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06-09-2002, 01:13 PM
I got him last night, and I love it!
As some of you may remember, we had the post about the horns not being sharp. Well, though not as sharp at the proto's, it is just fine. They are not balls like the other pics...I can tell you that. They look great...I would not switch them up in any way. I am not trying to pimp the figure b/c I like him, but he is really great...

Now, w/ that aside. I must again emphasis...this statue is awesome. The detail is VERY nice...Mcfarlaney I dare say. What I love the most about this figure, besides the flowing robe, the awesome saber, the cool base, and the cool pose, it the face sculpt on the statue. It looks GREAT. He looks exactly like the proto's...just a little darker red.

The one thing that may turn you off is the size. He is actually smaller than Jango for some reason. He still measures a good 6 inches or so w/ the base. No big deal for me...but I kinda wish they would stay in scale.

So, overall, after having set my standard high, I am overly impressed w/ this toy. This is one of the best Star Wars collectables I own.

Grade: A

Darth Evil
06-10-2002, 12:47 PM
I might get one or two of these Unleashed figures. I'll wait until I see them them myself though.