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Dawn of the Jedi: The Prisoner of Bogan

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This series, not released yet - but only days away - will have its review updated upon its completion.

No doubt this is the story of Force Hound* Xesh, who is sent to Tython's dark moon of Bogan where imbalanced Dark Siders are stranded, to try and contemplate the light side (Tython's bright moon of Ashla), so that they may return from their darkness.

But the unrepentant Deagan Lok resides there, who will no doubt turn Xesh further to the Dark Side, beyond some point of no return, and probably corrupt my current hero in the series that I've found in the young Sith, Sek'Nos Rath.

We'll see how that goes. But just because it's obvious - and since John Ostrander is writing this - our expectations might be shattered and the unexpected may occur.

I'll take that to suggest that perhaps the story turns the opposite way than what I predicted.

But something called the Hundred Years Darkness is coming upon the Je'Daii (this is actually before the establishment of a formal Jedi Order - and "Jedi" is a slang term for the Bendai word Je'Daii anyway. The Hundred Years Darkness might imply that all these Jedi who'd be prone to it, turn to the Dark Side and this first 'brotherhood of darkness" (not Lord Kaan's which is thousands of years latter) might rise with the Dathomir girl Shae hinting at a precursor to the Nightsisters, Xesh and Rath becoming brothers in arms - for the Dark Side, etc.

Eventually there's a terrible war and the fallen Je'Daii are banished as the Jedi Order rises.

The banished Dark Jedi conquer the Sith people and become Dark Lords of the Sith. (This does not mean Sek'Nos Rath will turn that way just because he's Sith by blood. He's not a Dark Sider yet, but he has the characteristics of a Ulic Qel Droma type that could easily fall.)

Anyway, then the Sith aren't heard of and knowledge of them is lost until Naga Sadow returns in the Great Hyperspace War, thousands of years later.

Since the Force-Sensitive search ships collected adepts on Tython and the people brought there had barely explored the galaxy, they had no knowledge of where the Sith peoples lived, only that Sek'Nos told him that he came from the Sith species.

This is kind of getting interesting.

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