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    So I finished The Old Republic: Revan 49 days (over a month!) after I began reading it. The payoff was worth it at the end and Drew Karpyshyn knows how to write a fascinating novel, but this one takes more than half the book to interest me.

    I am glad I read it and it familiarized me with Dromund Kaas which is a setting for the next chapter in the Star Wars chronology, The Republic: Blood of the Empire from Dark Horse Comics.

    The brief alliance between the Jedi and Sith to take down the Emperor and the well-done (but not too surprising) betrayal was great to read of.

    I am not a video gamer and this story and the succeeding comics are based on the LucasArts game, but I finally became a fan of the characters - after suffering for a long time to read through this novel until the last third of it paid off big time!

    I totally dug the Jedi Exile, Meetra, and enjoyed learning more about her, but Darth Scourge and Revan were ultimately the best characters (in this book).

    I like how the character focus through this era has shifted now to Revan, and intellectual, mature Jedi who is handling an awful situation, after characters like Zayne Carrick, the clumsy adventurer, and Ulic Qel Droma, the rash Jedi Knight who became a Sith Lord by his impetuous exploration of the Dark Side for the sake of avenging his fallen Jedi Master.

    There has been great diversity of the characters in other words and no repetition in the chronology thus far.

    I would have liked to learn more about Bastilla Shan, but it didn't belong in this book and there was just enough about her to make her appearence something also of some value.
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    Rumor is that no Star Wars comic stories will be published in 2014. So this title may have stopped with its 4th story arc and we will learn no more about the Dawn of the Jedi that leads to the great schism and exile of the Dark Jedi who could become the first Dark Lords of the Sith.

    Unless Disney does it - and why wouldn't they?

    But it would be under a different title more than likely. I hope Jan Duursema will still illustrate it and John Ostrander will still write it!
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    Because of the 2015 takeover of Star Wars comics by Marvel, this series might never have a 6th story arc which would have to begin by April of 2014.
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    OK, this story arc is also likely not going to happen.

    Story Arc 6 - for a total of 30 issues of Dawn of the Jedi might be the maximum amount of titles this series hits.

    Sadly, too.

    Unless (big if) Marvel Comics continues any series began originally by Dark Horse.

    Now Jan Duursema did the art for a Marvel Comics Star Wars book a long time ago. It's conceivable that she will once more work for Marvel - and on Star Wars. But she has friends she may be very loyal to at Dark Horse. I couldn't say. I'm just sorry that she might have to make a painful choice. She's a good friend of mine and I like her in real life besides her art on the comic book pages.

    So to wrap it up, you're reading my post on a possible 7th story arc for Dawn of the Jedi. It would have to begin in October of 2014 but only get 3 issues out before January of 2015 when the Disney contract starts. Perhaps Dark Horse will be allowed to finish up with this title, taking it to 35 books (most series run 40-50 though).

    If arc 7 doesn't start by October of 2014, and Marvel doesn't continue with it, this won't be happening.
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    This series will probably not happen, because Disney is transferring the Star Wars rights to Marvel Comics in 2015.

    This series would have to start in April of 2015 or thereabouts for there to be 6 books in the story arc.

    I think we won't likely see this one happen.
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    I am barely making progress with this book. I'm not sure I've been interested in reading over 100 pages yet, I'm very sorry to say.

    But it's important to say so!

    Sith plotting against each other is nothing new, and one working as a tactical field commander, and fighting security and battle droids has been done and overdone before.

    I'm not impressed yet, but I will read the whole book. My next post might have something better to say, but I'm not expecting it.
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    I've really liked what I've read of this series so far. It eventually cumulates in a love story between a stranded young (human) Jedi and a (human) Sith girl, daughter of an embattled mother who is a High Lord.

    It would be wild if this strange world they're stranded on without a ship to reach space eventually became known as Dathomir. Wow would that make sense - especially if the human descendants of the lady Sith completely took over. Their ranking Dark Lord is female at the point in the story I left off on.

    Darth Revan's dedemption takes place before The Lost Tribe of the Sith's collected ebooks are over.
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    So, Zayne Carrick wound up with Jarael and as a special attache to Captain Morvis who rose in the ranks since we first met him as Karath's bridge officer. They won't be as comedical partners as Zayne's cast of crazy friends from The Last Resort and the Momoo Brothers' ship, but I'm sure Zayne would call on Gryph back on Coruscant to help when Morvis wouldn't seem to be able to think outside the box, or military protocals for that matter.

    I'd also like to see Rohlan return. Good character and I'd like to get to know him some more, especially since half the time we thought it was him under the armor, it was Demogal.

    Great translations to Manalorian as well as the incorporation of slang terms or common mispronounciations by speakers of Basic.
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    I can't believe how dense Lucian Draay is for a Jedi Master. His look and his power and resourcefulness is very likeable actually but he's just so narrow-minded and stubborn.

    I never really gave the KOTOR series too much of a chance before. Set 22 years after the Sith War, I really resented not seeing Nomi Sunrider (likely in her 50's now) or Vima Sunrider - in her 30's by this time.

    I still would love for them to appear. Exar and Ulic are mentioned but never shown in flashback, though Master Arca was, fortunately.

    I think all the new characters are wonderful though and I'm really getting in to reading KOTOR this time.

    I originally also thought Zayne Carrick was a dummy and not very inspiring, but now I'm loving him because he's just so different, and surprisingly human because he's so fallable, yet very likeable.
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    As I re-read this, Tales of the Jedi struck me as having to be my favorite saga in the entire Star Wars chronology.

    I'll see if that holds, but if you're a fan and have not enjoyed the epic of Ulic Qel-Droma, Nomi Sunrider, and Exar Kun, you're missing out on the best Star Wars has to offer!
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