• Sideshow Collectibles Rare Naboo Fighter Sixth Scale Replica


      From Sideshow Collectibles:

      The staff at Sideshow Collectibles believes that through the power of our collectors, we all can make a difference in the lives of so many! Thus, Sideshow has released some unique prototypes, paint variants and sought after exclusives from our archives, which will be featured in our ‘Collect for Life (TM)’ auctions. All proceeds from these unique auctions will go to local cancer causes and national children’s charities!

      This auction is for a unique, huge, sixth scale (yes! Sixth scale) mixed media, Naboo Fighter. It’s stellarly big at approximately 5 ˝ feet long, 3 ˝ feet wide and 1 ˝ feet high and it can be displayed by hanging from the ceiling or used as floor display. Since this sucker weighs 38 lbs. with its box, we recommend displaying it on the floor!

      It’s amazing what we find in our warehouse! It seems our hefty Naboo fighter has been in our shipping department taking up our top steel rack and its time to rehome it, or regalaxy it, if you will. This nifty item originally came from Hasbro who used a few of these fighters in a promotional giveaway with Toys R Us stores. Our good fortune of ‘friends’ can now be yours too, as you add one of Queen Amidala’s fleet to your Star Wars Collection!
      Head on over to eBay.com to check out the auction.
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