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Aeros Kahn
06-02-2002, 11:37 PM
Hi! this is my first post here and I decided to make it a review post on my current collection. Here goes:

Anakin Skywalker (OPD)

I hate this figure!! The likeness is way off and the gimmick sucks. The pistol and tunic are cool though and i love the box he comes with. 1/5

Padme Amidala (Arena)

I hate this figure as well!! She looks cool but the gimmick completely destroys the coolness of the figure. 1/5

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Coruscant)

This is a decent figure. The likeness is rather good and the articulation is fine. THe magnet is strong too so he actually will hang from the droid. 3/5

Kit Fisto

I hear alot of people expressing good feelings on this one but i disagree. I love the character and the look of the fig but it needs more or something lol i just dont know what though. 2/5

Super Battle Droid

This one is new in my collection and I am rather pleased. It feels cheap like it was made fast and its hard to stand but its action features are awesome. 3/5

Boba Fett (Kamino)

Its a cool idea and I like the accessories (I wish we could have seen them used in the movie) but the figure looks nothing like Daniel Logan. 2/5

Tusken Raider (Female w/ Child)
A normal figure but I love the child accessory. I use it more than I do the raider herself. 3/5

Captain Typho

This figure catches alot of disgust but its one of my favs. It stands and look neato. I love the blaster and the figure just really appeals to me. 4/5

Shaak Ti

Looks great but is basically stuck in one pose. If you dont wanna play with her shes awesome otherwise move on. She stands good though. 3/5

Battle Droid

Dont like it. Nuff said. 1/5

Plo Koon

Plo is my all time favorite jedi. I love the way he looks and his who dark attitude. I just wish this figure would stand!! Still its great for play and looks great too. 4/5

Jango Fett (Kamino)

One of the few highlights of the Saga Collection. Jango is perfect. Great accessories and likeness. Definitely pick him up. 5/5

Clone Trooper

Another great figure!! Awesome articulation and lots of weapons. I still wish i could find a yellow one. 5/5

Zam Wesell (Bounty Hunter)

The gimmick works here cuz the magnet is actually quite strong. The gun is really small though so be careful with it. Great articulation but i cant get mine to stand. 4/5

Royal Guard

This lil guy was really hard to find in my area but im glad i got him. He doesnt move much but looks menacing. 4/5

SaeSee Tiin

Another highlight!! Tiin's articulation makes him top of his class. Hes got two ball joints and it really helps out when using him for play. 5/5


"Crap, Crap, Mega Crap" Dont like him. Mine wont stand either 1/5

Jar Jar Binks

A rather suprising figure. It doesnt do much but stands and looks great ( i happen to not be annoyed at all by mr binks :) )

Taun We

Another hard to find figure for me but she really payed off. I love this figure and it stands out among the others. 5/5

Luminara Unduli

The hardest figure for me to find turned out to be the coolest looking one. I luv luminara and she is my second favorite jedi next to plo. the figure is a statue though but still looks great. 5/5

Mace Windu (Genosian Rescue)

Luv mace and the likeness on this figure is the best of all that i have seen but where are the freaking eyes. and why is he howling lol. mace is a cool figure but the gimmick falls short and the face needs eyes at least ( i can deal with the howL) 3/5

well thats my collection soo far
im going 2 am walmart shopping in just a lil bit
hopefully i can get some rares
like yoda and vader

Exhaust Port
06-06-2002, 02:47 PM
Thanks for the quick reviews. I'll keep this in mind during my next round of toy hunting.