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Vindication (from KOTOR)

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Haazen's and Kryndra Draay's story arc (from back in the day) is important to note as a stand-alone.

As a direct impact of the Sith War, each life was touched with extreme consequences to come later from it.

Haazen would turn to hate and seek vengeance and ally himself with the Dark Side for the injustice he felt for being a "failed padawan," while the high society Kryndra married into the wealthy Arkanian family of the Draays, business partners with the Adasca's of Arkania. Haazen's jealousy made him turn against Kryndra's husband whom he was a humble servant to by Arkanian class standards, but his plan backfired and left him disfigured and disabled.

After losing her husband in the Sith War, Kryndra, also trained as a Jedi, formed a secret Covenant of Jedi especially talented with seeing the future. Their goal was to guard for the return of the Sith and kill any of their own kind who were falling to the Dark Side.

The Covenant's founding sets the stage for KOTOR's stories, set during the Mandalorian War.

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