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06-03-2002, 10:07 PM
Does anybody else have any of these things?

I managed to snag four of the five....but still need Vader's

I have a few for trade......whaddaya still need???, and which is your favorite?

I kinda like Dooku's best......but Mace's and Anakin's are pretty neat too.......

these are a good idea, I just wish they had done several more.....there are plenty of Lightsabers they could've done....

they are pretty accurate, but they are slightly "Super Deformed".....

06-04-2002, 12:37 PM
I've always liked stuff in cereal boxes, and these are pretty neat. I've only picked up one box so far (had Vader's saber), but I'll probably try to get some more. Too bad I've only found them in Cinnamon Toast Crunch...that stuff is about as sugary sweet as anything!

Oh and...


06-06-2002, 01:07 PM
Lucky you.....

wish I had Vader's....

man, a friend of mine has it, and promised it to me, but I dunno....

I hope he does, but if not, I may hafta go to ebay for it...

06-06-2002, 07:55 PM
I found Mace Windu's (doesn't light very well) and 3 Count Dooku's in 4 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios. Bought a box of Golden Grahams and Reese's Peanut Butter and got Vader and Luke's tonight. Got all the boxes at Target for $2.50 each.

Now all I need is Anakin's (and someone to help my wife and I eat some of this cereal). Anyone willing to trade for a Dooku would be greatly appreciated :-)

06-07-2002, 07:09 AM
I have a Spare Anakin's, to trade.....but I only need Vader's......

06-07-2002, 08:51 AM
I have an extra Luke Saber to trade for Vader, Aniken, or Obi Wan. Just PM me to let me know.

El Chuxter
06-07-2002, 03:04 PM
I've only got two so far--Luke and Mara. . . I mean, Ani. Whether I get more depends on how soon I'm no longer disgusted by the sight of Reeses Puffs. :D

06-08-2002, 02:37 PM
I have brought 10 boxes of cereal so far and I am trying to get 2 sets. I need 2 Anakins and have a spare Dooku and Luke to trade for them. Anyone interested, send me a PM.

06-12-2002, 12:38 PM
Like I said, I need a Vader.....

I have an Anakin and Mace Saber to trade......

06-12-2002, 07:38 PM
Well, if anyone has any extra Anakin's, let me know.

Wesley Sr.

06-13-2002, 09:41 PM
Boxes with the sabres are getting harder to find around here, and I still need an Anakin. I'm sure I'll see a few boxes this weekend tho.

06-14-2002, 03:28 AM
I went in to my local Target the other day and saw several boxes of cereal open. The lightsabers were missing from the tops of the boxes. Anyone else seen this occuring? All of my boxes of cereal except the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the pens were not in the bags with the cereal.

06-14-2002, 08:51 PM
I got the Vader pen,then gave the Mace and Dooku Pens to my little brothers(They wanted them).I love my Vader pen,although,I dont use it much.

I havent noticed anyone opening the boxes to get the pens...Now if you excuse me,I have 3 boxes of CocoPuffs to eat.:dead:

06-17-2002, 12:13 AM
I only need Anakin and Mace's lightsabers. Vader's is probably my favorite. These are a great premium.

06-17-2002, 10:25 PM
Is Anakin rare or something? I don't hear of anyone having extras and most still need him.

El Chuxter
06-20-2002, 03:12 PM
Picked up four more boxes last night, and got two each of Vader and Mace. Now I just need that stinkin' Dookie!

06-20-2002, 03:18 PM
Hey El Chuxter, I have an extra Dooku. Do you have an Anakin to trade? If not, what else will you give me for it?

Master Goeweins
06-30-2002, 11:30 PM
Man! I still can't get my hands on an Anakin pen! Dern you Golden Grahams!

They should have made more of all of these! They are hot!

07-01-2002, 02:37 AM
Don't blame it just on the Golden Grahams, i got all different kinds that they were in and didn't get one.

07-01-2002, 12:28 PM
I just bought 5 boxes on Saturday. Got one of each except Aniken and I got none of his. I've gotten about 10 of these now, and no Aniken. Did they short run this one on purpose or what? Have you guys had trouble finding the cereal with the free pens lately? I found the 5 boxes at a Target, and I was glad to find them. Is Star Wars already old news?

07-01-2002, 12:52 PM
In case anyone needs a list of the cereals, I have one here (http://www.twinsuntimes.com/toyforce/epii_food.htm)

I too am having problems finding the Anakin and Luke. Got several Vaders, Mace and Dookus.

I recently found a 49 oz Honey Nut Cheerios at Sam's Club, but it still had only 1 lightsaber pen in it. You'd have thought with the "double package" cereal you'd get 2:(

Mace Windex
07-04-2002, 01:55 AM
I have bought 6 boxes of cereal and have three dookus, two mace's and one VAder. Yes, I need Luke's and ANi's saber pens!

Master Goeweins
07-04-2002, 11:40 AM
Is there any specific placement of the pens? I bought two Honey Cheerios and got two Dookus... then I bought one Reese's, one Cinnamon Toast, and one Coco Puffs. I got one of each pen in each cereal. Now I need Golden Grahams to get Anakin's right? Have you guys been getting different pens in the same cereal? Did I just get really lucky? It seemed from my experience that each flavor had it's own pen? What have been your experiences?

07-04-2002, 05:52 PM
The pens are found in Cinnamon Toast Crunch / Cocoa Puffs / Honey Nut Cheerios / Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs, but I don't think the Golden Grahams has the pen offer. If you've seen a Golden Grahams box with the lightsaber pen offer, please let me know:)

I think you were lucky to find the different pens in each box, but I don't think you can be assured of which pen you'll get in a certain cereal...just the luck of the draw. Since I haven't found the Luke or Anakin pens, I don't know which cereal these have been found in. Perhaps those that have found those 2 can remember "which" cereal they were in and a pattern many develop?

Master Goeweins
07-05-2002, 09:12 AM
I know that I got my Luke pen in either Reese's or Coco Puffs. I opened both of them at the same time so I am not positive which one it was. The other cereal had Mace's pen.

07-06-2002, 04:51 PM
I got a Mace Windu Pen!!! YEAH!!!!!!
Oh yeah... by the way it was in a honey nut cheerios box..

07-08-2002, 02:51 PM
my current standings--and i'm stocked on cereal for the remainder of the century

reese's puffs: 1 luke, 1 ani, 2 mace, 2 vader
honey nut cheerios: 1 vader, 1 dooku

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
08-02-2002, 12:28 AM
I went to Sam's Club today and had to pick out cereal. Of course I picked out a 2 pack of Honey Nut Cheerios with the lightsaber pen.

I didn't know about these till today. It seemed the only had a few left and all the boxes underneath didn't contain the lightsaber.

Anyway, I am opening up the box as I type to see which lightsaber I get, and, and, and, and,

it's Mace Windu

(throws out cereal)

08-04-2002, 07:01 PM
I bought mostly Cocco Puffs and Reeses cereal and was able to get 3 of the 5 sabers. I bought 1 box of HNC to get an Anakin Saber and one box of Cin Toast Crunch only to get yet another Dooku saber. I have 1 Luke and a few dooku sabers, but I still need the vader one. Anybody have an extra? Also I noticed something a bit odd. When I opened all the cereals the lighsaber was right on top, but in the case of Toast Crunch it was inside the bag on the bottom. At first I thought I didn't get one and it ticked me off.


08-05-2002, 09:52 AM
I just bought 2 boxes of CTC at Target on Friday and got 2 Anaken sabers. Great becasue it was the only one I needed. Now I have two sets :D (sorry, don't mean to bragg, but I did buy several boxes of cereal to get them).

I may have an extra DV saber pen. Let me check and we can work out a trade or something. I'll let you know.

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
08-17-2002, 12:25 AM
A little update.

The boxes with the pens are still on the shelves. They are disappearing though. Don't forget to check Big Lots or Dollar General too, they have cereal as well.

You'd think that the AOTC Star Wars cereal would come with those darn pens but they don't.

I've bought 4 boxes of cereal with the pen offer so far (a Honey Nut Cheerios 2 pack, Reese Puffs and 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and I got 1 Dooku, 1 Windu, 1 Vader and 1 Luke. Still need an Ani.

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
08-24-2002, 12:17 AM
Another update

I'm sick of eating Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast, just so I can get an Anakin lightsaber pen (the blue one).

If anyone is willing to trade me an Anakin lightsaber pen, I'd be very appreciative. I have unopened extras of Dooku and Luke.

Please E-mail. Hurry, before Honey Nut Cheerios soon becomes my lunch and dinner.

Here's my E-mail.

LBC's Email (HomerJ208@cs.com)

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
09-10-2002, 01:00 AM
Just to confirm, I think the Anakin pen was underproduced.

Go to Ebay and see how much they are commanding. An Anakin pen has like an average of six bids and is going for $8 while a lot of the Dooku pens have no bids at a starting bid that is $1.50.

I found a cache of Lightsaber Pen boxes of Reese Puffs at a Quality Markets on Sunday and I bought two (got another Dooku and a DV, if you want them E-mail me at my address in the post above). They still had about 6 boxes left and I was going to have my mom buy them when she went shopping later that night.

Well, she went while I was away at work and she told me they didn't have an Anakin pen.

'How do you know I asked?'

"Well, because I opened them and didn't see the blue one."

I was upset at my mother for doing what she did, but I guess she figured that we didn't want to be eating Reese Puffs until the next millenium. She told me she didn't open the other three so there is still hope. And I will buy those boxes.

09-10-2002, 01:36 AM
I agree with you about the Anakin pens being underproduced. I've eaten Cinnamon Toast Crunch, HoneyNut Cherios and Recess (however you spell it!) cereals continously and havn't found that Anakin pen.

Master Goeweins
09-10-2002, 07:59 PM
After getting about three of each pen (like 7 of Dooku), I only managed 1 Vader and one Anakin. The Anakin was in the very last box that I was ever able to find. So I just barely managed. I have heard from my local Dollar Tree that they will be getting some boxes soon, so get ready for the second round, and a much cheaper one at that!

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
09-11-2002, 12:49 AM
Originally posted by Master Goeweins
After getting about three of each pen (like 7 of Dooku), I only managed 1 Vader and one Anakin. The Anakin was in the very last box that I was ever able to find. So I just barely managed. I have heard from my local Dollar Tree that they will be getting some boxes soon, so get ready for the second round, and a much cheaper one at that!

Do you mean Dollar General or someother store MG?

The only cereal I ever saw at a Dollar Tree had Middle Eastern and English lettering on it and it was manufactured by Nestle. Didn't recognize the brand. I could be mistaken though, but I do know my local Dollar General does not sell cereal.

I have scrambled to all the Discount Stores in my area including Dollar General and Big Lots. Big Lots had none of the General Mills cereal that stocked them (they did have the AOTC cereal though)

Dollar General had one box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch left and I bought it to get my first Dooku. Their is another DG in my hometown and they were soldout of the pens.

I will continue checking though.

Master Goeweins
09-12-2002, 02:23 PM
I was referring to an actual "Dollar Tree." I was also surprised, because I don't ever see any food items in there except for candy. She could be wrong, she could have just wanted to give me an answer instead of really caring. I will post here if any do in fact turn up.

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
09-21-2002, 12:04 AM
After a few months of trying to find the Anakin Skywalker lightsaber pen, I can finally say that I have found it.

The day is mine! ha ha.

I went to Target today and saw that out of about 15 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, they had 3 boxes left that offered the lightsaber pen.

Keeping in mind how much cereal I have stockpiled in the pantry, due to these blasted infernal pens, I only decided to buy two of the boxes with pens.

As soon as I got into the car I opened one of the boxes and ripped out the bag of cereal, only to reveal a Mace Windu pen (I wasn't that sad, I didn't have a double of him). I decided not to open the other bag because I wanted to keep some hopes alive of finding an Anakin lightsaber pen.

It wasn't until 15 minutes later that I decided to open the last box. I opened and turned my head, only showing my brother the bag. I asked him to tell me what color he saw (I didn't want to look because of fear of immediate dejection, I wanted to keep the suspense) and he said blue. I thought he was joking because he knew what color I needed. So I glance at it, and sure enough, there was the blue Anakin lightsaber pen.

It took me 11 boxes, but I finally completed my set. Plus, I didn't start this hunt until late July, a couple months after the boxes and the movie debuted. The only sad part to come out of this was the fact that I have Honey Nut Cheerios laying around the house that will be eaten until Episode III. Oh well, it was worth it! :cool: :D :) :) :D :cool:

Master Goeweins
09-21-2002, 11:23 PM
Congratulations!! That is awesome. I am glad that you got to complete the collection.

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
09-22-2002, 10:32 PM
Originally posted by Master Goeweins
Congratulations!! That is awesome. I am glad that you got to complete the collection.

Thanks! :) I've visited probably every Wal-Mart, Ames, Tops Supermarkets, Quality Supermarkets, K-Marts and a lot of mini-marts within the last two or three weeks and Targets have consistently been the only store that has one brand of cereal featuring the pens. The nearest Target is like 15 miles away or so, so I don't get too many chances to go there, but they always had them when I went there. Now I don't have to waste my hard earned money on cereal anymore, just on Hasbro Star Wars figures. :D

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
09-24-2002, 10:35 PM
I went to Target today. They had Cinnamon Toast Crunch on sale for $2 a box. They had four Lightsaber pen boxes left, 2 were already opened (I didn't bother peaking inside).

Even though I have the whole set, I bought one of them. I got a Windu pen. So far I have 4 Dookus, 2 Lukes, 2 Darth Vaders, 3 Windus, and 1 Anakin.

Don't ask me why I bought it. I guess it was out of habit.

Somebody slap me.

09-25-2002, 12:25 AM
Target is having a sale on General Mills cerels this week. I still have not found the Anakin Saber so I picked up a few boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that still had the pens in them. Hopefully I'll get it.

10-06-2002, 11:50 PM
Does anyone have a spare Luke pen they want to get rid of?

10-07-2002, 01:30 AM
Blah! Still no Anakin pen yet. I'm going to look tomorrow for more cereals with the pens.

10-09-2002, 11:30 AM
I have an extra Mace & Vader lightsaber pen, both still in the wrapper.

I'm not sure what I'm missing, so here's my collection:

Vader, Mace, Dooku, Luke.

If anyone would like to trade straight across for what I need, let me know. I live in the US.

10-09-2002, 12:17 PM
Good luck Zanziber, you are missing the Anakin pen like almost everyone else in the world.