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09-20-2001, 06:18 PM
This one is going to be tough, with The Imperial Shuttle and the Falcon...of all the vintage ships which one is your favorite??

Rollo Tomassi
09-20-2001, 06:56 PM
I had the Falcon when I was little and mine's all beat up from years of play and I bought an Imperial Shuttle just a few years ago because I always wanted it when I was little, so I was excited to finally, FINALLY get one. So I vote for Imperial Shuttle.

09-20-2001, 07:24 PM
Ok, i'll put a list of ships also:

Millenium Falcon
Imperial shuttle
Rebel transport
X-wing (normal and damaged)
Tie fighter (white and damaged)
Tie interceptor
Darth Vader's Tie fighter
Slave 1
Twin pod cloud car
Star Destroyer (hey, its also a ship)

Hope i didnt miss any.

BTW, my choice is the Falcon.

09-20-2001, 07:57 PM
I pick the Millenium Falcon, but I've never actually seen the Shuttle aside from photos so I really can't decide between the two. Hey, Rollo since you own one, does the Shuttle have electronics or any really cool features?

Rollo Tomassi
09-20-2001, 10:25 PM
It has electronics but mine doesn't work. I think I could fix it if I actually tinkered with it, but I'm happy with it sitting in the center of an "Emperor's Arrival" Diorama on my entertainment center. Plus, I think it just makes an annoying BZZZZZ so it's no big loss. It's got a little ramp that lowers down beneath the cockpit thats too small and too steep to have any actual play value, but there is a removable panel on the side that opens into a fairly spacious area with computers and a little passage into the cockpit area that maybe R2 could fit thru. Plus, its HUGE. It really is a special part of my collection.

As far as my Falcon in concerned, I beat the hell out of it growing up. I tore the cardboard interior out of it. I busted the cockpit console out. The gunner station on top was destroyed. The landing gear was broken and unable to support the weight of the ship. Every part not attached was thrown in various toy boxes all over the basement. The rectenna, the cockpit lid, the entry gantry, everything was missing. About the time I started collecting again (back in 1995) I went back and found all my vintage stuff to display in my room. I was disheartened at the state of my Falcon, so I began a meticulous search for all the broken and missing parts. I managed to recover everything except the Jedi training ball and the peg it was tied to. I put the cardboard back in (a little worse for wear, but it's all in one piece.) I repaired the gunner station, and the landing gear. I cleaned it up and placed it on my TV for several years, so I am really attached to it, but getting a toy thay I never had in my youth and finally getting one in 1997 was a superb feeling and that's why I picked it over my refurbished Falcon playset...

09-20-2001, 10:39 PM
I think I'm going to have to renig on my Falcon choice and say my vintage A-Wing. Given Rollo's story, I remembered all the years I wanted an A-Wing and when I finally got one I was overjoyed. It seemed like a chapter in my childhood had been closed and I could move on to other things. Well, not fully closed because I still need a pilot.

Plus, it's worth enough that the Army will actually reimburse me the full secondary-market value if it is ever stolen out of my room in the barracks.:)

Rollo Tomassi
09-20-2001, 11:15 PM
What say I steal it. We split the reimbursement, than you get you ship back...;)

Sith Worm
09-20-2001, 11:24 PM
Well i'm gonna have to be alittle diffrent here and go with the double cloud car, no reason I just like it alot , but the Falcon is A shoe in!

09-21-2001, 01:25 AM
II lile the mperial shuttle and the Slave 1, they bring back fond memories :)

Bel-Cam Jos
09-21-2001, 06:51 PM
Snowspeeder. If you took off the side battery panel, you could hold 3 figures. Recreating the smash-into-the-snow scene in ESB was fun (no snow in SoCal, so sand had to do). One of my last good birthdays netted me this great toy as a gift (7 or 8 yrs old).

09-27-2001, 09:41 AM
...that would get my vote.

I spent hour upon hour playing with that thing. I loved the fact that it had the "hidden" storage compartments, the dejarik table and the remote (unlike the POTF2 one). I didn't care that it only had one gunner station or that Luke and Ben had to yell their lines from the main hold while blasting into hyperspace... it was still a well done vehicle and had a lot going for it!

09-27-2001, 02:21 PM
I have to say the Tatooine Skiff. :)

09-27-2001, 02:55 PM
Thats cool, (i have the new version, yep i missed the vintage one :( ) But aside of the skiff, which of the ships that are listed (see the third post in this thread) do you like the most??;)