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  1. The Old Republic: Deceived

    It's incredible. My last blog post was at the end of January and here we are almost 5 months later and I have not been able to get far in this book.

    I'm not a gamer and I don't know (so I don't care) about the characters.

    I've only started chapter 2.

    Part of the issue is that I am writing and constantly re-reading my own novel. So there's that.

    However, this novel is about Darth Malgus (I believe it's spelled). I could be interested. He ...
  2. Unseen, Unheard (from Star Wars Tales 24)

    This is the death of the Miraluka people (like Shanoeb Culu from TOTJ / Sith War) brought on by Darth Nihlus and it's a great black-and-white short which is made all the more frightening by the absense of color.

    That Darth Nihlus would "show" the complete genocide of her people, her world, to his Miraluka Sith apprentice is just totally evil.

    You have to love this.
  3. The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire (comic)

    I'm confused. Who is the Emperor in this one?

    This is a Sith Empire that has remained secret following the fall of Naga Sadow and never administered by Exar Kun.

    I think this is what was left behind of the Sith species and the slaves they took from the Great Hyperspace War (so there are some human Sith Lords, as well as alien) and now one of the apprentices (a girl) has betrayed the Emperor and they have adopted the ways of the Rakatta, a prior Force-sensitive Dark ...
  4. The Old Republic: Revan

    It's funny, because I'm usually a great fan of Drew Karpyshyn's writing (the Darth Bane books). But it is hard to get into Darth Scourge in this story and Revan and Bastilla Shan begin the story as a domestic couple, not very exciting - though I understand that's what they both want.

    I think the story will get better but 56 pages into it is not "doing it" for me.

    Revan began separating himself from the Jedi Council who was over-occupied with guarding against ...
  5. Lost Tribe of the Sith (e-book anthology, NOT the comics series by the same author)

    These stories start right after the Harbinger is thrown off into hyperspace in the prequel story to Crosscurrent, which eventually sets the stage for an adventure in the Skywalker era.

    The Harbringer's sister ship, the Omen crashes on a new, unexplored world with a Sith crew, originally sworn to fight for Naga Sadow during the Great Hyperspace War.

    These Sith continue during the time of Exar Kun's reign, but though I do not know at this stage in my reading, they may ...
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