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  1. Lost Tribe of the Sith (e-book anthology, NOT the comics series by the same author)

    These stories start right after the Harbinger is thrown off into hyperspace in the prequel story to Crosscurrent, which eventually sets the stage for an adventure in the Skywalker era.

    The Harbringer's sister ship, the Omen crashes on a new, unexplored world with a Sith crew, originally sworn to fight for Naga Sadow during the Great Hyperspace War.

    These Sith continue during the time of Exar Kun's reign, but though I do not know at this stage in my reading, they may ...
  2. Knights of the Old Republic

    This series is excellent on my 2nd time reading through it - ever.

    Hasbro made 6 figures:

    Jareal - an Arkanian Off-shoot and something else with Force sensitivity
    Rohlan Dyre - a individualist Mandalorian Warrior known as The Questioner
    HK-47 - although in the comics they are HK-23's
    Bastila Shan
    Darth Revan
    Darth Malak

    The latter's armor was for a long while usurped by the cruel Dr. Demagol, a Mandalorian research scientist ...
  3. Vindication (from KOTOR)

    Haazen's and Kryndra Draay's story arc (from back in the day) is important to note as a stand-alone.

    As a direct impact of the Sith War, each life was touched with extreme consequences to come later from it.

    Haazen would turn to hate and seek vengeance and ally himself with the Dark Side for the injustice he felt for being a "failed padawan," while the high society Kryndra married into the wealthy Arkanian family of the Draays, business partners with the Adasca's ...
  4. Redemption (of Ulic Qel Droma)

    I love this story arc that introduces a teenage Vima Sunrider 10 years after the Sith War.

    She searches out the exiled Ulic Qel Droma, former Dark Lord, to train her as a Jedi.

    The story re-unites the surviving cast of the Sith War epic but keeps the cast very tight with:


    and a little fanboy twerp named Hogon who barely is worth mentioning.

    What's important here is that ...
  5. Shadows and Light (from Star Wars Tales 23)

    This short story could be very important, lest I might have otherwise skipped over it.

    Duron Qel-Droma (cousin of Ulic's and Cay's, male and human, the latter obviously)
    Shaela Nuur (human female)
    Guun Han Saresh (a Nautolan Jedi of Kit Fisto's species)

    are Jedi Terentatek Hunters, 3 years after Exar Kun's SITH WAR.

    The Terentatek are beasts brought to life by Sith alchemy that Exar Kun learned from studying the teachings of Naga Sadow. ...
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