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Dawn of the Jedi: Series 6

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Begining no sooner than June of 2014, this might be the last or 2nd to last Dawn of the Jedi comic series.

It might run all the way until November of 2014.

I think by this point, with a new Star Wars movie (set post ROTJ), that by this time, ancient Star Wars history, and prequel trilogy related Star Wars stories, will have started being phased out.

A potential 7th series could run from November 2014 to April 2015 - but that's very close to the new movie release and I think they might curtail Dawn of the Jedi here.

7 series of 5 books each would be 35 books. But I'll give it one more series to reach a 40-count - which has been near a Dark Horse standard average for series.

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  1. Tycho's Avatar
    Because of the 2015 takeover of Star Wars comics by Marvel, this series might never have a 6th story arc which would have to begin by April of 2014.
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