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Dawn of the Jedi: Series 7

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If this ever happens, it won't feasibly begin until November of 2014 and end in April of 2015, right before Disney releases the new movie.

This will bring the individual Dawn of the Jedi issue counts up to 35, by seven 5-book series and sort of mirror what we've seen Dark Horse do with Star Wars comic book series set in specific eras perviously (typically maybe 40 books like with KOTOR)

I could be wrong, and this series (hopefully not for my friends in the creative team - Jan Duursema and John Ostrander, the artist and writer respectively) could end earlier due to poor sales, or with thinking more positively, this series would go on beyond 8 story arcs towards 50 individual issues or more, due to its characters' and sales' popularity.

In any event, I've saved the space in Rogues' Gallery's continuity here so that I can edit this post and reuse it for an actual review 2 years and 8 months from now - there's nothing like planning ahead!

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  1. Tycho's Avatar
    OK, this story arc is also likely not going to happen.

    Story Arc 6 - for a total of 30 issues of Dawn of the Jedi might be the maximum amount of titles this series hits.

    Sadly, too.

    Unless (big if) Marvel Comics continues any series began originally by Dark Horse.

    Now Jan Duursema did the art for a Marvel Comics Star Wars book a long time ago. It's conceivable that she will once more work for Marvel - and on Star Wars. But she has friends she may be very loyal to at Dark Horse. I couldn't say. I'm just sorry that she might have to make a painful choice. She's a good friend of mine and I like her in real life besides her art on the comic book pages.

    So to wrap it up, you're reading my post on a possible 7th story arc for Dawn of the Jedi. It would have to begin in October of 2014 but only get 3 issues out before January of 2015 when the Disney contract starts. Perhaps Dark Horse will be allowed to finish up with this title, taking it to 35 books (most series run 40-50 though).

    If arc 7 doesn't start by October of 2014, and Marvel doesn't continue with it, this won't be happening.
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