• Details on the Cancelled Boba Fett Game "Star Wars 1313"

      Concept art, gameplay experience, and story details are revealed on the hotly-anticipated video game, Star Wars 1313, and the biggest detail is that it was set to star Boba Fett. Unfortunately, with the sale of Lucasfilm and Lucasarts to Disney, the SW1313 game appears to be shelved permanently. But IGN was given a look at an extended demo of SW1313, and while they cannot show the actual video, they have a detailed breakdown of what was seen.

      The game had gone through several incarnations and kept getting changed, refocused, and reimagined, as George Lucas himself told the team to make it a Boba Fett on Corsucant game. But art and story details sound like they would have made an impressive game, although almost every iteration detailed in the article would have made an equally-impressive game. Shifting eras, main characters, and even game styles (oh for that GTA-style Coruscant sandbox game!) ultimately doomed the project to development hell, yet the final, unfinished game focusing on Boba Fett going from young and inexperienced through building up his custom armor and skills is an exciting premise with a good-looking cast of characters, and hopefully something positive will eventually come from all that work.

      Check out the article over at IGN.com.
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      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        Whyyyy? Seriously cool ideas lost to the sands of time!
      1. Darth Metalmute's Avatar
        Darth Metalmute -
        This is depressing...
      1. bigbarada's Avatar
        bigbarada -
        "Hey, look at this awesome game you'll never play! lawlz!"

        It seems almost cruel to release this information.
      1. El Chuxter's Avatar
        El Chuxter -
        Now they can focus all their attention and resources on Super Bombad Racing II!
      1. nohagent's Avatar
        nohagent -
        Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
        Whyyyy? Seriously cool ideas lost to the sands of time!
        I have no faith in Disney so didn't anything else. Second this agents of shield sucks.....Disney.... No hope for live action Star Wars ever either
      1. Darth Metalmute's Avatar
        Darth Metalmute -
        I recently been thinking about this game for a while and have come up with an interesting theory/conclusion. What if they are using the storyline of this game for the upcoming Boba Fett movie that apparently is in the works? That way, they can kill two birds with one stone?
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        I kinda doubt it only because the game's story wasn't Boba Fett-based to begin with, they just shoehorned him in at George Lucas' orders.
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