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Shadows and Light (from Star Wars Tales 23)

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This short story could be very important, lest I might have otherwise skipped over it.

Duron Qel-Droma (cousin of Ulic's and Cay's, male and human, the latter obviously)
Shaela Nuur (human female)
Guun Han Saresh (a Nautolan Jedi of Kit Fisto's species)

are Jedi Terentatek Hunters, 3 years after Exar Kun's SITH WAR.

The Terentatek are beasts brought to life by Sith alchemy that Exar Kun learned from studying the teachings of Naga Sadow. They hunt Force-sensitives and the Jedi Council has deployed warrior types of Jedi to hunt the creatures down in turn, to destroy them first, as they still remain where Lord Kun's Sith deployed them.

The three hunters' who this story focuses on have their mission compromised by Durron and Shaela's love and lust for one another. So much that Guun Han abandons them, unable to work with the fledgling couple on Korriban, the abandoned burial world and consecrated grounds of the Dark Lords of the Sith.

Guun Han is killed, and shortly thereafter Duron falls and Shaela is unable to save him, but strikes back in anger, seeking vengeance against all things Dark Side, unawares that her ends-justify-the-means way of operating is leading the last hunter down the path to the Dark Side - and on Korriban of all dangerous places for a Jedi.

The story is important because I think there is call for Shaela Nuur to actually be the real identity of Darth Revan. Alas, Lucasfilm did not go that way and it was decided that Revan would be a human male Jedi. Too bad.

The Revanchist movement begins 22 years later, after the Sith War, when Shaela would probably be in her early to mid-forties (the age of Darth Vader in A New Hope) and the Revanchist leader (who I trust might become Darth Revan in KOTOR) breaks from the Jedi Council's directive to not involve itself in the Mandalorian War, and leads a team of rogue Jedi like Alek Quelii (later to become Darth Malak).

It would have been fascinating if this tragedy on the terentatek hunt caused the fall of the Revanchist (Shaela with a new cause).

I guess my wish could be kept in mind as Revan could usurp the Sith Lord title from Shaela without the knowledge of many others at all.

However, the body, officially proclaimed to be Shaela Nuur's, was found in the Tomb of Naga Sadow, on Korriban, years after she'd been killed - by Revan no less. If he's to be believed.

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