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06-08-2002, 07:03 PM
Hasbro needs to make 1'x2' photo backgrounds for dioramas. They would be made on sturdy cardboard and come w/ stands or they could be taped to the back of a display. You could make them in packs of five. They can be reversable with another episode. They don't have to be a whole lot, something similar to the backgrounds inside some of the packaging.

EI The Phantom Menace
1) Naboo Cityscape
2) Gungan City
3) Theed Generator
4) Naboo Battlefield
5) Pod Race Arena

EII Attack Of The Clones
1) Geonosian Battlefield
2) Lars Moisture Farm
3) Droid Factory
4) Arena
5) Kimono Cloning Facility

EIV A New Hope
1) Lars Moisture Farm (Evening/Two suns set)
2) Tatooine Landscape
3) Mos Eisly Cityscape
4) Space Shot (Death Star)
5) Yavin Hangar

EV The Empire Strikes Back
1) Echo Base Hangar
2) Hoth Battlefield
3) Dagobah (Yoda's House)
4) Cloud City Cityscape
5) Carbon Freeze Chamber

EVI Return Of The Jedi
1) Tatooine Landscape (Jabba's Palace)
2) Endor
3) Ewok Village
4) Tatooine Landscape (Sarlaac pit)
5) Home One Hangar Deck

Let's hear your ideas.

06-08-2002, 08:27 PM
Backgrounds would rule!

Rogue II
06-10-2002, 06:50 AM
Go to Rebelscum.com and find the thing about the Ultrarama. It has a lot of backgrounds. Death Star, Endor, Tatooine...Hasbro doesn't make it, but it works for all action figures. I was thinking about buying one.