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The Old Republic: Deceived

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It's incredible. My last blog post was at the end of January and here we are almost 5 months later and I have not been able to get far in this book.

I'm not a gamer and I don't know (so I don't care) about the characters.

I've only started chapter 2.

Part of the issue is that I am writing and constantly re-reading my own novel. So there's that.

However, this novel is about Darth Malgus (I believe it's spelled). I could be interested. He has an action figure even. I'd like to know if I'd even want to make a diorama with my figures re-enacting his adventures.

But so far the story has been about a smuggler I don't care about being double-crossed and barely escaping (but with most of his weapons cargo) and Darth Malgus and his lady friend (?) who knows him by his real name walking on Coruscant during the betrayal of the Republic by the Sith Empire and their surprise invasion.

I mean to return to this book and approach it from being interested in Darth Malgus, but I've hit a 5 month stalling period. That's not good.

It's probably a good book, but I wanted to note that I hadn't read it.

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