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06-04-2002, 04:09 AM
Hey guys,
I scored a second Luke with bloody stump which I'm willing to trade for any of the following figures, as a one for one trade:

- POTF2 Theater Edition Luke Jedi
- POTF2 With Freeze Frame Tie fighter pilot
- POTF2 With Freeze Frame Sandtrooper
- Jango Fett "Final Battle" with fireball pointing up
- Jango Fett with unpainted "T" visor, known as "Blue Helmet"
- Clone Trooper with unpainted "T" visor, known as "Red Helmet"

I can supply a picture upon request of the carded Luke. I would be asking for one of your figure if a deal is made. Also, I will only be able to trade if your item is in mint condition as mine is.

Thanks for your time.

UPDATE: My priorities for a trade are the ones listed at the top of this post BUT, I have decided to make my offer available to a wider range of collectors, therefore I will entertain offers on variations or errors only you might have, which will appeal to me for a trade. Just let me know what your offer is and, if I like it we could trade.

Thanks again

06-05-2002, 03:42 AM
your notification on this means......? You will be willing to trade for my Luke? Thanks