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  1. The Sith War - Tales of the Jedi (Beast Wars of Onderon, Nadd Uprising, Dark Lords)

    Ulic Qel Droma's legacy is probably one of the stories I'm most found of in the entire Star Wars expanded Universe.

    Hasbro made 3 action figures:

    Ulic Qel Droma (Jedi)
    Exar Kun (Dark Lord of the Sith)
    Mandalore (commander of the Mandalorian Raiders)

    I would recommend much more from this series. It is rich enough to be its own complete toy line!

    Nomi Sunrider - is the most demanded and not yet produces (and even actually likely) ...
  2. The Great Hyperspace War (Tales of the Jedi Golden Age / Fall of - The Sith Empire)

    This is an awesome series!

    Hasbro could make the following figures:

    Gav Darragon
    Jori Darragon
    Empress Teta
    Tetan Solider
    Tetan Royal Guard
    Kirrek Rebel
    Jedi Odan-Urr
    Jedi Memit Nadil
    Jedi Master Ooroo (in his tank)
    Dark Lord of the Sith Spirit Markos Ragnos
    Dark Lord Ludo Kressh
    Sith Warrior - Kressh allegiance
    Dark Lord Naga Sadow
    Sith Massassi Warrior - Sadow's allegiance ...
  3. Dawn of the Jedi: Series 8

    My bet is this would be the final Dawn of the Jedi series - in stores if anything, but to attract new Disney Star Wars Episode 7 fans to a curiosity about where it all began.

    This would take the whole Dawn of the Jedi series up to 40 books total - whereas I hope it's been a good ride thus far, and the series continues even further. But this stretches it to 3 years and 6 months beyond the date I am first posting this.

    So I can't tell you anything more about how far into ...
  4. Dawn of the Jedi: Series 7

    If this ever happens, it won't feasibly begin until November of 2014 and end in April of 2015, right before Disney releases the new movie.

    This will bring the individual Dawn of the Jedi issue counts up to 35, by seven 5-book series and sort of mirror what we've seen Dark Horse do with Star Wars comic book series set in specific eras perviously (typically maybe 40 books like with KOTOR)

    I could be wrong, and this series (hopefully not for my friends in the creative ...
  5. Dawn of the Jedi: Series 6

    Begining no sooner than June of 2014, this might be the last or 2nd to last Dawn of the Jedi comic series.

    It might run all the way until November of 2014.

    I think by this point, with a new Star Wars movie (set post ROTJ), that by this time, ancient Star Wars history, and prequel trilogy related Star Wars stories, will have started being phased out.

    A potential 7th series could run from November 2014 to April 2015 - but that's very close to the new movie ...
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