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Dawn of the Jedi, 36,453 BBY

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First, I love the takes on whole new universes created by my friends, the writer John Ostrander, and an actually closer, personal friend, the artist Jan Duursema.

I will have to see if Dawn of the Jedi is the best series by this team yet. (They are the best Dark Horse team, but they've created their own toughest competition from the previous bodies of work they've penned for Star Wars).

Next, Sek'Nos Rath is my favorite character in this series, I love having a young native Sith as a major character. His warrior culture's tendancy towards the attractions to conquests for power and his youthful charm showing off for the ladies makes him a bright star shining in this series. I do think he'll fall to the Dark Side though. It's his species' nature.

However, I thought the Sith were not discovered yet until the Dark Jedi would be exiled a hundred or more years later than the time period in which this story is set?

I suppose the Tho Yors (Force-sensitive collector ships) answered that question though. The people on Tython would not be able to build ships that could go into hyperspace and get to the Sith people at this time.

I do think that 36,000 plus years before the first Death Star, they ought to be more primative. True the Jedi use regular swords, but the Force Hound Xesh (a slave of the Rakata) uses a Dark Saber. That's interesting, and it's a story device in that it's a litmus test as only anger and hate can activate it -which is a telltale giveaway to how a Jedi is feeling.

Shae Koda, the Dathomirian Warrior (I guess there aren't Night Sisters yet) is another great character.

Her, Rath, Xesh the Force Hound, and maybe the Twi'lek Mafia Princess (a Jedi, Tasha Ryo) are great first characters to be candidates for action figures. Perhaps a Rakata Master?

That's about all I would want until I see how this series goes. No need to get crazy over it, but the 4-5 I recommended would make colorful collectibles.

Sending Xesh to the Dark Moon instead of training him with the Jedi is a mistake. Daegan Lok will find and use him, and with Xesh still a slave to the Dark Side, he'll befriend and corrupt Rath.

Then it all goes downhill from there.

By the way, every time I wrote Jedi, I really refer to the Je'Daii as the explanation for the word Jedi to be developed out of slang terminology is another great element to this story.

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