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Knights of the Old Republic

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This series is excellent on my 2nd time reading through it - ever.

Hasbro made 6 figures:

Jareal - an Arkanian Off-shoot and something else with Force sensitivity
Rohlan Dyre - a individualist Mandalorian Warrior known as The Questioner
HK-47 - although in the comics they are HK-23's
Bastila Shan
Darth Revan
Darth Malak

The latter's armor was for a long while usurped by the cruel Dr. Demagol, a Mandalorian research scientist of extreme unethical nature.

Zayne Carrick's figure is rumored and I'd like to see this.
Gryph - the Snivvian ought to be made (but Takeel's figure could substitute)
The Moomaw (Ithorian Bounty Hunter) Brothers ought to be made, but Momaw works
Cassus Fett
Lucien Draay
Kiranna Tay - but a Shaak-Ti figure could work
Lord Adasca
EeeGee - but a Duro figure could work
Slysssk - a Trandoshan "iron chef"
Rakduhl creature

And there are Republic officers, Swoop gangsters, and other Jedi that could also be made, as well as Alek before he turned to the Dark Side.

I am really enjoying the comics this time around, though I have never played the game. I'll have to check it out I guess.

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  1. Tycho's Avatar
    I can't believe how dense Lucian Draay is for a Jedi Master. His look and his power and resourcefulness is very likeable actually but he's just so narrow-minded and stubborn.

    I never really gave the KOTOR series too much of a chance before. Set 22 years after the Sith War, I really resented not seeing Nomi Sunrider (likely in her 50's now) or Vima Sunrider - in her 30's by this time.

    I still would love for them to appear. Exar and Ulic are mentioned but never shown in flashback, though Master Arca was, fortunately.

    I think all the new characters are wonderful though and I'm really getting in to reading KOTOR this time.

    I originally also thought Zayne Carrick was a dummy and not very inspiring, but now I'm loving him because he's just so different, and surprisingly human because he's so fallable, yet very likeable.
  2. Tycho's Avatar
    So, Zayne Carrick wound up with Jarael and as a special attache to Captain Morvis who rose in the ranks since we first met him as Karath's bridge officer. They won't be as comedical partners as Zayne's cast of crazy friends from The Last Resort and the Momoo Brothers' ship, but I'm sure Zayne would call on Gryph back on Coruscant to help when Morvis wouldn't seem to be able to think outside the box, or military protocals for that matter.

    I'd also like to see Rohlan return. Good character and I'd like to get to know him some more, especially since half the time we thought it was him under the armor, it was Demogal.

    Great translations to Manalorian as well as the incorporation of slang terms or common mispronounciations by speakers of Basic.
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