• SirSteve's Guide 2010 Year In Review

      The staff of SirStevesGuide.com looks back at Star Wars collecting in 2010. Better late than never!

      SSG's Thirteenth Annual Year in Review

      JediTricks: Welcome to SSG's 13th YIR article! How amazing is that? We're going to be changing things up a little from the last few years, trimming the fat (sorry SW Transformers), but we're still going to take a good look at what went down in 2010 with Star Wars collecting. 2010 was another year of rough pacing thanks to a weakened first half of the year that had virtually no basic waves, and the frustratingly-difficult-to-find Toys R Us wave, but it was surprisingly bolstered by a decent variety of exclusives. Season 3 of Clone Wars began, albeit with some confusing timeline-jumping episodes. Celebration V in Florida had SW fans fighting off gators with FX lightsabers (and if you believe that, I've got a Skyhook on Coruscant to sell you). The Force Unleashed II quietly limped out to mixed response. The official fan club, Hyperspace, announced in 2010 that it is closing. Star Wars Blu-Ray and theatrical 3D were announced. We lost a good friend with the passing of Bill Wolf III, who reported for years on SSG as Grand Admiral Thrawn. And quite possibly the finest figure wave in collecting history hit stores late in the year. Collecting was more community-oriented than ever with a challenging year, but with some luck and some help from friends, ultimately it proved another rewarding year for Star Wars.

      Tycho: In 2010, there were 62 carded figures offered between both the realistic and Clone Wars lines, by a rough count. I got 37 individually different figures from all those offerings - 13 of 31 realistic figures, 24 of 31 of the Clone Wars figures, and counting multiples so in total, I bought 80 figures. It was a good year for me to find stuff from Hasbro that I wanted to buy, like 5 Zombie Geonosians, 6 Wooofs, or 8 Jaina Solos (for different scenes from the books I want to make). I think JediTricks summed everything else up well. I’ll add that I was very impressed with the large vehicle offerings this past year. They are an important part of what makes this toy line so much fun for those of us who open and display our figures in dioramas – the toys that interact with the figures. We’ll talk more about that later in this review. Meanwhile, the EU wave was a great thing to me, Star Wars has long lived on in the offerings outside the movies, including Clone Wars, and The New Jedi Order was one of the strongest examples of this in Star Wars literature. Grand Admiral Thrawn’s passing was an example of what the community here at SSG has weathered, as with time’s passage, we’ve lost some good members of this website, and I continue to be grateful that my friendship with BobaFrett from our very own forums resulted in the kidney transplant almost exactly 2 years ago from now, which has kept me around here (on this planet, I mean). Who’d have thought Steve’s incidental posting of the photographs of 9 of the basic modern action figures 15 years ago would have resulted in the friendships we have made here?!

      SirSteve: Well… there is not much for me to say that these two have not said already. I guess I will start with saying that yes, this Year In Review is about 3 months late and it’s mostly my fault.

      Huge thanks to JediTricks for taking the lead and putting this together as I have been really busy with the new site re-design and then there was Toy Fair. I am just now getting caught up. But as they say, better late than never! Also, I would like to do this year's a little different by getting input from YOU and what you thought of 2010. Please post your comments below!

      My highlight for 2010 was getting photo ops with George Lucas during Celebration V, and of course the low was losing Bill (Thrawn). As far as the Hasbro toys went, it was mixed for me. I enjoyed The Vintage Collection line more than The Clone Wars. Personally, I like the “live action” movies more and I am waiting for the “live action” TV series. So let’s get to it…


      JediTricks: Clone Wars really brought some A-game figures this year, when it was findable, that is. I was lucky enough to find Hondo and Aayla, but many weren't. Pre Viszla, cold-weather Rex and the Flamethrower Trooper, Cato Parasiti, Undead Geonosian, and Quinlan Vos were all quite good. And then there's the bounty hunter Embo, possibly the coolest figure in the whole line. New Grievous should be here but can't, the sculpt and articulation are so much better, but the rubbery limbs and foot-claws. make it impossible to stand upright, hold accessories, or even keep the shoulder armor on.

      Tycho: Again, I agree with JediTricks’ statement above. My choice would have to come from these figures. It’s difficult to look at just the artwork that went into the figure, and step away from how much I like a character like Hondo Ohnaka, but I think Embo and the Zombie Geonosian have to fight it out to take the cake. In the end, for me it was the Zombie Geonosian. What a creative way to bring back this alien and a unique new look for him.

      SirSteve: Cad Bane. The pirate look in the Star Wars universe is a nice change and it seems the villains are always the more interesting looking characters.

      JediTricks: The Legacy Collection ended with the Expanded Universe wave and then there was silence until the summer release of The Vintage Collection, where my list starts off. Although a price increase happened, we did get cool classic cardbacks and great new figures, like Leia Hoth, a new Magnaguard, and the fantastic new Luke Bespin. But the entire 3rd wave of ROTJ as a whole - Gamorrean, Ackbar, Luke Jedi, Wooof, bar2-D2, Rebel Commando, and Wicket - shone brightly. There was something for almost every taste and every figure was done pretty well, although paying $8 for Wicket by himself was a tough pill.

      Tycho: Wooof will take this honor for me, by a long shot. I love seeing almost all but 7 of the actual vintage figures now redone, and this gets the original “Klaatu” off the list with the kind of cool figure I knew they could do. As I mentioned before, I’ve really wanted Jacen and Jaina for a long time, and the Yuuzhan Vong in the comic 2-pack, but they were either ordinary, or had drawbacks from size to wardrobe choice. The new ROTS Grievous deserves mention, too. Although I haven’t bought him – I seriously would like to. I did pick up his Magna Guards though – as I had use for more of them in dioramas, while I think I have an extra Grievous figure as it stands.

      SirSteve: Gamorrean Guard… finally done right!

      JediTricks: There weren't a lot of bad figures this year, mostly any trouble was about availability. The only Clone Wars figure that might fit would be Ki-Adi-Mundi with his dopey crossed eyes that have made him a pegwarmer. Realistic takes only a few hits since there were so few figures, but TVC Darth Sidious with his odd costume design and over-the-top headsculpt slightly stands out for me. It's the ROTS Clone Trooper though that is a disaster with green-tinged, overiszed helmet that shipped most of its run missing paint... shipping at the same time as the Saga Legends regular version that's a dollar less and significantly better.

      I can’t really recollect a problem with any of the figures offered this year. I don’t see an issue with Darth Sidious, I wanted a figure of him from the duel with Yoda and picked up a couple. Now I’m not sure what year Clone Wars’ Thi-Sen was supposed to be issued on his single card in – or for that matter the FireFighter Battle Droid, and TX-20, but their availability stank! I do not want to buy extra Obi-wans and Anakins with that battlepack. I finally turned to eBay and Thi-Sen is on his way. Rumor is that Hasbro will be releasing his warriors, too? It’s 3 years after their singular appearance in a CW episode. But I will wait and stay off eBay until I can find out if there’s a cheaper way to get 4 more animated Talz.

      Other than a few that did not stand very well, I thought overall they all were pretty good. Generic answer maybe, but it’s the truth.

      JediTricks: Cad Bane with Pirate Speeder Bike, easy. It's a decent all-new Cad Bane figure with a very cool swoop bike to ride, both with quality paint/deco. This set is quite old west, and a lot of great poses can be made with it.

      Tycho: I like Anakin with Padme’s starskiff – sort of. Right now I’m at least happy they made the ship (a new sculpt at that) and offered a unique figure with it – though that could have easily been a way to get out Captain Typho or even better, a new Padme. I’d have preferred at least a 2 seater version of that ship, of course – or larger. But all I’m going to do is hang it in a display scene, so like the Saga 2’s Sith Infiltrator, it will serve its intended purpose. But it’s terribly lacking. With a pack-in figure, this ship (only larger) might have worked as a store exclusive.

      SirSteve: Cad Bane with Pirate Speeder Bike for me as well… As stated earlier, Cad Bane is an interesting looking character and his speeder is just as cool.

      JediTricks: I passed on the exclusive tail-end Comic Packs, which are still shipping, and as usual I rarely partake of Battle Packs. So for me, there was the quite nice SDCC-exclusive Comic-Pack robo-Maul / Owen Lars, both TRU-exclusive The Force Unleashed 5-packs (especially Raxus Prime Starkiller and the Militia Elite), and the Target-exclusive Geonosis Arena R2 & 3PO.

      Tycho: I loved getting all the Entertainment Earth comic 2-packs, and longed for Ysanne Isard to get a figure, with that cool new Baron Fel. But they’re just human figures and not sculpting masterpieces. Thi-Sen’s battlepack would encourage me, but for the fact it disgusts me that I could not get the figure by himself, when he was offered that way. Rohlan Dyre and Jarael rock, as do Deliah Blue and Darth Nihlus. The latter comic series I prefer (Legacy), but the former KOTOR characters are cooler. The new sculpts are all about equal to each other. Another battlepack I liked was getting several of Cad Bane’s lackeys in the Target-exclusive Hostage Crisis pack -the Weequay was necessary. The Force Unleashed multi-packs were of great value. The Felucian was a unique figure, as was Proxy. (I know the Felucian was offered with the Battle Rancor before, but I didn’t buy one.) I guess I’m going to have to run with Jarael and Rohlan. Good characters and good sculpts.

      SirSteve: I agree with JediTricks on this one… the San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Maul and Owen Lars Comic-Pack was a great surprise and the package was nicely done.

      JediTricks: A few really good choices to choose from in 2010, although not as many overall as '09. The new Snowspeeder scaled down properly with a better design and even given a second run in classic Kenner packaging was a treat. Cramming fun features into the Twin-Pod Cloud Car was dandy. Other stuff looked dandy as well - though I did pass on the CW Slave I – but let's face it, the AT-AT was the winner of the year. Standing tall and dangerous with lots more accurate sculpting, room for 2 dozen figures, well-articulated legs, fun play features, playset styling, bringing back the '02 Speeder Bike mold, and using tons of electronic features, the AT-AT truly joins the recent big vehicle winners circle of the BMF and AT-TE.

      Yup. The AT-AT, though I still haven’t opened mine. I really liked what I saw of it out of the box at Comic Con. They put a lot of features on this thing. I also got my Droid Gunship (Battle of Kashyyyk) from HasbroToyShop before the end of the year. I’m so glad they made this vehicle, as now I can almost complete my diorama. But I have to recognize the new Big Slave-One as my favorite. I opened this right away and flew it around, fired the missiles, and it was just like I was a kid. I loved getting the new animated Fett and Bossk. Plus with playset room inside the ship and a cool prisoner cage, it was almost everything I wanted. I miss the old Gatling gun type of weapon that the AOTC Slave-One had, and the “handle” you could fly the ship around with, but I’ve very much enjoyed this purchase – perhaps the most of anything I bought this year.

      SirSteve: Definitely the AT-AT. There is just so much going on with it! I also liked The Vintage Collection Toys “R” Us Exclusive with all the details Hasbro put into the package.

      - BEST ODDITY -
      JediTricks: Once it survived its beatings from postmen Mike Tyson and The Undertaker, the mail-away rocket-firing vintage Boba Fett was a nice oddity. The Galactic Heroes AT-AT looked really nifty as well, it's amazing to think it finally was created after years of speculation. The classic Kenner ESB packaging for vehicles with the AT-AT, TIE Fighter, Snowspeeder, and Cloud Car was a treat. If only Sgt. Bric hadn't been such a fizzle and a jerk on the show, I would have dug his all-new-parts mail-away with the big vinyl mat more.

      Tycho: I still haven’t cut out all my PoPs to mail in for my Bric figures, surely because I dislike the character so much. But I want to use him as a background alien for animated scenes with my figures, so I best get moving on it. But that’s how uninspiring that guy is for me. I strongly would prefer an animated Baron Papanoida figure and Jocasta Nu if that helps illustrate my point (and I do actually want these figures), it has nothing to do with Hasbro, however. Dave Filloni and the CW crew can’t always create a winner (like Hondo Ohnaka or Cad Bane). Sgt. Bric is my most-hated CW character I think – besides those stupid bunny-droids. Meanwhile, the Galactic Heroes AT-AT rocked! I did not want the rocket-firing Boba Fett. So I count myself as an oddity of the year, too.

      SirSteve: Nothing comes to mind…

      JediTricks: It has to be Jabba the Hutt's Throne set! Wow, what a great surprise, a new Oola, a new Jabba, a rolling throne with tons of pillows, good stuff all around. Oh, and a good runner-up would be Hasbro finally getting us the Force FX Sabers with removable blades - not only do they work and look as good as the original series, but they have some nice extra accessories to boot.

      Tycho: The Jabba Throne is a good choice.

      SirSteve: My surprise of the year was TVC Rocket Firing Boba Fett. Fantastic piece and of course, all the nostalgia!

      - MOST WANTED 3 3/4" FIGURES -
      JediTricks: I want new Leia ANH and Bespin at the quality we got Leia Hoth, who thankfully comes off my list after years. New Han everything with a newer quality of body, and improved head sculpts – Hasbro's most recent sculpt is starting to show promise here, so I want to see even more. Vader with a little more focus on specific movie accuracy and a better tailored cape and skirt and cape-chain situation (this year's Vader makes the chain fixable with a removable head to move the cape back at least, but it's not intentional). A stormtrooper with hands that work a little better with the E-11 blaster, it's a little thing but it means a lot to me. A new Biker Scout with quality at least as good as the AT-AT Driver.

      Tycho: I shudder at the thought of tooling expenses going to more Darth Vader figures. I know. He sells and keeps the cases refreshing, so I can get my: Jocasta Nu realistic and animated, Animated Bail Organa, Animated Padmes, more AOTC and ROTS realistic Padmes, animated and realistic Senator Onacanda Farr (Rodia), Nomi Sunrider, Sylvar, Master Arca, Kyp Durron, a new Yuuzhan Vong, Anakin Solo, Tahiri, Animated Baron Papanoida, Senator Chuchi, Animated Chancellor Palpatine, some more of the animated Separatist Leaders like Admiral Trench. Jar Jar and Padme in their Hazmat suits and Dr. Vindii from the Blue Shadow Virus would be cool, too. JediTricks, as to Han Solo, I want a Deluxe Carbon Frozen piece with extra “frozen pose” arms you can put on Han (and maybe a different head) so that you can enclose your figure in the carbonite block and it have several different covers – one which you can see through like the 80’s POTF one, plus different colored covers for the heating / melting look, too. This figure would not cost a lot in tooling to make. They might as well include Han’s Bespin and Jabba’s Palace binders, and his skiff blaster gun, too.

      SirSteve: My MOST wanted figure is… a furry Wampa! Yeah!

      JediTricks: I sorta called the Slave I set last year, as well as the return of a better speeder bike, but that's all for my '09 predictions. Jabba's Sail Barge may never happen, but it'd be great if it did. As much an improvement as the '02 Speeder Bike is, it turns out it's not enough of one and we still do need a new one, preferrably with clear positionable stand. I sense through the Force that we may see a Nu-Class Republic Attack Shuttle, but that could just be too much blue milk.

      Tycho: Jabba The Hutt’s Sailbarge in a large-ship scale must be done. Especially with most of the movies having at least one or more “big scale” vehicles now – like the BMF, TurboTank, or AT-AT. But ROTJ’s 30th Anniversary is in 2013. Ideally, they should get the tooling for the sailbarge underway now – while they lie and say they aren’t making her. The MTT – about the size of the TurboTank, would be a nice addition for big vehicles for TPM who’s 15th Anniversary is in 2014. Both vehicles could be featured more by Dave Filloni in CW at the request of Hasbro. It all makes Lucasfilm more revenue. I’d also love the Republic Attack Shuttle. I’d also like Hondo Ohnaka’s Rapier-One (Weequay flying saucer fighter ship – the smaller one). That ship that Anakin and Obi-Wan use which looks like an angel fish, is cool, too. So is Hondo’s tank, btw. From ROTS, Bail Organa’s speeder could be made for an Ultimate Order 66 Battlepack. The Lars’ family landspeeder might finally get made, along with an update for Luke’s – and the T-16, if they want to go in that direction. A Big Sandcrawler with Droid Factory parts (BAD parts recycled?) would be awesome! The Gungan Bongo and the podracers could return for TPM, but it’s not a priority yet. Better would be the Wookiee catamaran and Count Dooku’s solar sailor, plus Asajj Ventress’ unique ship from the Gennedy Series. Can you tell I like the vehicles? Don’t ask me if there’s anything else. I have a much longer list. Not mentioned here, is a return to a Beast Assortment, which I’d enjoy as well – especially if it first offered creatures we’ve never gotten before, from the movies and the animation.

      SirSteve: Yet again… still wanting a big Jabba’s Barge! Tycho… the category is MOST wanted.

      JediTricks: The Jedi Turbo Speeder vehicle looks really cool. A new name for the Deluxe Figure & Vehicle line, hopefully with more cool little vehicles. Some Clone Wars episodes that aren't jumping around the timeline or taking place in the Senate.

      Tycho: SideShow’s offerings of Momaw Nadon (due to ship this month of January!), Yoda, and Commander Cody have really excited me. I love new Padme figures (Outlander Disguise). Yup, the Jedi Turbo Speeder looks cool. I can’t wait to get Bom Vimdim, though. I love cantina aliens. And the Rebel Pilots sets plus the one with the Yavin Base Transport look fun. So far I don’t know of a lot of stuff that’s confirmed which I want. I’ll be buying a lot less this coming year because I’m not a carded collector. But the cards do look beautiful!

      SirSteve: Well, seeing as this is a bit late and I have already seen what’s on the horizon, I am most looking forward to more of ‘The Vintage Collection’ line. I just have a soft spot for the [package] look since it reminds me of my childhood.

      JediTricks: For me, it came down to Luke Bespin, Embo, and the Gamorrean - a tough group to choose the best. I added up each figure's pros and cons giving them numerical values, but that ended in a 2-way tie, so I set them each up on my desk and meditated on their Star Warsiness. I am giving the title to Clone Wars Embo. Here's a character who was only in 1 episode of the cartoon, yet he's a bounty hunter, he's an alien without feeling like a rehash of existing Star Wars aliens or recycling the same ol' bounty hunter motifs, truly neither a good guy nor a bad guy, mainly silent and uses his actions to speak for him, and instead of blurting out his whole history upon introduction he remains mysterious and cool. Hasbro really drove this figure home, Embo has great sculpting, choice accessories, expressive articulation, cool armor, good paint, is a buck cheaper than TVC figures, and is a keen bounty hunter alien action figure - how Star Wars is that? Extremely! (And unlike the Gamorrean, his hat doesn't fall off.)

      Tycho: I’m going to go with Wooof. He brings us only 7 figures away from having all the vintage figures completely modernized after 16 years. Because of resculpts and completely new and never-made-before characters (like the prequel figures which I also love), the original '80s vintage figures have only been redone at a rate of about 6.4 per year. Obviously, like in 1997, there were at least 29 of those right there (I use a final count of 102 eighties figures, counting Jabba, Salacious, and the Max Rebo Band members, along with certain very distinguishable variants). But Wooof is very easily customizable as different Niktos – with his removable accessories – kind of like how people make different Ewoks by switching the hoods. With Wooof, you can make different Niktos. The removable helmet feature is awesome! I love the fur wrap. That sure takes me back to the real vintage days. And the working holster for his gun is a nice touch, as his articulation – well above and beyond what we’ve had for the Weequay, Barada, and the red Nikto offerings (until the Sailbarge Gunner and Giran in the B-A-D line). Plus, I haven’t bought many of the vintage figures, as I really haven’t felt the desire to replace my older figures (like Admiral Ackbar for example) – but I really like the looking at the cardbacks in the store, and it’s been nice to have a few of those at home.

      SirSteve: Vintage-style Rocket-Firing Boba Fett! Do I really need to say more?
      - -

      Well, that's it for what we thought of 2010, so now it's your turn to add your take to the mix. Post your additions to the Year in Review list as a reply and keep it going!
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      Comments 16 Comments
      1. bigbarada's Avatar
        bigbarada -
        Overall, I bought much more stuff in 2010 than I expected to. I think the Vintage Collection is turning out to be the strongest overall line of realistic figures so far. The only real misstep has been that Hasbro seems to have significantly overestimated the demand for ROTS Clonetroopers and Sandtroopers.

        The Clone Wars line probably accounted for more than 60% of my impulse spending this year, mainly because the quality of the figures themselves was so good. Embo, Cato Parasiti, Kid Boba and Zombie Geonosian were all surprisingly well made figures; but my favorite for the year has to go to Bossk. I never saw the Rise of Boba Fett Slave 1 at retail, so I was forced to pay $27 for Bossk on Ebay; but once I saw the figure in hand, I felt that every single penny was money well spent.

        Gamorrean Guard, Wicket, Gamorrean Guard, Wooof, Gamorrean Guard, Admiral Ackbar, Gamorrean Guard, Endor Capture Luke and did I mention the Gamorrean Guard? All of wave 3 was amazing! From waves 1 and 2, I also liked C-3PO, Hoth Leia and the Magnaguard, but I feel that they are totally overshadowed by the quality of the wave 3 offerings.

        The ROTS Clonetrooper would be a terrible figure even without all the snafus that it experienced this year (missing paint apps, green tinted helmets). Echo Base Han Solo probably gets second place for being the most pointless figure released in 2010. Cloud Car Pilot gets the #3 spot, just based on ugliness alone; but at least he can be hidden away in the cockpit of the Cloud Car.

        I didn't buy any of these so I really have nothing to add. I was tempted to get the Mandolorian with Speeder pack, but could never pull the trigger on the purchase.

        Again, since I didn't buy any, I can't really choose a best here. The only BP that I'm still tempted to buy is the Clone Wars set with the animated Talz figure.

        AT-AT. Easy choice. I guess second place for me, personally, would be the Vintage Boxed TIE Fighter; but since I really only bought it for the vintage box, I guess it really belongs in the category of Best Vehicle Box of the Year (which would probably still go to the AT-AT). The Snowspeeder is a great vehicle, but I wouldn't have even considered the purchase if the AT-AT wasn't also released this year. I debated about whether to buy the Cloud Car, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. If I had actually seen the CW Slave 1, I would have probably bought it. As it is now, I'll just hold off until an ESB version gets released.

        BEST ODDITY:
        Gotta go with the Galactic Heroes AT-AT. That thing is just cool!

        I have to say Hasbro's 3 3/4" Gamorrean Guard. Not because we didn't know it was coming, but because of how amazing the figure itself turned out. The fact that it makes Sideshow's 12" Gamorrean look like an embarrassment, just shows what Hasbro is really capable of. It's rare when you are anticipating a figure for years, that the final product still manages to blow away even your wildest expectations.

        MOST WANTED 3 3/4" FIGURES:
        I would want to see SA updates of Barada and the vintage Weequay, along with Vedain and Velken Tezeri to round out the guards on the Prisoner Skiff. Then a new Lando Skiff along with new versions of Skiff Battle Luke and Han. I'd also love to see an updated SA Cantina Band Member on a vintage card.

        All-new, larger Tatooine Skiff. I've honestly given up hope for a Sail Barge at this point. If Hasbro does release one, then it will make it onto my "Surprise of the Year" list for whatever year it gets released. I would also like to see a completely remade Darth Vader's TIE Fighter that's rebuilt from the ground up (I guess they could recycle the solar panels if they want).

        Kithaba and Castas! Weequay Skiff Master would be #3 on that list if I didn't already own one. Also looking forward to picking up some of the Revenge of the Jedi carded figures. In addition, since we have Chewbacca and some Tradoshans showing up in Clone Wars, I'm looking forward to whatever figure will undoubtedly come from that.

        Gamorrean Guard! As if there was any doubt. Best figure of the year. Best figure in the entire 33 year history of the Star Wars line. No doubt in my mind about that.
      1. SirSteve's Avatar
        SirSteve -
        Thanks for your take on it BB! Now what about everyone else?
      1. El Chuxter's Avatar
        El Chuxter -
        IG-86. Got it for my daughter and immediately wanted seven for myself. But couldn't find them.


        Gree. Totally unnecessary. It might just be my opinion, but, really, how many of this 5-second character have we gotten? NO MORE GREES, HASBRO!!!!

        No opinion.

        Fixer and Camie. Because they're Fixer and Camie.

        I only bought the Twin-Pod Cloud Car, so that would have to be the wiener.

        BEST ODDITY:
        I consider the vintage cards to be quite an oddity, using the name of a defunct branch of Hasbro and all, so I'd say the vintage cards.

        Star Tours Boarding Party. I nearly pooped my pants when I first read about that.

        MOST WANTED 3 3/4" FIGURES:
        Chukha-Trok, Noa Briqualon, King Terak, Fozec, Erdan, Weazel

        Sail Barge. No question.

        A Dr. Evazan who doesn't look like a supporting character from Ducktales or Goof Troop, and a Barriss Offee who isn't based on the cut scene where she performs at the opera.

      1. Snowtrooper's Avatar
        Snowtrooper -
        Best Animated Figure:
        1. Embo-Colorful bounty hunter with lots of nice detailing.
        2. Magna Guard
        3. Shaak Ti - The most underrated figure of the year.
        4. Cmdr. Rex-Snow Gear -Loved the whole snowtrooper look.
        5. Pre Vizla
        6. Cato Parasiti

        Best Real Figure:
        1. Gamorrean Guard-The only bad thing about this figure was its availability.
        2. Woof-Excellent details and soft goods. Hasbro's done an excellent job on skiff guards lately.
        3. Magna Guard-Soft goods and articulation were superb. I army built this one alot.
        4. Leia Hoth
        5. Luke Bespin
        6. AT-AT Cmdr.
        7. Darth Sidious-I ended up really liking this one. Sure, his facial expression is extreme, but it fits for the senate duel scene. I also thought the soft goods were done very well too.
        8. Snowtrooper Legends-They fixed the wide stance problem, improving its looks tremendously. That plus its availability, made this an excellent army builder.

        Worst Figure:
        1. ROTS Clone-Same problems as everyone else:Bad sculpt and greenish head.
        2. Han Echo
        3. C3P0-As much as I wanted to like this one, I found it to be really disappointing.

        Best Deluxe:
        1. Obi-Wan with Freeco Speeder
        2. Anakin with Naboo Star Skiff
        3. Cad Bane with Speeder Bike
        4. Mandalorian with Speeder

        Best BattlePack/Multipack/ComicPack:
        1. 4LOM/Zuckuss 2pack-I'm not sure if this falls in this category or not. I thought the tribute to the "mistake" they made 30 years ago was neat. I also liked the fact that these figures were in vintage colors.

        Best Surprise:
        1. Jabba's Throne

        Best Oddity:
        1. Rocket Firing Fett

        Best Vehicle:
        1. AT-AT-By far the best vehicle of the year, one of the best of all time.
        2. Slave 1
        3. Snowspeeder
        4. Cloud Car
        5. Xanadu Blood-Basically a repaint, but a really nice one.

        Most anticipated figures 2011:
        1. Dr. Evazan-#1 on my list.
        2. Bespin Han-#2 on my list.
        3. Kithaba
        4. Weequay Skiff Master

        Most Wanted Vehicles: (a guy can dream, right?)
        1. Sail Barge
        2. Sandcrawler
        3. Tatooine Skiff

        Most Wanted Figures:
        1. Admiral Piett
        1. Any cantina alien
        2. Any of Jabba's thugs

        Figure of the Year: Gamorrean Guard
      1. jedibear's Avatar
        jedibear -
        First off, let me mention that a lot of the stuff folks are talking about here NEVER made it's way up here, so JT's mention of lack-of-availability issues really hits home with me...

        However, I did find enough stuff to pick up and enjoy over the last year so....here goes!

        Best Animated Basic Figure: Embo! Cool character design, cool figure. (good thing these CW figures come w/ stands, though...they just flop over without them!)

        Best Basic (Vintage line) Figure: It's a tie for me...Gamorrean Guard is just too cool, but another unexpected and great figure is the Magna Guard! Light-years ahead of the original release, it just looks fantastic. As others have mentioned, the whole ROTJ-themed wave really was a high point for the line. Another issue that I liked was seeing AOTC on a vintage-style card...only saw 'em once, but it looked great.

        Best Vehicle: The AT-AT, without a doubt...beautifully sculpted, engineered and detailed toy...the old version always figured somewhere in my collection and this new version is just terrific!

        Best 1:6 scale figure: I've been enjoying the heck out of the various Clones that Sideshow has been offering, but in this recent onslaught of figures comes a truly original looking character that had never been realized in this scale before....Hammerhead! A great job here...from the detailing, costume, sculpt, paint apps...it all comes together in a really great presentation of this cool cantina denizen! Most honorable mention goes to the Gamorrean Guard...another well-rendered figure.

        I'm really gonna miss....those Comic Packs. It was a cool way to see some characters that otherwise would have never seen the light of day. I hope they're just on "hiatus" and not gone for good...

        Bummer of the year has got to be the price increase of basic figures. And why oh why are vintage figures a buck more everywhere? It's keeping me from going out and getting each vintage figure that comes out...at $9 a pop up here for these, they've gotta be really something to warrant the purchase... (Dis)honorable mention goes to the old standby of availability. Wish it weren't so...

        Many thanks to Sirsteve, JediTricks and Tycho for providing another fun read...and congrats on the new site. Here's to another fun year collecting SW and reading about it here!
      1. sonofsokol's Avatar
        sonofsokol -
        Favorite Animated Figures:
        1. Embo
        2. Bossk
        3. Pre Vizsla
        4. Shaak Ti
        5. Undead Geonosian

        Favorite Realistic Figures:
        1. K’Kruhk
        2. Phase I Dark Trooper
        3. Wooof
        4. Shaak Ti (Force Unleashed)
        5. Admiral Ackbar

        Biggest Peg Warmers in my Area
        1. ROTS Clone Trooper (TVC)
        2. Sand Trooper (TVC)
        3. Dengar (TVC)
        4. 4-LOM (TVC)
        5. Mandalorian Police Officer (CW)

        Favorite Deluxe Figure and Vehicle Packs
        1. Mandalorian Speeder w/Mandalorian Warrior
        2. Pirate Speeder Bike w/Cad Bane
        3. AT-RT w/ARF Trooper Boil
        4. Naboo Star Skiff w/Anakin Skywalker

        Favorite Battle Pack/Multi Pack/Comic Pack
        1. ARC Troopers
        2. Anti-Hailfire Droid Squad

        Biggest Oddity in my Star Wars Collecting
        1. My obsession to collect all of the Star Wars Mighty Beanz

        Biggest Letdowns

        1. The delay/cancelling of the Galactic Heroes AT-ST. As soon as it was announced that it was a Kohl’s exclusive I knew we were in for trouble.
        2. The remote controlled Millenium Falcon

        Most Anticipated stuff for 2011
        1. ARC Trooper Commander (Vintage)
        2. Barris Offee (both Vintage and Clone Wars)
        3. Aqua Droid (CW)
        4. The new Clone Wars figure and vehicle packs
      1. Neuroleptic's Avatar
        Neuroleptic -

        Since I don't usualy watch the Clone Wars due to not having an outside source for TV I usualy skip out on them. However this year I saw one that was just too good for me to pass up. Cato Parasitti is made of win! I love the detail on her eyes, the rifle, the flip down visor, and her paint apps are perfect. But what I really like about her is that for some reason she seems to be a rather expressive figure when posed. I have her set up with her visor flipped up, holding her rifle across her shoulders with one hand and gesturing with the other as if she's talking. Don't know anything about the character, but I like the figure.


        R2-D2 with pop up lightsaber (with drink tray), hands down for me. This is THE figure I'd been waiting for since they started making new figures in 1995. I even figured out that the drink tray will work on my electronic R2 that I got in 1996 or so, who I have since repainted into a different droid, so I was able to use most of the accessories. My absolute only regret with this figure was that it was SO DARN HARD TO FIND! I did eventualy get two, one for christmas, which Im keeping packaged, and the other in a trade, but I still want one more. I'll probably be a sucker if I'm able to find it twice on the Revenge of the Jedi cardback in stores as It would be cool to have one figure, especialy THIS figure on that card back. But I'm going to be really irritated if figures keep being so hard to come by.


        ROTS vintage line clone trooper. He's still taking up more than half the shelf space at the local stores here.

        Jaba. Unfortunately as was the case with most of what came out around here in December, he never showed up.


        Geonosis R2-D2 and C-3PO for me. I love both figures and am thrilled to finaly get a realistic R2 with most of the features that the clone wars version came with.

        AT-AT. Even god wants one.

        - BEST ODDITY -
        I tend to mostly only collect the figures, so I can't say anything about oddities.

        I have 3 that are equaly tied.

        Sir Steve's Guide's update (Yeah yeah I know that's technicaly this year but yall where late with the reveiw so Im counting it in last year). I love everything about it, aside for the fact that the only way for me to read comments on the news stories seems to be for me to hit reply to every single post.

        The next surprise would be the Vintage Rocket Firing Boba Fett. I love mine, and need to figure out where to buy star cases so I can put him in one. It's been a long time since I collected packaged figures, so I'm not really sure where to get these anymore.

        Last surprise is how darn blasted hard it was at the end of the year to find any of the new stuff. Usualy Christmas is the ONLY time of year I can count on finding new stuff on the shelvs other than when they re-set the entire line nation wide. This "surprise" was a huge dissapointment for me, and I find that I'm unable to scream about it every chance I get because it makes me so angry.

        - MOST WANTED 3 3/4" FIGURES -

        A third ROTJ Vintage R2.


        - MOST ANTICIPATED FOR 2011 -

        I'm not really all that excited by anything I've seen so far for 2011. There are a few figures I plan to get, but as far as ones that are OMG MUST HAVE THAT! figures? there really aren't any. If I can't find them in stores I really am not going to go to a lot of trouble to track the few down that I want.

        R2-D2. But by know, you already knew that.
      1. Whask's Avatar
        Whask -
        Great recap everyone! Being out of the collecting end for a while hyperlinks would have been cool so I could see the figures everyone was talking about as I read, I know its a lot of links and code but just an idea! Thanks again for the in depth reviews!
      1. bigbarada's Avatar
        bigbarada -
        Quote Originally Posted by Whask View Post
        Great recap everyone! Being out of the collecting end for a while hyperlinks would have been cool so I could see the figures everyone was talking about as I read, I know its a lot of links and code but just an idea! Thanks again for the in depth reviews!
        Hasbro's 2010 Vintage Collection Gamorrean Guard - very difficult to spot in the wild:
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        Glad to see more folks participating!

        Some great comments, a lot of food for thought. We don't get to talk about collecting all that much lately with crazy amounts of unfindable product followed by very small bursts of finds, so it's neat to have this type of conversation here.

        Sonofsokol surprised me by admitting to collecting Mighty Beanz, nobody has been talking about them, I wasn't sure they ever sold in stores.
      1. sonofsokol's Avatar
        sonofsokol -
        Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
        Sonofsokol surprised me by admitting to collecting Mighty Beanz, nobody has been talking about them, I wasn't sure they ever sold in stores.
        What can I say, I bought a couple packs just to check them out and I got hooked. My boys (5 and 2) have fun with them too. We have both the Darth Vader Collector tin/case and the new-ish Millennium Falcon case as well.

        Edit: This was my 500th post
      1. Darth Metalmute's Avatar
        Darth Metalmute -
        Quote Originally Posted by sonofsokol View Post
        What can I say, I bought a couple packs just to check them out and I got hooked. My boys (5 and 2) have fun with them too. We have both the Darth Vader Collector tin/case and the new-ish Millennium Falcon case as well.

        Edit: This was my 500th post
        I bought a bunch for my son. They were marked down to a buck at Walmart.

        Best Animated figure
        I only bought two so I will put them both. Cad Bane and T-Series Tactical Droid

        Best Realistic figure
        It's really hard to distinguish between the vintage ROTJ wave, but I'll pick Ackbar. I love this figure.

        Worst Basic figure
        Since I don't buy every figure anymore the worst figure is Hondo Ohnaka and that's only because I never saw him.

        Best Deluxe figure with Vehicle
        I passed on these, but only because I finally found Bane. Otherwise I would have picked up Bane's speeder bike.

        Best Multipack
        The only one I bought was the Mandalorian pack and that was disappointing. I would have purchased the Force Unleashed pack if the figures had been packed differently.

        Best Vehicle

        Best Oddity
        The unreleased in the states Kohl's exclusive GH AT-ST.

        Surprise of the Year
        I suppose that Jabba's Throne would be the best fit here, especially since I got it for 16 bucks, but I think the fact we finally got the Solo twins was the best surprise.

        Most Wanted Figure
        A stormtrooper, scout trooper, and Mara Jade that is perfect. Spirit of Qui-Gon.

        Most wanted Vehicle
        A perfect speeder bike. TIE defender.
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        Quote Originally Posted by sonofsokol View Post
        What can I say, I bought a couple packs just to check them out and I got hooked. My boys (5 and 2) have fun with them too. We have both the Darth Vader Collector tin/case and the new-ish Millennium Falcon case as well.
        Nothing wrong with that, you're allowed to like what you like, I just didn't know anybody was into them.
      1. sonofsokol's Avatar
        sonofsokol -
        No worries JT, I didn't think you were being negative. That's why I love this forum, so many people have different opinions and it is fun that we can all enjoy Star Wars in our own ways.

        By the way, have you seen the new Mighty Beanz TRU-exclusive Death Star?!?!?

        Attachment 24632
      1. Ando's Avatar
        Ando -
        My collecting scope is still narrowing way way way down to the point where I am purchasing very little unless it's something I really like, but the things that I bought (or received as gifts) in 2010 were all winners.

        My favorites:

        - The Big AT-AT and the little (Galactic Heroes) AT-AT. My nephews (6 and 3) love them both!
        - The new PT/Clone Wars Slave I (looking forward to the OT version, while unconfirmed is completely inevitable).
        - The Force FX removable blade sabers (I received the Darth Maul saber for my birthday last month and they did a great job re-engineering it). I am looking forward to the Ultimate FX series for kids coming this summer.
        - Fixer and Boss for the Galactic Heroes line. The Republic Commandos are my favorite design of troopers and I am disappointed that they are scuttling the line before they make Sev and Scorch (and other "big" vehicles for the line.
        - The ARC Trooper and Mandalorian battle packs were the only battle packs I bought this year, but they are pretty neat I and I am glad I found them.
        - The all new Snowspeeder was well done and it was pretty neat that they included 2 sets of guns. Who knew that making something SMALLER would make it better?!
        - The Vintage collection is a nice shot in the arm and I have purchased a few figures here and there. I am looking forward to some of the EU figures like Fordo.

        Moving forward, I am looking forward to getting the Republic Attack Shuttle and some of the smaller vehicles like the Jedi Speeder and I will continue to collect the FX sabers.
      1. TheDarthVader's Avatar
        TheDarthVader -
        Probably the Flame Thrower Clone Trooper. The accessory is just plain fun.


        WORST BASIC FIGURES: um...clone wars arf trooper

        To me, they all stank. If a speeder bike (new and retooled) had been released I would have voted for it)

        Probably the hard to find in the wild arc troopers battle pack.

        I was very happy to see the re-release of the FALCON. Because I missed it the first time around. That being said, I will still have to vote for the AT-AT.

        BEST ODDITY:
        Willrow Hood's ice cream accessory

        smiling luke exclusive figure

        MOST WANTED 3 3/4" FIGURES:
        the rest of the vintage figures redone, more pilots, more droids (especially r2s, r3s, r4s, and r5s)

        Sail Barge.....natuarlly

        New droids, original trilogy vintage figures

        2010 STAR WARS FIGURE OF THE YEAR: Gamorrean Guard
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