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The Old Republic: Revan

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It's funny, because I'm usually a great fan of Drew Karpyshyn's writing (the Darth Bane books). But it is hard to get into Darth Scourge in this story and Revan and Bastilla Shan begin the story as a domestic couple, not very exciting - though I understand that's what they both want.

I think the story will get better but 56 pages into it is not "doing it" for me.

Revan began separating himself from the Jedi Council who was over-occupied with guarding against the return of the Sith following Exar Kun's depradations.

He disagreed with them ignoring the new Mandalore who continued the war as best as he could. So Revan led a rogue Jedi army against the Mandalorians with the Jedi Malak as his apprentice, but something turned them to the Dark Side and I haven't really found out what as of yet.

Revan added Mandalorian armor to become a lightsaber weilding "Jango Fett."

But the Jedi caught him and erased his memory and he's been living with Bastilla Shan kind of like Hauser and Sharon Stone in Total Recall.

We'll see if it goes anywhere after page 56.

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  1. Tycho's Avatar
    I am barely making progress with this book. I'm not sure I've been interested in reading over 100 pages yet, I'm very sorry to say.

    But it's important to say so!

    Sith plotting against each other is nothing new, and one working as a tactical field commander, and fighting security and battle droids has been done and overdone before.

    I'm not impressed yet, but I will read the whole book. My next post might have something better to say, but I'm not expecting it.
  2. Tycho's Avatar
    So I finished The Old Republic: Revan 49 days (over a month!) after I began reading it. The payoff was worth it at the end and Drew Karpyshyn knows how to write a fascinating novel, but this one takes more than half the book to interest me.

    I am glad I read it and it familiarized me with Dromund Kaas which is a setting for the next chapter in the Star Wars chronology, The Republic: Blood of the Empire from Dark Horse Comics.

    The brief alliance between the Jedi and Sith to take down the Emperor and the well-done (but not too surprising) betrayal was great to read of.

    I am not a video gamer and this story and the succeeding comics are based on the LucasArts game, but I finally became a fan of the characters - after suffering for a long time to read through this novel until the last third of it paid off big time!

    I totally dug the Jedi Exile, Meetra, and enjoyed learning more about her, but Darth Scourge and Revan were ultimately the best characters (in this book).

    I like how the character focus through this era has shifted now to Revan, and intellectual, mature Jedi who is handling an awful situation, after characters like Zayne Carrick, the clumsy adventurer, and Ulic Qel Droma, the rash Jedi Knight who became a Sith Lord by his impetuous exploration of the Dark Side for the sake of avenging his fallen Jedi Master.

    There has been great diversity of the characters in other words and no repetition in the chronology thus far.

    I would have liked to learn more about Bastilla Shan, but it didn't belong in this book and there was just enough about her to make her appearence something also of some value.
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