you are right you can't hear the sarcasm in someones voice of of a thread so i apologize but choose your words more wisely in the future!!!!!!!!!

06-21-2002, 11:20 AM
<twiddles thumbs>

06-25-2002, 05:11 AM
nothing anywhere, but I wanted to get us up at the top again LOL

06-25-2002, 02:05 PM
WOW...KB at Woodfield had Han, Chewie, Obi-Wan, Palpatine, Djas-Puhr, all of which I picked up. They only had one Han, Chewie and Obi-Wan. The girl said they had gotten a bunch this morning but had been picked through almost immediately. The BEST find there though? A bloody stump Luke! Yay me!

06-27-2002, 09:56 PM
KB at Woodfield had a couple bloody Lukes (again) and about 4 Dookus. As well as the obligatory 300 Mace Windus...

06-27-2002, 10:05 PM
I also saw that they had Orn, some Endor Soldiers, and some other "newer" figures there yesterday. Of course they didn't have Dojo and Lotus from Spawn 19 there. Oh well..

06-28-2002, 10:55 AM
For anyone interested, Wal-Marts recieved a few cases of the Unleashed line as of this morning. I didn't see anyone else report it so I'll slip it in.

06-28-2002, 04:22 PM

06-30-2002, 06:10 PM
i found the variation nexu today at the melrose park target they had 10 of them as of 1:00pm and they also had delux anakin

07-04-2002, 12:10 AM
This is REALLY late but I was out of town. I did expect someone to post by now, but I guess not. I found a case of the Acklay at the Wal-Mart in Hodgkins last Saturday morning. Strangely, I don't see any posts about anyone else finding them. I needed one for a friend but left 3. I hope someone here grabbed them. I also was told our local Hasbro Direct outlet, Federation Toys, got them in just before Kane County. They seem like nice people and the price was good.

07-04-2002, 12:11 AM
man KIDD, I have to give you credit, you really do get around....

07-04-2002, 02:54 PM
what do u mean by that

07-05-2002, 08:22 AM
Y o u g e t t o g o t o a l o t o f s t o r e s...you know, never mind, it was suppose to be a compliment that you get around to a lot of stores but just forget it.

07-05-2002, 10:18 AM
im not trying to argue i was just wondering what u meant!

07-05-2002, 10:37 AM
It was a compliment. I wish I had the time to go to all the stores you get a chance to, and cover such a wide area as well.

07-05-2002, 01:38 PM
Next on Celebrity Star Wars Collectors Death Match...KIDD vs. INDIANA!!!!!

07-06-2002, 12:40 AM
OK...... spent today (Fri) at Wizard World in Rosemont and thought Id report in....

I go every year and it seems as if there are slightly fewer dealers selling Star Wars stuff (though there are still MANY selling SW) and the prices are slightly higher than in years past.

The average price for EP2 figures seems to be about $8.00 each.... give or take $1-$3 depending on the figure. There are a few obnoxiously greedy dealers too so be prepared for some sticker shock

I did find one dealer selling many POTJ figures for--I think--4 for $10.... but they were all last years issues...

the one thing that the convention does have is SELECTION. If you are willing to spend the money you can pretty much find whatever you are looking for, vintage or new

Some personal highlights:

I got to compare Bespin Luke peg hand vs. bloody..... bloody wins (pardon the pun) hands down

somebody was selling the Nexu for $10. I think that's a good price (?). didnt buy it though

George Sacul is all over the place... usually for about $80.... but one guy had him for $55

the Hasbro booth was a little dissapointing only in that there wasnt that much new. Last year Hasbro used Wizard World to premiere pretty much the whole last 10-15 figures of the POTJ line and the TIE Bomber and snowspeeder.

THis year they had Teemto Pagalis (sp?)--and I DID like the salvage droid he comes with

They also had the Republic Gunship which may be my new favorite large ship. A little smaller than say the Falcon or Shuttle, but holds multiple figures and looks to be a little easier to "fly" around if you are so inclined

the Gunship piolt figure will come with a turret canon which attaches to the ship (kinda cool) and there will also be a clone trooper with speeder bike in Sept and the bike fits inside the gunship..... but the only look at the bike I got was a small peak on the back of the gunship box

they did not yet have the arena battle playset because it didnt ship yet. They hope to have it tomorrow. They must have used Fed Ex--DOH!

the new anakin tatooine attack (or whatever it is called) coming out soon looks good--maybe my favorite Anakin sculpt yet (but I havent really liked any of the Annies) and the new X-Wing and landspeeder both looked really good but I think Ill be passing on both. Im satisfied with the versions Ive already got. How many times can they keep re-doing these ships anyway?

The acklay looked surprisingly cool too

The Hasbro presentation was both better and worse than last year.

It was a little less organzied and bounced between Transformers & GI Joe (neither of whci hI have any interest in) and Star Wars. They were much nicer this year (last year they had some really whiny ***** moderating the whole thing who seemed to condescend to the fans) but in general, despite "opening the floor to questions" they only talk about whatever the hell they want to and are completley non-commital and evasive about anything beyond what has been officially announced. Bottom line, we still dont know what waits ahead beyond fall 2002

BTW.... the infamously overpriced Brian's Toys was there with a pretty huge booth and, frankly, an amazing collection for pretty rare stuff. But, he is WAY expensive and doesnt bargain more than a couple of bucks

Bottom line: if you want deals, probablyl look elsewhere or wait till Sunday afternoon when dealers are trying to unload merch that went unsold....even then I suspect they might not be that great

Also, some dealers who look like they sell zero toys sometimes have a small bin of SW for OK price.... but ususally it is older POTJ stuff that we all proabbly have already

If you want selection though, you WILL find what you are looking for

oh yeah.... the rest of the convention was pretty cool too. Tomorrow is Stan Lee Q&A. Should be good

hope you have fun if you go

peace out

-Rash Flembar-

:crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

07-06-2002, 09:12 PM
met sir steve today at the show. id have to say the show kinda sucked but hasbro had a good display of new figures

07-07-2002, 04:30 PM
Finally decided to jump in on this. Been hunting relentlessly and have lots to share. I live in the south suburbs and work near o'hare so I tend to cover lots of territory - on my way to work, during lunch, and on my way home - most every day. Usually walmart, kb, tru, target, and an occasional disappointing kmart. Was having the best luck at walmart, but they've been consolidating their displays into less space, so I'm losing hope there.

I focus on the basic figs (only missing Chewie and Obi-Wan right now), but may pick up accessory sets if they look ok.

Since 7/3, been to about 20 or so stores and have seen nothing interesting, other than both of my south-side kmarts (which have been dormant for weeks now) both appear to have received a large shipment of figs. Lots of yodas, dookus, plus some djas & palpatines (got mine there).

Was thinking about going to WW to finish up my EP1 collection, but didn't make it. Will have to wait for another time.

Plan on hitting local walmart near home and at work on my way in tomorrow.

Bent Wookie
07-07-2002, 04:34 PM
Probably too late but I'll say it anyway for the Stan Lee fans out there--Stan was sick and couldn't make it. So if you're going to meet Stan, don't bother. :(

Anyone hear anything about the Acklay having a production change? Those removable guts just <I>scream</i> for a change. Anything that cool can't be common. If it were McFarlane making it, yeah I could see, but this has got bloody hand Luke written all over it. :rolleyes:

By the way--for those who have the Acklay--how big is it?

07-08-2002, 07:09 AM
The box is VERY deceptively small. Once you take it out of the box and spread the legs the thing is huge. It is difficult to position, some of the legs don't move as nicely as the others, and it also has a problem supporting it's own weight, tends to start "lowering" itself....otherwise I think it's very cool and impressive.

07-09-2002, 10:16 AM
got Ki-Di Amundi and Teemto Pagalies yesterday:crazed:

07-09-2002, 12:22 PM
KIDD: Where'd you find them???

Yesterday, I hit (2) walmarts before work, one target and kb at lunch, and hit (2) more targets and a kmart on my way home. hit another walmart on my way in this morning. no success anywhere.

only need chewie & obi-wan to complete the first 40.

07-09-2002, 12:44 PM
Yea Kidd where? The whole point of this forum is help out others. So, let us know where you scored them so we can get some too.

I know you and Indiana went around and around about bragging and what not. I'm not accusing you of that, but when you post the fact that you found figurse that arn't even supposed to of shipped yet and don't tell us where, it does kind of look like you are bragging. No offense ment or anything, just provide us with a little more info.


07-09-2002, 10:08 PM
KIDD: Why the reluctance to share? Saw your posts on rebelscum, yet you're not revealing the location of your find there either.

Stopped at additional kb, walmart, target, & tru on south side on way home tonight. nothing found worth mentioning.

07-09-2002, 10:36 PM
the reason im being reluctant is because of all the $hit i got earlier in the posts where me and indiana got into it and everyone posted there 2 cents and now im making change!

07-10-2002, 12:02 AM
Then why even post at all?

07-10-2002, 12:34 AM
cause it is called chicago summer finds the last time i looked and i found them in chicago

07-10-2002, 12:39 AM
Oooh, a wise-cracking smart-***.... :rolleyes:

And you wonder why people give you *****. You're just a smartass arrogant little SW fanboy, nothing more.

07-10-2002, 12:51 AM
ohhh coming from a guy who posts as a soda cup

07-10-2002, 09:35 AM
Kidd with your attitide no one is going to be nice to you anymore. Burning bridges is a bad thing.

We need to start a new thread called "Chicago Star Wars Helping Hands" then maybe you'd understand the meaning of this whole thing.

07-10-2002, 10:27 AM
before i apoligize for being rude to people let me say i am not a scalper like someone pm me with that quote if you guys look in this thread i have put more than my share of where to find all the figures to date and do you think if i was a scalper i would have done that?I don't think so ive helped out alot of the collectors here and from rebel scum and even went out of my way to met up with people to sell them figures at cost ive even taken want list from people and spent my cash to pick up figures for other people so scalper i don't think so!!! Well enough said so now i will apologize to everyone that i have offended in this thread and from now on i will start helping again and if anyone needs any thing let me know

07-10-2002, 11:12 AM
That sound much better Kidd. I knew you were never a scalper :). I hope we all can let by gones be by gones. Welcome back!

07-10-2002, 11:23 AM
So... anyone know where I can find Chewie, Obi-Wan or any figure after #40?

stopped at (1) walmart this morning. nothing.

07-10-2002, 11:33 AM
so now that we all love each other again, where'd you find teemto and ki-adi?

07-12-2002, 09:07 AM
I'll back up KIDD now. Stopped at walmart on Harlem, south of 95th St. on my way in this morning and picked up Teemto Pagalies & Ki-Adi-Mundi!!!

They had one more Teemto & two more Ki's. Kicking myself for not picking up another pair that I could offer up in trade.

Also stopped at walmart on Algonquin & Golf before coming in to work. Was five minutes too late!!! Two guys had all the Teemto's & Ki's. Granted, there were only four of each, meaning they each had two, so it's not like I'm accusing them of being scalpers.

So, recognizing a trend here, I ran to the walmart in mount prospect (not sure of the road it's on since I don't live around here). No sign of either figure there - they may have had them in the last 24 hours since there was a handful of Djas figures.

For those who still need Djas, there are plenty of them at all three of the walmarts I hit this morning.

07-12-2002, 10:20 AM
hey i have an xtra chewbacca and obi-wan pilot if u need them u156446

07-12-2002, 10:45 AM
KIDD: Thanks. I got a lead on finding them this morning and will be heading out at lunch to see if I can snag them. If I don't find any, you'll be hearing from me.

Also, if I do find them, I'll definitely post what was there.

07-12-2002, 01:17 PM
Highland Park TRU was loaded with Chewie & Obi-Wan (as well as Han). Little bit of a trek for me, but was less than an hour round trip.

Was hoping that once I found these two, I'd be able to back off a little in my hunting, but since my finds this morning, I probably won't be able to resist the urge to look for others.

07-13-2002, 06:57 PM
niles target had mace w/red battle driod and anakin/geno warrior delux and nexu as of 3:00 today

07-13-2002, 11:54 PM
Mt.Prospect target had red battle driod w/mace and han,chewbacca obi-wan starfighter pilot,dooku and anakin hangar duel as of 9:00pm tonight

07-15-2002, 03:55 PM
Lunchtime hunt today got me no new figures, but TRU on Golf, west of Woodfield has Han/Obi/Chewie.

07-16-2002, 04:58 PM
TRU in St. Charles had 12 -15 of both han (white lever) & obi pilot, lots of bespin wave, and a lone 12' jango @ 2pm. Target in Batavia had 2 acklays and bespin wave . KB in Batavia had 2 12" jangos and bespin wave. Walmart had jack crap!

07-16-2002, 05:43 PM
thanx for the insightfull jack crap words you just have a way with words don't you (LOL)!!!!

07-17-2002, 01:57 PM
Lunch hunt today: nothing new
Only item of interest: target on meecham & higgins had some chewies, dookus, and one yoda - contemplated buying yoda, but the card corner was bent badly.

Hoping Maul/Anakin will show up at walmart one morning soon.

07-17-2002, 04:07 PM
Target in Batavia had 5 acklay-a bunch of hans, yoda, dooku- and a few obi pilot and chewies. :evil:

07-17-2002, 04:15 PM
good selection in batavia--huh?

figures the best assortment in weeks is practically in friggin Iowa

be nice if they had a selection that good near the city

07-17-2002, 09:15 PM
toys r us in melrose park has yoda,dooku,chewbacca,han,obiwan pilot

07-18-2002, 09:09 AM
Updates from last night and this morning:
- Target in Crestwood had decent amount of djas/palpy/massiff last night
- Walmarts (Bridgeview, Golf/Algonquin, Mt Prospect) this morning had nothing.

07-18-2002, 11:03 AM
Speaking of great selections...on my way to Iowa on Sunday I stopped at the Sterling IL WalMart...WOW, talk about the best mix of figures ever...almost EVERY figure since Apr 23 was represented. Up to and including Teemto Pagalies and Ki Adi Mundi. I scraped together some change and picked up Teemto (It sucks being broke) and my best friend bought me a Chewbacca. Then when I got to Iowa, the Davenport Target had almost the same selection (No Ki or Teemto) Now had I only had money I would have picked up the rest...don't my bill collectors know I collect Star Wars and have to have all my availible cash in a movie year? Oh yeah and if anyone needs a Bloody Luke, let me know, I found a couple for trade

07-20-2002, 04:29 PM
Target on Meacham had a few new things...Obi Chewie, Ki, Teemto, Han, Nexu, Anakin

07-22-2002, 09:49 AM
Found the Ackley at Target in Vernon Hills on 60 Saturday. I'd say they had 5, but many where in bad boxes. I got the best one, but one of the corners on my box is a little damaged. The Chewy wave is everywhere. Plus, white DC Han's can be found pretty easy too. Nothing past #40 yet.

07-23-2002, 01:22 PM
Skyywalkerr, what do you want to trade the bloody luke for. I could just buy it from you. What did you want for it?

07-24-2002, 10:34 PM
KB Toys in Batavia has a boat load of chewie, han ( grey & white), abd obi pilot. Got the playskool SW jr xwing and naboo sets too. Also scored some bloody lukes I have already traded for the new anakin and darth maul. Target in Batavia had lot of unleashed jango and darth maul .

07-25-2002, 09:18 AM
Haven't made any updates lately because there isn't anything new being found since I found Teemto & Ki two weeks ago. I stop at two to three walmarts on my way to work in the morning (two today - saw boxes being opened, but no Hasbro). I also hit a couple stores during lunch, and maybe one or more on my way home.

Target on Joliet & LaGrange had Massif/Djas/Palpy last night.
Target across from Rosemont Horizon had Han/Chewie/Obi wave Tuesday evening.
If anyone needs #1-#16 with the inserts, TRU on Golf, west of Woodfield, had a bunch of them Tuesday, including some that are no so common - R2, Dex, Obi (CC), Kit, Boba.

If anyone is still looking for anything through #40, please post so I know whether or not to share these finds, otherwise I'll just assume you're all caught up with the first 40 and only post if I find anything newer than #40.

07-26-2002, 06:46 PM
Hey guys..KB at Woodfield had Ki and Teemto and Djas...although I was too broke to buy any of them, they were there. (If anyone knows where I can get a good job, let me know :) )

07-26-2002, 10:41 PM
I saw them at KB in Woodfield as well. I broke down and got Djas. Target in Arlington Heigts had Dooku, Obi-Wan pilot wave, Nexu. Target in Shaumburg had Orn Frae Taa too.

I think I got the bug again, as I picked up 3 figures today, and I thought I wouldn't get anymore. Oh well...

07-28-2002, 02:09 AM
kb woodfield had only teemtoo & djas
toys r us woodfield had jack crap
target on mecham had orn fre taa wave
target in niles had jack crapniles toys r us had about 25 of the han's,chewbacca's and obi-wan's

07-28-2002, 08:26 AM
JCPenny @ Woodfield had about 10 of each Wampa & Forest SW playskool sets. Everywhere else I looked had not a damn thing!
Thanks for the heads up on the playskool stuff KIDD! By the way, the stuff @ JC is all the way in the back corner of the infant section by the strollers.

07-28-2002, 08:34 PM
Wal-Mart on Meecham had Djas and Palpy. They also had a Castle Greyskull!!! (Well, they did, its mine now.) They also had a lot of 12in Jangos.

07-28-2002, 09:04 PM
Walmart in St. Charles had djas, palp, orn free ta wave , jango room alarms and 12" jangos. TRU next door had SOS!

07-28-2002, 10:24 PM
went out to lake geneva wisconsin they had the palpatine wave the chewbacca wave the bespin wave dooku,yoda i asked the lady there if star wars was a good seller she said yeah with kids not grown ups so if you need figures and don't mind travelin an hour and a half you can find them there

07-29-2002, 08:57 AM
Walmart on Algonquin & Golf had yoda, dooku, palpy, djas, chewie, han, obi. Walmart in Mt. Prospect had same stuff minus yoda & dooku. Tons of han/chewie/obi wave.

Still no signs of Maul/Anakin wave yet.

07-29-2002, 04:03 PM
I was just at Target in Palatine with my friend and they had the the Threepio and Yoda Deluxe figs. Naturally, I begged and whined til my friend bought them for me :D

07-29-2002, 08:02 PM
found out every walmart got comp jorge sacul.... so start begging the dept mgr if you need one. Target in batavia had new 3PO and yoda no more left since the stocker checked the back ... the little green guy evaded me

07-29-2002, 11:21 PM
I to was evaded by the master yoda "The Darkside clouds everything"! But managed to score a momc dlx 3po

07-30-2002, 08:56 AM
Originally posted by bucaroo
found out every walmart got comp jorge sacul.... so start begging the dept mgr if you need one. Target in batavia had new 3PO and yoda no more left since the stocker checked the back ... the little green guy evaded me

What do you mean every Wal Mart got comp a Jorg Sacul. To me and all the reports from experts this doesn't seem possible. I think you are going to have to explain a little more on this one to get anyone to believe you :)

07-30-2002, 09:26 AM
whoooaaaaa...... waita minute.... back-up.... EVERY wal-mart was alotted a jorge sacul or two?

where did you find this out? what wal;-marts have them? how many is each alotted? when do they arrive? has anyone found them yet? how much do they cost?

i must confess to being pretty skeptical about this.... I was at the Hasbro presentation at wizard world 4 weeks ago and they SWORE up and down jorge sacul would never be found anywhere elese

bucaroo... we need DETAILS!! explain yourself!!

:crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

07-30-2002, 12:13 PM
Flembar, I'm with you. Seems to be the case of mistaken identity. I do not think this information is very accurate. Evern if it is remotly true, no Wal Mart could sell them becasue it would be a brech of the contract that Hasbro had with Wizards, and I'm sure Wizards wouldn't hesitate to cash in on that lawsuit. I mean taking Hasbro and Wal Mart to court with an air tight case. Whoa, talk about cha-ching$$$$$!!!!!!!

If anything, and this is still just speculation on my part, I could see one or two of them being given away to Distric Mgrs as a sort of thank you gift. Still that's pushing it.

07-30-2002, 03:29 PM
Hey fellas.... I was at a walmart yesterday and was told by the toy dept mgr every single walmart received 1 jorge sacul as "gift". The mgr asked if was worth anything and described it perfectly. I tried to buy it from her but she didn't have it with her and was going to check ebay for value. So either she's lying or the hasbro rep you talked to did not know of the single figure distribution . I could care less since I have one, but I thought some of you may have made friends with some dept mgrs during your collecting years. I never meant for anyone to think they would be hanging on the pegs...sorry!

Anyways..... I have an extra KB RED and YELLOW 12' clone troopers I found today if anybody wants them for cost ($47) LMK.
Also found He-man and Skeletor with videos if anybody needs them ($32) LMK. I live in St CHarles and work in Aurora if you want to pick em up!

07-30-2002, 08:09 PM
Originally posted by bucaroo
Also found He-man and Skeletor with videos if anybody needs them ($32) LMK. I live in St CHarles and work in Aurora if you want to pick em up!

Those things go for $12 retail a piece. If you paid $32, you got ripped off.

07-30-2002, 09:03 PM
IF you go to KB he-man with video is $15 plus tax...

07-31-2002, 08:46 AM
To bad bucaroo, Targets all over Chiland just got tons of He Man stuff in. The Delux He Man only costs $10.00 there. I'd take those couple back to KB and buy them at Target.

Interesting news about the Sacul at WM. I doubt she was lieing, but it's funny how Hasbro would do that. As if the MGR's do anything for Hasbro. It's not like they are in the store promoting SW toys and telling parents and kids to buy them. Oh well, just more people who get them and couldn't give a crap about them.

Sad really :(

07-31-2002, 01:34 PM
Lunchtime hunt:

Target on Meacham had only one each of the carded micromachines action fleet. Slightly bent corners on some. Also had the boxed mircomachines MF, X1, X-wings. Also had one Acklay in a damaged box.

Walmart south of Target on Meacham had the boxed micromachines MF, X1, X-wing.

TRU on Golf had Luke's X-wing - a bunch of them.

I didn't pick up any of these since I'm only interested in basic figs and maybe accessory sets. Am I nuts for not picking up some of these for trade? Not worth it since these will all be common soon?

07-31-2002, 03:26 PM
Thanks for the update. No your not nuts. These x wing will be @ every TRU for a while. Re-hash vehicles never to to well on the secondary market. No one will trade becasue there is a TRU in every town and they'd just go and buy one themselves. Save your $40.00 to buy more basic figures.

07-31-2002, 06:58 PM
Thanks for the info, I'm going to go see if they still have the X-Wing now. I've wanted this for a long time, as I hated the Power FX one.

Also, Target on Toughy in Desplains had Teemto, but no Maul or Ani.

07-31-2002, 10:29 PM
Target on Touhy had Teemto? The one across from the Horizon? I was there at 4:00 and they had some newer ones (Djas, Chewie, others) but I didn't see Teemto. Did I not dig deep enough? Need to replace mine, found a nice crease in the bubble recently.

07-31-2002, 10:33 PM
i have a ? everyone attacked me when i wouldnt tell you guys where i found my ki-adi and teemto but y is it that wolfwood posted in whats the hardest aotc figure to find he posted he saw maul and anakin but didnt say where? I myself could care less cause i already have them but i think everyone should be treated equally

07-31-2002, 11:05 PM
Good point. Here's the post:

I went on a big big hunt throughout Chicago's Northwest subarbs last weekend. The only thing I saw that was rare was Teemto/Maul/TA Anakin (which I only saw at 2 stores) and I only saw 1 acklay. Everything else is pretty plentiful around here.

Where were they? I usually nail down most stores around woodfield (as well as some south suburbs), and KIDD seems to cover everything east of me.

KIDD was blasted for not sharing details. Let's have them, kindly.

08-01-2002, 08:46 AM
Seeing more Acklays now. Walmart in Bridgeview had 6 this morning, and Walmart in Mt. Prospect had 2.

08-01-2002, 09:29 AM
Well, I imagine that Wolfwood used some judgement and knew that most people who where reading that post could care less about where it was found. If I'm reading that thread about HTF Saga figures and I'm from Boring OR, I could care less where the Chiland Target was and what they had.

True he could of posted what they had hear, but he's not a postaholic so maybe he didn't have enough time to post. But, in the words of the great Grand Moff Tarkin "This bickering is pointless." If you want to trash somebody take it outside of this forum. It's no fun reading an argument on the forums and it's a good way to get our thread shut down.

08-01-2002, 07:41 PM
Target in Elgin (Randall) had deluxe yoda and 3po ( no more yoda when I left). No sign of accessory packs
TRU in St Charles had 2 xwing ( 1 smashed boxed)
Walmart in St Charles had no fringin' basics ( maybe 12-15 peg warmers), but had 4 acklays and all the action fleet assortment
KB and target in Batavia nothing to speak of

08-02-2002, 01:13 PM
Lunchtime hunt: Was going to hit multiple stores, but first stop at Target in Rosemont got me the four accessory sets so I didn't bother going elsewhere. There were one or two each remaining after I left. I also noticed one carded action fleet item; not sure which one, and I'm not interested in that line so I didn't look harder (sorry). They also had djas/palpy/massif but not in large numbers.

08-02-2002, 01:21 PM
where is the rosemont target located?

08-02-2002, 03:51 PM
On Mannheim Rd. and Touhy, right across the street from the Rosemont Horizon (Allstate Arena).

08-02-2002, 05:04 PM
i can confirm that as of 3:00 pm this afternoon target at toughy and mannheim in rosemont had two hoth accessory sets left and one arena battle set. I grabbed the last endor set and the death star set was sold out. additionally, they had palpy but appeared to be sold out of djas...and they had the usuals

thanks for the tip U156446--67937867899037899403977892-30886799870-=80974783039$%$*$)$*(*(#_))*&!^

ever thought about changing your handle?

:crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

08-04-2002, 10:54 PM
KB toy in golf mill mall had 3 of each of the red and yellow clone troopers and toys r us on milwaukee and golf had 1 x-wing

08-06-2002, 01:57 PM
Target on Meacham had the accessory sets as of noon today:
Hoth - 2x
Endor - 2x
Arena - 3x
Death Star - 1x

Also had some action fleet stuff I didn't really look at.

08-07-2002, 04:42 PM
Found a lone vader unleashed ($16.99) sitting on the top shelf at Meijers on Randall in Elgin. Nothing else new anywhere else. The vader is fingin' awesome!

08-07-2002, 06:31 PM
Just found them both on the star wars fan club store site

look under actions figures and page down one or two pages.... they are there


selling for $5.99.... free 3-day shipping after $40 purchase

they also had geonisian warrior and anakin hanger duel--all of which I believe are hard to find

they charged me tax, however.... which I was surprised by--I also figure the internet is tax free. heck.... I dont even know who the tax is going to.

probably the lucas tax.

oh well.... I finally picked up the troop builder set there as well....so, with tax and free shipping, a $6.00 per figure average for some rare ones was probably an OK deal

check it out

-Rash Flembar-

p.s. anybody found the death star accessory set?

:crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

08-08-2002, 09:37 AM
Why did you pay so much for a Dooku and a Dex? Dex is a peg warmer most places and a Dooku isn't that hard anymore? It doesn't matter, it's only a dollar or two difference.

I do have the Death Star Accesory set. It is pretty good. The trooper is just like the FF DST, so that's nothing to special. The guns and other stuff is a smart addition to the collection. It's about time Hasbro got a brain.

08-08-2002, 10:05 AM
I havent seen dooku or dex anywhere yet.... and a few posts back somebody said to grab 'em if you saw 'em so I did. besides, even if I could have got them a dollar cheaper it is worth it not to go out driving and searching

oh well. I am content

08-08-2002, 02:48 PM
Oh sure, it's easier than driving. I agree :). I've seen scores of Dooku's and Dex, so to me they just aren't anything special. It doesn't matter ;). It would be smarter to buy them all on line, but then I'd loose the thrill of the hunt :evil:. It makes for some fun when you find new stuff, or other things you are looking for. Besides Star Wars, I've found tons of real nice clothing that I can wear to work. I haven't paid regular price for an article of clothing for the longest time. If I didn't go shopping for Star War, I wouldn't have a nice wardrobe that cost me pennies on the dollar :D.

08-08-2002, 03:41 PM
hate to tell you icatch.... but your beloved martha stewart collection might not be around too much longer

dont get me wrong.... I still like to go out and shop, I just dont go searching unless Im right there by a target or wal-mart or whatever.... and most of you guys clear out the pegs on the good ones pretty fast

Im still waiting for the inevitable coming mark-downs to pick up the peg warmers

BUT.... when somebody posts that a ship or figure I really want is right there at a store nearby.... Im there.... ie the new accessory sets

I would never have found the TIE bomber at regular retail if it wasnt for this board

so....when I can give back I do

gee... arent we all just one big happy family?

-Rash Flembar-

:crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

08-08-2002, 03:50 PM
Um...Martha Stewart???:confused:. I guess that's a joke I don't get. I don't shop at K Mart becasue they closed.

Shopping and searching are the only way to find things you want. If you can wait then that's good. I can wait too, but I still shop. It's easy for me becasue I pass the big 3 on the way home from work everyday. Plus we go to other stores just to go. It's what I've always done. If you don't shop you are never going to find it. That's my philosophy :). I shop and I find a lot, it's not a big secret or luck, it's just time :).

08-09-2002, 10:51 PM
Figured I'd chime in now. Been to stores everyday. Still haven't found new figs since accessory sets a few days ago. KB in Chicago Ridge tonight had 12" clone troopers. Not interested. Currently trying to angle a trade to get me a Sacul for some Japanese pepsi bottle caps I ran across this week. Hopefully will have some luck there. If you've never seen them, they are pretty cool - lots of detail for their size. See

Stuck on 42 figs, waiting for Maul & new Anakin.

08-13-2002, 05:27 PM
toys r us brickyard mall has unleashed vader,anakin and padme
and a couple of x-wings

08-13-2002, 06:41 PM
Kidd already posted TRUs
KB brickyard has playskool reek,wampa.forest 5 or 6 of each

08-14-2002, 12:03 PM
Still nothing new. Walmart in Bridgeview appeared (for the last two weeks) as if they were going to reset their aisles - paper "maps" posted in every aisle indicating where the new stuff would go. Finally, yesterday they had new stock: Orn/Endor/Palpatine stuff all with smashed blisters. Real nice.

Walmart in Rolling Meadows had condensed their SW stuff into less than half the space it had before.

08-14-2002, 12:40 PM
Yea, it seems that it's already X Mas time as far as the stores are concerened. That means Star Wars is going to have to share space with LOTR and Harry Potter. I don't care, I love both these movies. As long as the Star Wars stuff is stocked full and with current stuff, then nothing else really matters.

08-14-2002, 08:29 PM
:crazed: Saw a couple teemto a meijers today in elgin around 4pm

08-15-2002, 01:57 PM
TRU on Golf in Schaumburg had all 5 Unleashed and few X Wings

08-15-2002, 04:02 PM
tru in st charles has all unleashed figs as well as xwings

08-16-2002, 01:18 AM
Ok ive been thinking about this for awhile now for all the people still missing sacul i am going to raffle 1 off if anyone is interested email me and i will give you all the details i need to get a good demand going so as i can do this raffle like i said email me for more info

08-16-2002, 09:39 AM
I'd be careful Kidd. This sort of thing is close to being illegal. I don't know or anything, but you couldn't just run a raffel out of your house and this is basically what you are doing. It's gambiling and that's not something you want to get caught doing. Just some advice. I'd do a little more thinking about this one :).

08-16-2002, 10:37 AM
offer still stands

08-16-2002, 10:43 AM
Good luck, I'm sure you do fine :).

08-16-2002, 10:44 AM


yeah... youd really be lookin at some hard time for raffling an ACTION FIGURE.... could be 20 years in the hole as some hard-timers b*tch

seriously.... no one will bust you..

raffle the thing....

we all want it.... you want to give it away


:crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

08-16-2002, 10:45 AM
like i said the raffle stands email me @ kidd54331@aol.com for more details

08-16-2002, 01:11 PM
I appreciate your sarcasim, but I was being serious. People got in trouble for Raffeling off Tickle Me Elmos when they were hot. This is no differnt. Plus, he's getting money for nothing and it's a form of gambiling. If you don't report that money you get for it on your taxes that's considered fraud. Sure no one is going to report you, but many eyes use the internet and who know who's watching??? Still go for it dude! :):)

Originally posted by Flembar


yeah... youd really be lookin at some hard time for raffling an ACTION FIGURE.... could be 20 years in the hole as some hard-timers b*tch

seriously.... no one will bust you..

raffle the thing....

we all want it.... you want to give it away


:crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

08-16-2002, 01:44 PM
Lunchtime hunt: Found Anakin TA at Target on Rand (south of Palatine Rd.) lying on the shelf near the pegs, but no Mauls. Got last Anakin. They also had the carded action fleet for those looking.

Also, TRU on Rand (north of Palatine) had five or so X-Wings. Lastly, if anyone still cares, the same TRU seems to have unearthed some Ep1 cases. They had a wire bin full of CommTech readers ($2 ea.) near the Saga display, and had another bin near one of the registers with Ep1 Mace/Tarpals/Ody/OOM-9 figs ($2 ea.)

08-16-2002, 06:08 PM
Kidd good offer. The rest of you... why are you always so negative? I used to never post here cause of all the crap and in fighting contained in this post. If you want get off your dead ***** and hunt otherwise don't rag on somebody else who hunts and finds! Yes, I think jagoff is a word!

08-18-2002, 12:44 AM
picture 1:happy:

08-18-2002, 12:46 AM

08-18-2002, 12:47 AM

08-18-2002, 12:48 AM

08-18-2002, 12:49 AM
I didn't think that those were even out yet. Where did you get them at?

08-18-2002, 12:53 AM
check the receipt kb

08-18-2002, 01:04 AM
Your KB is better than mine. They are just now getting the Palpy and Puhr figs in. I usually have to rely on Wal-Mart.

08-18-2002, 02:09 AM
where are you from?

08-18-2002, 09:17 AM
Is it me or does it seem like Chicago is one of the last cities to get figures. It doesn't really bother me because I am patient and it is hard to keep up sometimes with what is available (teachers budget and all). Am I underestimating how many collectors are in this market?

Apparently the "force" always seems to be with KIDD though.:) I think he must go to the best KB in the world. Congrats. Hey all, what stores are receiving product early? TRU may be one of the last. I am still finding all the figures I picked up at midnight in April.

08-18-2002, 12:06 PM
KIDD, since you are one of my favorite collectors that I have met here, I think I can get away with saying YOU SUCK!:D

08-18-2002, 04:00 PM
While KIDD is striking gold, most of us are relegated to TRU dusting off old EP1 boxes and trying to still make a buck off this old stuff.

TRU on Cicero in Bridgeview Friday afternoon had a bin FULL of Darth Maul with Speeder (at least 50 of them!) for $4.98, and another bin stuffed with Lego Unltimate Collector TIE Interceptors for $69.97.

08-18-2002, 06:31 PM
KB at Woodfield: NOTHING new...Target on MEacham...NOTHING new (I have yet to see a real live accessory pack in person anywhere) TRU on Golf...XWings and Unleashed...I am beginning to not like this hobby!

08-19-2002, 08:34 AM
Kidd wich KB did you score the 4 new ones at? Did they have any more? Help us out, so we can get in the car and get some new figures finally :)

08-19-2002, 02:00 PM
KMart on Meacham & Biesterfield has the two-packs. Some had Yoda if you're interested.

08-19-2002, 08:46 PM
it was the 6 corner kb as i was walking in the door fed ex walked in right behind me and put a box on the counter and i asked the guy what was in it he said star wars. i asked him can i see whats in it? he said sure i opened the first case and i found the figures and when i opened the second case it was just the han wave they had a couple more of each but i left them for the other collectors

08-20-2002, 09:48 AM
Very cool find Kidd :D! Why on Earth KB pays to get their stuff Fedex I'll never know. Probally why they charge so much for thier stuff. I'm not familiar with 6 Corner KB. Is the name of the mall 6 Corners?

08-21-2002, 11:54 PM
Palatine Targetto hads a couple 12" Zams...no sign of the others

08-22-2002, 09:25 AM
Crestwood Target had one Teemto & one Ki-Adi last night. I picked up the Teemto and left the Ki-Adi

08-23-2002, 01:31 PM
Brickyard TRU had one landspeeder. There may have been more but I didn't ask. The box was slightly dinged so I passed, but if it doesn't bother you........ Good Luck

08-24-2002, 02:06 AM
melrose park toys r us on north ave had 4 landspeeders as of 8:30pm

08-24-2002, 02:20 PM
target rand rd had new maul and anakin
target dundee rd had 12" zam and new anakin and maul
toys r us on rand had nothing xciting
walmart on rand had alot of the old crap like the han wave
target on manheim in rosemont had 1 lonely hoth accesory set
target on toughy in niles ahd nothing
target on north ave in melrose park had nothing
(ajaugie1) i dont appreciate you talking about me to other people you dont even know me ive helped out many people on this forum and have revealed alot of my finds and where i found them

08-26-2002, 09:59 AM
Target on Rand's Maul & Anakin were already gone when I got there this morning at 8:00.

08-27-2002, 09:26 AM
I openly apologize to you KIDD. I was just making a side of the mouth comment. You seem like the luckest SOB in the windy city when it comes to finding figures early. Hell I haven't even found Teemto and Ki-Adi yet. I honestly appriciate your openness 99% of the time........just remember to always add where you make your finds at the end of the message :) . Best of luck to you and your collection. Back to the show:

Melrose Park TRU had a buttload of X-wings as of 3:00 yesterday. Has anyone found the cantina exclusives at Wal-Mart?

08-27-2002, 09:42 AM
Saw a Landspeeder at TRU in Bridgeview last night, in addition to lots & lots of X-Wings.

08-27-2002, 09:59 AM
kb toys in the H.I.P had ki-adi and teemto last night as of 9:00pm

08-27-2002, 10:02 AM
if anyone needs the new maul or ki-adi,teemto or the new anakin let me know i have extras

08-27-2002, 01:43 PM
Lunchtime Hunt: Walmart on Rand had a boat-load of Djas/Palpy/Massiff as well as older stuff (Han/Chewie/Endor mostly). Target on Rand had nothing. TRU on Rand had nothing and they've moved most of their SW stuff back to the action figure section.

Forgot to mention in my previous post (though somewhat OT), went to see AOTC on Saturday with my 4-yr old at the $2 theater. Crappy sound, but it was still fun. Picked up a Yoda/Jango Kamino 2-pack at KMart on the way home. He wanted a Yoda & Dooku, and he got fixated on Jango when we got to the store. That night, he gave is Deluxe Jango to his 2-yr old sister: "I don't need it anymore".

08-28-2002, 01:54 PM
Target in Crestwood had one Teemto last night.
Walmart in Rolling Meadows today: nothing.
TRU on Golf in Schaumburg: nothing, other than X-Wings.
Target on Meacham in Schaumburg: nothing.

08-29-2002, 01:36 PM
There is nothing of note in Virginia.

We will keep an eye out. I can tell you of a few things that are no longer prevalent; (duh) Yoda's, Dooku's, Bloody Luke's (I got one), and all the other Jedi Knights (other than Shaak Ti, and Plo Koon). Obviously, they may have over produced "Fett" items, because that is all we see out here.

u156446, you know the deal...

08-29-2002, 01:43 PM
Hey, who let that guy from Virginia in here? Must be lost.

Lunchtime hunt: Walmart on Rand - same story as my 8-27 post. Target on Rand - Deluxe C-3PO (x3), Deluxe Yoda (x1 - hurry!), and Action Fleet Micro Machines. TRU on Rand - nothing.

08-29-2002, 01:58 PM
I'm not sure if I've helped anyone, but more than me, it's KIDD who finds the figures first. Whether or not anyone else gets to the stores in time to find what he's left behind I don't know.

I just post when I find SOMETHING that SOMEONE may need. I think my posts represent about 20% of the actual stores I hit. It's just that there really isn't much out there right now.

08-29-2002, 02:00 PM
Watch the post padding.

08-29-2002, 02:21 PM
Thanks sk9, we shall meet again.

08-29-2002, 05:00 PM
Post Padding? ok, thanks...whatever. <steps around load of B.S.> Anyways, nowhere near Woodfieldhad anything today that i could find...although who knows who got there before me?

08-29-2002, 05:13 PM
No need to step around the "B.S." I deleted those posts.

08-29-2002, 06:06 PM
who was post pading? i think i help out alot of people on this forum

08-29-2002, 06:21 PM
Those posts have been deleted. I don't want to point fingers.

08-30-2002, 01:11 PM
On my way in to the office this morning:

walmart in bridgeview - absolutely nothing. this place hasn't restocked in about a month. makes you wonder why they maintain the peg space for nothing but air

walmart in rolling meadows - han/endor wave remnants. nothing new

these places are way overdue for restocking

08-31-2002, 12:32 AM
KB in Chicago Ridge mall had a nice supply of Teemto's & Ki-Adi's as of 5pm. Plus, lots of Playskool Millenium Falcons and Vader & Padme Unleashed.

08-31-2002, 01:46 PM
went on my saturday toy run ran into a scalper but thats a different story altogether
target on rand 2 12" dooku 2 12" battle droids & 2 12" zam's
target on dundee -----------same as above--------------------------
walmart on rand had one cantina set but it was trashed
target on manheim had nothing
target on toughy nothing
walmart on toughy had nothing
thats my saturday report

08-31-2002, 10:44 PM
u guys are slakers i went to lincoln wood kb and found a teemto
and went to super k-mart on devon and found a lott dod

09-01-2002, 09:04 PM
found another ki-adi mundi today at meijer's in st charles

09-02-2002, 10:30 AM
Found two of the three cantina sets in Northern Indiana yesterday (Mishawaka)...no Greeto. Has anyone seen them around here?

09-02-2002, 08:56 PM
Hit walmart bridgeview late last night - nothing. Hit two targets, one walmart, two kmarts, one tru, one kb, and even one kohls today (all southwest side) - nothing. Either bare shelves or peg warmer wasteland. one kmart had a half dozen or so deluxe 3po's. this drought is not from a lack of trying.

09-03-2002, 09:08 AM
Hit two walmarts on my way in this morning. Found two of the three cantina sets at walmart in rolling meadows (no greedo). Picked up the last two on the pegs.

09-03-2002, 05:16 PM
As of lunchtime, Target on Rand still has the same 12" figures KIDD reported Saturday minus one of the Dooku's. Nothing else of interest.

09-04-2002, 12:23 AM
Lets give U156446 a cookie for his endless endevor and endless hunt for new figures. Ill keep everyone posted as of what i find new in the days to come. chicago collectors post what your still looking for maybe i can help

09-04-2002, 03:22 AM
I found 3 more complete sets of all 4 target accessory sets yesterday in Batavia..... that makes 7 complete sets in the last month(Elgin, Fox Valley, and Batavia). Only got 1 complete set off the pegs, the rest came from hunting down an employee and having them search the back room. Ask and you shall receive...otherwise go home crying & empty handed. Don't even start the scalper crap..... they were for myself or went to other collectors for $10 a piece!

09-04-2002, 07:08 AM
Target on Joliet & LaGrange had some accessory sets (Arena x2 & Hoth x1). Walmart next door had an entire endcap full of Nexu & deluxe Anakin.

Darth Banky
09-04-2002, 12:02 PM
Since you threw that out there KIDD, here's what I need.

Deluxe yoda
Hoth and Arena sets
Endor troop-no beard
Lott Dod
Padme Pilot

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

09-04-2002, 12:33 PM
Darth Banky: Where are you located?

09-04-2002, 01:57 PM
KMart on Meacham has reduced all basic figs to $2.50. Not much for army building (some battle droids) if you're into that.

Darth Banky
09-04-2002, 02:13 PM
Joliet/Plainfield area.

09-04-2002, 03:39 PM
Target batavia 3 arena, 8 hoth, 1 ds access. sets, deluxe yoda & 3po @2pm
Meijers St Charles Teemto, Ki 12" dooku, zam, battle droid all new unleashed @ 2am ( yes 2am on my way to work)

09-04-2002, 03:43 PM
DB: You're not too far from the Target on Joliet & LaGrange where I saw the two accessory sets you're looking for.

Darth Banky
09-04-2002, 03:48 PM
i'm not sure where that one is at. Is it right off of an expressway?

I usually go to Joliet, Fox Valley, Orland and Bolingbrook. My work schedule stops me from going before work like I used to.

anyway, thanks for the tip. I'll try to find it today.

09-04-2002, 04:03 PM
db I can pick up yoda arena and hoth right now if you need and want to drive to st charles sometime this week to pick up. LMK asap as we're walking out the door

Darth Banky
09-04-2002, 04:09 PM
I will drive out this weekend if that's cool? I'll definitely come get them.

09-04-2002, 04:12 PM
going going gone

i'll snag em!

This post has been combined by your friendly neighborhood moderator. ;)

09-04-2002, 04:18 PM
DB: Just for future reference, the Target/WM I was referring to are accessible off 294. When I'm going South on 294, I get off at Willow Springs Rd exit, head West to Willow Springs Rd., then North to Joliet Rd. Go East on Joliet for 2-3 miles and the shopping center is just past LaGrange (Rt 45).

Darth Banky
09-04-2002, 05:48 PM
Thanks for your help. I'll definitely try to check that one. :)

What do you guys need, if anything?

09-04-2002, 07:23 PM
DB... got your stash $32! Once again cannot emphasize how helpful the employees can be .... went back to get banky's loot... no yodas left... hunted down a target chick and 7 minutes later...YODA in my hands! By the way I scored a spare MIMB TRU landspeeder if anyones still looking. Banky I don't need anything right now unless you have a vintage Yoda ROTJ carded! I'm getting my lott, tusken, clean trooper, and watto end of the week!

Darth Banky
09-04-2002, 08:05 PM
Thanks Bucaroo. You rule!

Send me an email and let me know where I should meet you this weekend.

Sorry no vintage Yoda. :)

09-04-2002, 09:42 PM
TRU on Golf had 8 Landspeeders as of 815!

09-04-2002, 09:52 PM
god alot of posts since ive been on well i guess everyone has been served on this forum so i guess i get to keep all my goodies to myself

09-05-2002, 09:39 AM
walmart in bridgeview (that has not restocked in probably a month or more) must have found their unopened cases. fully stocked now, yet nothing new. must be a couple hundred figures, mostly late waves of figures #40 and under. curiously, saw a few dookus but no yodas. so many on the pegs that if you touch any, at least 10 will fall on the floor.

Darth Banky
09-05-2002, 10:32 AM
KIDD, you can still share your goodies. Who are we to deny you that? :)

09-05-2002, 02:09 PM
Hello all!! I am new to the forum, but I have been collecting for a while. Thought I would throw in with you guys because you all seem to help each other. My recent finds include tons of Chancellor Palpatines and Djas Puhrs and the Cantina bar patrons (Greedo, Ponda Baba and Mamaw Nadon all with bar sections). Found them near my house. I live way up north in Grayslake. All these items were found 9/1/02 at the Walmart on 83 and Rollins Rd. Not sure if the bar sets are still there, but I'm sure the Palpatines and Puhrs are. Sorry this post was so long, just wanted to give you some info about me.

09-05-2002, 03:33 PM
must agree with u#dude..... walmart in St CHarles was putting 8 cases on pegs at noon (I busted all open on the cart) nothing new above #40

09-05-2002, 10:25 PM
Toys R Us brickyard had about 11 landspeeders as of 6:00pm tonight

09-06-2002, 02:53 PM
Crestwood Target had one each of the four accessory sets last night as of 5:30. All a little dinged up, but ok for openers.

09-06-2002, 04:51 PM
Crestwood Target also had an Acklay when I was there last Sunday.

09-06-2002, 07:05 PM
KB in Chicago Ridge has deluxe C-3PO and Playskool sets: Millenium Falcon and two smaller ones (Duel? & X-Wing?). Didn't pay too much attention (sorry), but they had a bunch.

Darth Banky
09-06-2002, 08:48 PM
TRU in Joliet had 2 Luke/Taun Taun sets as of this evening.

09-07-2002, 11:21 AM
Just picked up Darth Tyrannus & Mace Windu Unleashed at the Meijer on Saginaw in Lansing, MI... yeah I know not too close (3 hours) but I'm only out here for the weekend and would rather let Chicago know than the very boring MI Just Found. They have one left of each but only 2 pegs for them, so I 'm sure there's more in warehouse.

I don't see too much Unleashed on this thread, but here's what I gather:

Maul/Jango: Everywhere, if you don't have it wait for discounting.
Vader/Padme/Anakin: TRU in NW burbs, if you see 'em buy 'em.
Mace/Tyrannus: Possibly Meijer, have no idea of the eventual availability so don't pay too much.

09-07-2002, 11:51 AM
Meijer @ Fox Valley had 5 mace unleashed and 1 tyrannus unleashed when I left this morning. Found Maul and Anakin TA @ Kohl's 2 anakin TA when I left.... figs are pricey (even with 25% off $7.18 with tax).... but if you need em ck your Kohls

09-07-2002, 04:28 PM
TRU St Charles has 4 12" luke w/ taun taUN, 6 speeders, 8 xwings

09-07-2002, 08:20 PM
Just picked up Padme at a TRU out here in Lansing (can't wait to get home tomorrow), anyone seen Vader or Anakin at any non-TRU retail locations? I'm having trouble with those 2 I live downtown and have yet to see either of them.

09-08-2002, 08:01 PM
Bunch of vader and anakin out here in the burbs @ both walmart and Meijer

09-08-2002, 11:59 PM
sorry i havent been around this weekend i took my van to a sound off competetion in grays lake at the lake county fair grounds and i hit 150.0 db's with my van and i secured second place but that wasn't the best part of the show. There was supposed to be a wet t-shirt contest but it ended up beeing a wet ti**y contest these chick were going.................... i think u get the point just wanted to share my fun saturday with my friends here at ssg

oh yeah p.s I have pictures :D :D :D

09-09-2002, 11:25 AM
I can see how that relates, than ks :)

09-09-2002, 09:56 PM
Target in Wheeling had the R2 D2...but I didnt buy one...so if someone is looking for a Christmas present for me :)

09-11-2002, 09:44 AM
Hits some stores last night south of Midway along Cicero:

Walmart - Mostly dusty pegwarmers, but they had one REPUBLIC GUNSHIP on the shelf. Passed on it. May pick up one for my son's birthday or Christmas on sale later this year.
Target - Nothing
Kohl's - Three smashed Anakin TA's - Pass.
TRU - Boat-load of X-Wings. Two Luke Speeders

09-11-2002, 10:33 AM
melrose park toys r us had 4 12 inch luke & tauntauns last night as of 8:00

09-11-2002, 01:35 PM
Japanese supermarket near my office has keychains, similar to the Japanese Pepsi bottle caps. These keychains are busts of characters not too many people care about: Zam, Shaak, etc.

09-12-2002, 09:01 AM
Last night, Crestwood KMart had electronic Jango & Obi-Wan. Crestwood Target had one interactive R2-D2.

09-12-2002, 06:49 PM
Auror Kmart also had elec Jango and Obi. Has anybody seen the arena set? I got the giant gunship (heavy sucker) for my pals already?

09-12-2002, 07:19 PM
Sup bucc those 2 things u mentioned on rs just came out

09-12-2002, 09:17 PM
TRU on 75th in Darien had four Luke w/Taun-Taun tonight. Seems like everything but the new figures is showing up. Also saw one each of the cantina sets at the walmart on 75th, but the greedo was opened and the bubble stapled back on.

09-14-2002, 04:51 PM
Chicago Ridge KB got four cases of figures in yesterday, but their stock room was piled to the ceiling - they could only find one case to open when I asked. It was the Teemto/Ki-Adi case (2 each) plus pegwarmers. They've probably dug out by now, but the pegs for the figures in the store were already full, so I bet they're probably still in the back.

Hit Target, WM, & KB in Orland today with the kids. Only thing of note was the Target had most accessory sets (all but Endor). My 4 1/2 yr old son WORE OUT the light saber we picked up on the way home from C2 so we picked up a new one. Best $7 I've probably ever spent for him. He wears it on his belt where ever we go. Also bought a frame for his Hasbro figure poster they gave away at C2 so we can finally hang it on his wall.

09-14-2002, 05:49 PM
I have an extra gunship ($42.50) and 2 extra sets of all 3 bar scenes ($32) if anybody needs em. You drive and you can have em. No I won't break up the sets for those just looking for Greedo. That means I have to take the Momaw and Ponda back...you take yours back if you just want greedo. LMK

09-15-2002, 10:37 PM
Picked up Jango pilot & Clone trooper pilot today at babbages

09-17-2002, 12:19 AM
Target in Palatine had all three new 12" figures, but beware...SCALPER TRAIL...all the boxes were crushed, obviously by somoene and not in shipping

09-18-2002, 02:30 PM
Target on Dundee & Rand had about 18 Deluxe 3PO's at noon today.

TRU on Rand restocked their basic figures with about a case or two of the Luke/Vader wave. The also have 3-4 Luke w/Taun-Taun.