View Full Version : Is 12inch Count Dooku out yet??

06-03-2002, 07:19 PM
I just look at the pics here on SSG and 12inch dooku looks awesome. I really want this and i only have a Maul 12inch so i'm not a big collector of these. ITs everything I had wanted the 3 3/4 figure to look like. Anyone know when these come out? I hope its not short packed and taken up by scalpers.


06-05-2002, 02:42 AM
on hasbro's site it says release is 6-1-02. there are none on ebay so did it get delayed? I badly want this figure. Its everything i had hoped the 3 3/4 would be but wasn't. Its perfect I gotta have one. Any info is appreciated. Let me know please


Jedi Juice
06-05-2002, 10:12 AM
I haven't seen these in the store yet, but I also haven't found any of the newer EP2 waves either.

06-05-2002, 10:18 AM
It's coming...


06-05-2002, 02:41 PM
I really want this one too. This figure would be the first 12" that I've owned to open and I honestly can't wait. It just looks freakin' cool :D.
I hope that it doesn't get delayed past July (as July was stated as the release in the other thread) and I actually hope it shows up before that...however unlikely it might be.

End :).

06-07-2002, 11:30 AM
i hope it does come out soon, probably before christmas.

06-21-2002, 10:09 PM
Yeah. Just read the title. :D

jedi master sal
06-25-2002, 12:57 PM
I just hope he's not as hard or harder to find than the 3 3/4 scale one was. (Although I have 6 of him now, 3 3/4 scale that is)

Jaina Solo
06-26-2002, 01:13 PM
Haven't seen it.

Uh...question for ya though. Hertius? Where'd that come from?

06-26-2002, 01:22 PM
That's his first name. I made it up for my fan fiction I've posted on this site and submitted to theforce.net, and it's so well-received that it's become canon.

07-05-2002, 10:39 PM
Deadeye are you insane? Or just drunk? Are you in need of any medication?

At any rate, Count Dooku's lookin' good. I can't tell if it's an SA body or not, but it look like an altered CC like with Jango. Still, if that headsculpt turns out this good I might want one...


07-06-2002, 12:08 AM
regardless of which joe body he has, he has got to be swapped out to a super soldier body. no way my dooku is gonna be an inch shorter than anakin and obi-wan.:)

this would of been a good figure for hasbro to use a modified super joe body with longer legs and torso.:)

Super Serg
07-06-2002, 10:38 AM
It looks to me as though the 1 out of the box has a resin head,
which would certainly hold 100% of the detail & look. It also looks
like a hand painted proto. The 1 in the box looks like the 1 we'll
be getting which aint as detailed & "aged" as the outside 1.


07-06-2002, 12:29 PM
Well anyways, he hasn't come out yet but he's lookin pretty good. I'm definatly getting this one.

Bent Wookie
07-07-2002, 02:17 PM
I prefer the dark olive color "cape" on the proto to the just plain brown one in the box. It just adds that extra touch of "sinister-yet-refined" to the overall look. I hope that's the one we'll be getting, but Hasbro will probably just stick to boring chocalate brown. :(

Hey, there's a nickname--Hershey's Dooku! :D

I'm hoping Hasbro decides to go for the Super Joe body too. *keeping fingers crossed* Regardless, I'm getting this figure.

Is anyone actually going to buy any of the others in this set? Zam Wessel looks horrid right now, and the Battle Droid just doesn't seem like a hot seller to me...may be wrong...it does happen...from time to time... ;)

07-07-2002, 06:39 PM
i plan on getting them all. i'm already planning on having a purple shirt made for zam. all the rest of her outfit will transfer to a cy girl, and with the veil on and a shirt aded, it just might look OK.:)

07-08-2002, 12:59 AM
The head on the one I saw today was so great, I'm really excited to get him! :) The pic in Laserbrain's post is the same figure I saw, but there's too much glare . . . I think he looks cool. :cool:

Zam didn't look as bad as the early pics suggested. It was bad, sure, but not as bad. :D

The True Maul
07-08-2002, 07:33 AM
I will Also get them all, They all look great!!!!!!!!!!!:D

07-08-2002, 04:01 PM
So did you just get back from the con?

Funny....I'll getting the same kind of glare from Ozzy's nipples....

07-08-2002, 08:31 PM
The Dooku looks good, but why couldn't they have made Obi-Wan and Anakin from the same body?

07-09-2002, 03:01 AM
theres a 12 inch dooku on ebay right now its up to $102.50 how silly...do a search for dooku 12

07-09-2002, 01:24 PM
So is the Dooku out now?

07-09-2002, 02:02 PM
Probably from Singapore DeadEye, just like the rest of the new stuff they get before us.

07-09-2002, 02:30 PM
Well, that's no fair! :(

Bent Wookie
07-09-2002, 02:39 PM
Look at this way--if it's in Singapore, that means about 3 weeks from now, it'll be in your hands (assuming of course you can find it)!

"Always look on the bri--iiiight side of life!"

And don't bend the Wookie! :D

07-09-2002, 05:46 PM
To quote Ralph on the Simpsons: "I bent my Wookiee!" :D

Jaina Solo
07-10-2002, 06:15 PM
I'm with you guys- the prototype looks better. Maybe it's just a variant? ;)

I may be taking some dye to that cape, though. I swear it's not brown in the movie, I swear it's not...

07-10-2002, 07:05 PM
It is in fact brown in the movie.

Bent Wookie
07-10-2002, 07:17 PM
Nooooo! It can't be!!! That's IMPOSSIBLE!!!



07-10-2002, 09:19 PM
Don't deny yourself! You know it to be true! :D

Jaina Solo
07-11-2002, 02:32 AM
Been a while since I've seen AOTC, and I've only seen it once. That, and I keep seeing pictures of the prototype Dooku, which has the black cape.

Oh well. I'm not leaving it on the shelf because I think the cape should be a different color. Anybody else? :)

07-11-2002, 01:48 PM
So is this figure on the shelves?

Jaina Solo
07-15-2002, 05:15 PM
Not that I've seen...It was a joke...

Never mind.

The True Maul
07-19-2002, 06:26 PM
He should be out soon :)

07-19-2002, 11:22 PM
Will most definitely p/u Dooku regardless of the cape color.