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Maximilian Veers
06-07-2002, 05:50 AM
Here are some that I would like made into action figures,they probably won't cause most of them are secondary figures and background fill-ups,but I'll post them nevertheless:


The Naboo security guard (that looks like he's Italian sharp-shooter figure),his name is:Officer Perosel./Has already been made into an action figure.
Officer Dolphe: Bravo 2.(the yellow Naboo fighters are coded "Bravo")
Lt.Arven Wendk:Bravo 3/African origin pilot
Lt.Rya Kirsch:Bravo 4/caucasian,fat,bearded guy that reminds me of Jek Porkins.
Ellberger:Bravo 5/caucasian female
Dams Denna:Herdmaster at Theed/takes care of the Eopie.
Gungan General: Has to be made into an action figure,comes with a battle horn.
Jerus Dannick: Royal Security
Bok Askol:Pacithtip
Captain Daultay Dofine:Neimodian
Rayno Vaca:Coruscant taxi driver/really cool charachter.
Sil Unch: Neimodian droid control ship officer
Horace Vancil:Amidala's Advisor
Thok & Thug: Gammorean Guards for Jabba
Captain Madakor:Republic officer/pilots the Radiant VII/Female
Lt.Williams: Co-pilots the Radiant VII
Freon Drevan: Xexto
Horox Ryyder: Anx senator
Liana Merian:Alderaan senator
Murr Danod: Ithorian smuggler
Saché: Handmaiden
Sei Taria:Valorums Administrator
Tendau Bendon:Ithorian senator
Yané: Handmaiden
Yarua:Senior Wookie Senator
Baskol Yeesrim: Gran senator
Chokk: Jabba's Klatooinian bodyguard & explosives expert.
Edcel Bar Gane:Roona senator
Gardulla the Hutt: Gangster
Lott Dodd: Neimodian senator
Ann & Tann Gella: Sebulba's attendants
Neimodian senatorial aide: w/smaller hat than the others,has to be made.
Diva Shaliqua:Jabba's dancer
Diva Funquita:Jabba's dancer
Aehrrley Rue: Freelance pilot and smuggler
Rum Sleg: Bounty hunter
Meddun:Kajain'sa'Nikto mercenary
Corix Venne: Bith
Gragra:Swokes Swokes
Yeb Yeb Adem'Thorn: Swokes Swokes Senator
Toonbuck Toora:Sy Mirth senator
Tikkes:Quarren senator
Tey How:Neimodian communications officer/the one with the goggles and the mouth piece.Must to be made!!

New Hope:

Takeel: Snivian mercenary/has already been made,but cool nevertheless.
R1-G4: Old model Astrocech droid/greenish color: Tattooine.
Prophetess: Tatooine female
Nevar Yalnal:Ranat that works for the Saurin Hrcheck
Hrcheck Hal Fas: Saurin droid trader
Sai'torr Kal Fas: bodyguard of Hrceck
Myo: Abyssin warrior/cycloptic
M'iiyoom Onith: Female H'nemthe
Kitik Keed'kak: female Yam'rii
Ket Maliss:Prince Xizor's "shadow killer"/such a cool figure.
Feltipern Trewagg:Gotal bounty hunter
Elis Helrot:Givin smuggler
EG-6:Gonk droid
Djas Puhr: Sakiyan Bounty hunter/already made figure
Baniss Keeg: Duro pilot
Yerka Mig: Fugitive officer from the Empire
Wioslea:Vuvrian female: trader in Mos Eisley
WED-9-M1 "Bantha" droid: Tatooine
Rycar Ryjerd: Humanoid Bimm trader/cantina patron
R4-E1:companion to BoShek.
Mantellian Savrip: Dejarik hologram creature
LIN-V8K: armored mining/demolition droid: Jawa trade.
Leesub Sirln: Qiraash female: cantina patron
Kal'Falnl C'ndros: female Quor'sav: 3.5 meter tall,you can see only her legs when Luke trades in his speeder.
Dice Ibegon: Florn Lamproid: Cantina
Debnoli: human cantina patron:ugly looking bald headed guy.
Harc Seff:Ishi Tib
Neb Dulo: Tocoya/cool alien
Boelo: Jabba's right hand man
Gela Yeens:Jabba's debt collector
Brangus Glee: Dor Narreth:Cantina
Iasa: the Jawa that admired Luke's speeder
IM4-099: Droid
Nebit: Fierce Jawa warrior
Makurth: Moltokian Black Sun employee
Niado Duegad: Vodran Mercenary:Cantina
Lirin Car'n: Bith Mercenary:Cantina
Arleil Schous:not a wolfman,but a male Defel (wraith) who can't warp light anymore.
Chall Bekan: Morseerian leader w/contacts to the Imperial government on Tatooine.
Daroe: Jawa Imperial informant
Brea & Senni Tonnika:Thives and spies
Trinto Duaba: Stennes Shifter:Cantina
Unut Poll:Arcona
Brainiac: Siniteen pilot.
Het Nkik:Jawa
Solomahal: veteran Nimbanel officer of the Old Republic.
Bom Vimdin: Advosze smuggler
Dannik Jerriko: Anzati Assassin
Thuku: Rodian bounty hunter
Swilla Corey: Thief in the cantina
Comm.Vancen Willard:Rebel officer
U-3PO:with C-3PO & R2-D2 in the beginning of New Hope aboard Tantive....
2X-3KPR: Border security droid for the Lars homestead:Has a lighted dome.
R2-X2:assigned to Red 10 at Yavin
Gen.Dodonna: Former Star Destroyer captain.
Jon "Dutch" Vander:Gold Leader.
Rebel honour guard: Galen Torg
Lt.Wanton Chan:rebel pilot
Garven Dreis: Red leader
R4-M9: Imperial
LIN-V8M:Armored military droid:Imperial
Lt.Tanbris:Tactical officer aboard the Death Star.
Gen.Tagge: Leader
5D6-RA-7: Aide to Adm.Motti:droid
Chief Bast:Aide to Grand Moff Tarkin.
Comm.Praji: Vader's aide on the Devastator
Col.Wullf Yularen: Imperial security Bureau officer:Emperor´s choice of officer/Way cool figure.

Empire strike back:

Gen.McQuarrie:Hoth general:Rebel
Sgt.Hollis:Hoth Rebel
Sgt.Edian:African origin,female Cloud city guard
Tanizander Rey:Hoth deck officer:Rebel
Zev Senesca: My favorite Rebel pilot/Rogue 2
R-3PO:Hoth:has a tattoo reading "Thank the Maker" on left posterior plating.
Ugloste: Ugnaught
Wiorkettle: Snivian working in Cloud city
Utris M'toc: Imzig cloud city trooper
Treva Horme: Lutrillian female:Bespin
Lt.Comm.Ardan: Commander of the Executor bridge
Comm.Gherant: Deck officer at the Executor
Lt:Cecius: Imperial
E-3PO: The rude droid to C-3PO on Cloud city
Capt.Bewill: Imperial
Comm.Desanne: Imperial
Comm.Brandei: Technical service officer at the Executor
Officer Evax: Intelligence officer:Imperial
WED15-17"Septoid" droid: Imperial
R5-M2: Rebel droid
Lt.Cabbel: 1st officer at the S.D.Tyrant
Capt.Lennox: Captain at the S.D.Tyrant that says:"Our first catch of the day"/has to be made.
FX-10: Imperial medical droid.
RA-7: Imp.droid.

Return of the Jedi and others:

Boushh: bounty hunter/been made,another re-sculpt needed
Bron Burs: Nentan:Rebel
Tiree: rebel pilot/Gold 2
R2-Q2: Grey & silver droid
R5-A2: yellow droid
Bren Quersey: Rebel pilot/Red 8
Col.Feyn Gospic: Gen.Dodonna's chief strategic advisor
Elyhek Rue: Rebel pilot/Red 7
Hol Okand: Rebel pilot/Gold 6
Lt.Lepira: Rebel pilot/Gold 4
Lt.Naytaan: Rebel pilot/Red 9
R3-A2: white and yellow w/clear dome
R3-T2: white and purple w/ green dome
Ryle Torsyn: Rebel pilot/Gold 3
Theron Nett: Rebel pilot/Red 10
R2-A5: white w/red trimmings
EG-4: rebel droid
R-3PO: Rebel droid
Lobot: Former criminal,now Cloud city administrative/has to be made again in more natural position.
Col.Cracken:Endor Rebel
Col.Salm: Pilot:Leader of the gray squadron.
Gen.Walex Blissex:A-wing designer.
Keir Santage:Rebel pilot
Tycho Celchu:Rebel pilot
Maj.Panno: Dresselian rebel commando
Lt: Telsij:Asian origin Y-wing pilot/mistakenly named Arvel Krynyd as a figure./make him again in a grey uniform,
Maj.Haash'n: Mon Calamari master engineer
1st officer Thaneespi: Mon Calamari
Captain Verrack: Mon Calamari computer technician
Capt.Godherdt: Imperial
Col.Davod Jon:Imperial
Janus Greejatus:Imp.Dignitary
Sim Aloo:Imp.Dignitary
Col.Dyer:Gets thrown down into the power shield generator in Endors bunker.
Comm.Igar: Endors surface defense:Imperial
Lt.Arnet:AT-ST pilot
Lt.Watts:AT-ST gunner.
Maj.Marquand:AT-ST pilot.
2X-7KPR:Imperial security droid
Adm.Chiraneau:Piett's advisor
Baron Soontir Fel: renowned TIE fighter pilot
Arica:Mara Jade in desguise in Jabba's palace
Leebo:Dash Rendar's co-pilot droid
Snoova:Wookie bounty hunter/really cool
Loje Nella:Accountant to Jabba
Pucumir Thryss:African origin human/stands behind Ree-Yees when Luke falls into the Rancor's pit.
R'kik D'nec: powerful Jawa in Jabba´s palace
Rennek: African origin human/Nerf-herder for Jabba
Sgt.Doallyn: Humanoid mercenary
Sasha Tiel:Ishi Tib female:Accountant
Sic-Six:Engineer for Jabba/spider-like alien
Yoxgit:male Ugnaught in Jabba's palace
Bane Malar:Bounty hunter
Beedo: Rodian bounty hunter
Bubo:Watch beast for Jabba
Cane Adiss:Alien pilot in Jabba's court/looks like a giraffe.
Cz-4:defense droid in Jabba's droid dungeon
Fozec:Human African origin/spy for the Empire in Jabba's court
Herat:Jawa that fans Jabba.
J'Quille:Whiphid friend of Lady Valerian.
Lady Valerian:Whiphid enemy of Jabba
Ortugg: Gamorrean guard
Ghana Gleemort:Gamorrean guard
Caldera Righim:male Talz
Deneb Both: Ithorian female in Jabba's palace
Thedit:Jawa leader
Tawss Khaa: female Nimbanel/Alliance tracker in Jabba´s court
Soth Petikkin:Tefau:Rebel recruiter in Jabba´s palace
Umpass-stay: Klatooinian
Chief Chirpa:Ewok leader
Graak:Ewok w/striped fur like Logray
Kazak:Ewok w/stone grey fur
Lumat:Ewok w/ darkish fur and grey.
Rabin:Ewok w/tan & grey fur
Romba:Ewok w/brownish fur
Wuta: Ewok explorer w/blonde & brown fur
Teebo:Ewok w/ darkgrey & black striped fur/I like him the most of all the Ewoks.
Jodo Cast:Bounty hunter
Mosep:Jabba's Nimbanel accountant
Ardon Crell:Jabba's debt payer
Attark: Hoover
Aded Luun:Jawa in Jabba's sail barge.
Hermi Odle:Baragwin
Tanus Spijek:Elom
Garon Nas Tal:Saurin in Jabba´s court
Geezum:Snivian scout
Ghoel:Wol Cabbas****e:Immobile alien lifeform stuck on Jabba's wall
Kalit: Jawa that looks into the Rancor's pit from above after Luke fell into it.
Leslomy Tacema:female Duro
Giran:Kajain'sa'Nikto:helps tend the Rancor with Malakili
Kithaba: Klatooinian assassin
Klaatu:Kadas'sa'Nikto:Barada's main assistant
Nysad:Kajain'sa'Nikto.on Jabba's sail barge.
Vizam:Kadas'sa'Nikto:weapons specialist
Wooof: Kadas'sa'Nikto:Jabba's best pilot
Yotts Orren:Kadas'sa'Nikto:Jabba's sail barge crew.
Lathe:Kajain'sa'Nikto:Jabba´s palace guard
Gamall Wironicc: Klatooinian at Jabba's court.

Eternal Padawan
06-07-2002, 09:04 AM
The previous list was brought to you by the Decipher SWCCG. :D

Maximilian Veers
06-07-2002, 09:07 AM
That's a site lots of people don't know about!
My friend Beedo told me about it!

Exhaust Port
06-07-2002, 09:56 AM
All I can say about that list is WOW!

06-07-2002, 10:13 AM
alot of those are on my list to.

Rogue II
06-07-2002, 12:44 PM
I would like a lot of those....but...

Have you considered condensing this list? For example, Jawas pretty much all look the same, so do we really need specific Jawas? Same could go for Imperial Officers, Rebel Pilots, and a few others. For these, especially the pilots and Jawas, they could make the Accessory packs which included extra helmets and gear for the pilots and a fan, glass, and weapons for the Jawa.

By the way, I'd add just 1 figure to your ROTJ list: Jabba the Hutt

06-07-2002, 02:18 PM
Thats a nice list. I would buy most to all of those figures if they got made, and I hope they do, its like Christmas in my head just thinking about it.

06-07-2002, 05:51 PM
I agree with Rogue 2.. nice list but some of them like the individual Jawas are out there. And do we really need that many ewoks?