• Hasbro Questions from Other Sites for May 25th, 2011

      Attachment 24958Here's a list of other site's questions Hasbro answered for the week of May 25th, 2011. Don't forget to check out our Q&A as well. And if you know of any other questions we've missed, drop me a line and let me know.

      Also, note that, as of this round, Hasbro has cut down the number of sites participating in the Q&A program.

      16bit.com: A few years ago, it seemed a number of special cases were sold online with figures assorted evenly-- usually 2 each of the new figures. This was pretty awesome, and seemed to make collecting select waves of the 30th Anniversary Collection and some waves of Legacy a breeze. Might this be brought back for Vintage?
      Hasbro: We are exploring this option for online sales but we are not yet ready to commit to the plan.

      16bit.com: With increasingly diverse shapes compared to the vintage Kenner line of old, it seems the Clone Wars figures dislike being displayed outside their packages. Have you considered offering slightly different stands or altering articulation on certain figures? For example, the display stands packaged with the likes of the Aqua Droid and the living and undead versions of the Geonosian can't hold up to gravity and time. After a few days, these figures sag and, frequently, topple over. Knocking over other figures. Figures with spring-loaded rockets that fire into other displays which, if I understand movies, could actually bring about the end of days in 2012. So we can all avoid the world as we know it coming to an end, what are Hasbro engineers doing to ensure figures won't topple over on our shelves?
      Hasbro: We are always exploring ways to improve figure durability. Since Clone Wars figures are for the most part targeted towards kids, our focus has been on providing exceptional play value (ex. features/projectiles) rather than ensuring that all the figures can stand up for extended lengths of time in a display environment.

      ActionFigureInsider.com: With the cancellation of the Galactic Heroes line– what is the status of the AT-ST (Kohl’s Exclusive) in the States? I know it was released in Europe, but will we still get our chance on this side of the pond? Or will this be like the similiar situation with the superhero squad packs that were only released over there as well.
      Hasbro: We are pleased to say that the Galactic Heroes AT-ST will be available in U.S. Toys R Us stores late this year.

      ActionFigureInsider.com: I was VERY excited about the prospect of a gigantic Sand Crawler a la the Falcon and AT-AT. Then I learned it was apparently just a rumor or trial balloon. We need a massive vehicle for the 30th year of ROTJ, and I think the Crawler is an excellent option as the first third of the film takes place on Tatooine. Is this a possibility?
      Hasbro: At this point, anything is a possibility! But we have not yet kicked off the plan for the large vehicle in 2013.

      ActionFigureNews.ca: On June 21st the 20th Anniversary Edition of the novel Heir to the Empire is being released. I am wondering if Hasbro has considered doing a special edition toy or two to mark this occasion.
      I realize it’s likely now too late to include something with the novel itself, but what I'm wondering is, if it was an idea Hasbro considered, or if Hasbro would consider something similar for significant future special dates from the Star Wars EU?
      Hasbro: This is a very good idea, but at the moment it is not planned for 2011. However, the idea of celebrating EU events is absolutely something we can consider in the future.

      ActionFigureNews.ca: At last years Fan Expo Canada Convention in Toronto various exclusives from other large conventions were made available to the attendees for purchase by Hasbro. Star Wars exclusives available were Darth/Maul & Owen Lars, Camie & Fixer as well as 4-Lom & Zuckuss.
      Is there a possibility that Hasbro will once again make some of these hard to get exclusives available at Fan Expo or any other large Canadian Convention or was this a one time deal that is unlikely to happen again?
      Hasbro: Sorry, this is unlikely to happen in the future.

      BanthaSkull.com: The Battle Over Endor packs were the bee’s knees! Any plans to expand this concept to other battles? A Naboo set would be a nice tie-in with TPM 3D and give us some sorely needed Bravo pilots. Though Yavin pilots have been pretty well-covered, a set like this might be a good place to insert a certain mustachioed general who has been getting a lot of buzz lately…
      Hasbro: We are planning some Naboo pilots as single carded figures and we agree that there is good potential fodder in the Yavin ceremony scene.

      BanthaSkull.com: Please give us a pic of the top secret Sail Barge toy you are working on. The skiffs and their crews are busy circling the Pit of Carkoon with their Rebel prisoners, awaiting word from Jabba on what to do next because he has no ride to join in the festivities. In particular, the TLC Nikto Gunner is getting tired of holding up that deck cannon all by himself. And seriously, how is R2 supposed to deliver Luke’s lightsaber if he’s still screwing around at the palace? That is all.
      Hasbro: The secret Sail Barge is so top secret that we have not even seen images of it yet! Plus the Sarlacc’s slimy tenticles have prevented us from further development.

      JediDefender.com: We've run our Wishlist Polls at Jedi Defender now for many years, and for the past 7 years in a row Cliegg Lars has won the Attack of the Clones round of the voting. That's quite a showing among the collecting community, and we're curious how far up the ladder this character is to getting out of the parking lot, and onto store pegs? It'd be great to see this character from one of Anakin's darker moments soon!
      Hasbro: Sorry, Cliegg Lars will have to continue idling in the parking lot. He is not currently in the lineup.

      JediDefender.com: Speaking of past polls... The ToyFare Magazine Polls became a pretty deep chart of what collectors wanted to see in the line. While the 2006 poll saw most of its figures come out in some form or another, the 2009 poll seemed to not get the same love. There was a shift away from the EU in the line of course, but where do the rest of the movie figures from the 2009 poll stand in the infamous parking lot? We included a list of these figures that we've kept track of, to help out!
      #2 Jocasta Nu
      #9 Dorme
      #12 Tzizvvt
      #13 Kitster and Wald
      #14 Toryn Farr
      #15 Cane Addiss
      #18 Cliegg Lars
      #20 Grand Moff Tarkin
      #21 Ben Quadinaros
      #24 Tey How
      #25 Sim Aloo
      #26 Sgt. Doallyn
      #27 Taym Dren-Garen
      #29 Corde
      #30 Queen Jamilla
      Hasbro: We are planning Vintage Tarkin and Ben Quadinaros. We do hope to get to some of the rest of these figures in the future. Unfortunately, some of the figures on the 2009 list are not quite as strong as the 2006 list so we need to handle them more strategically and sprinkle them in where possible.

      JediInsider.com: Are there any details you can provide us about special plans Hasbro might be working on for the release of the Star Wars movies on Blu-ray or the 3D versions coming to theaters. It seems like the next few years will open a large window with retailers to be able to really start pushing movie stuff again as opposed to just the cartoon merchandise.
      Hasbro: It is too early to share any specific details, but all the major partners involved with the Blu-ray and 3D releases have GALACTICALLY HUGE plans to celebrate the return of the movie saga.

      JediInsider.com: We were curious if there was any more plans to do vintage vehicles in vintage packaging variants like the recent AT-AT, Snowspeeder and Tie-Fighter or even re-releasing ep 1-3 vehicles in vintage style variant packaging like you have been doing with the figures?
      Hasbro: Yes, thanks to fan support we plan to release more vehicles in vintage packaging through 2012. Stay tuned for more news at Comic-Con.

      JediNews.co.uk: The Gamorrean Guard from the elusive Wave 3 is probably one of the most popular and hard to find figures in recent years. We are seeing some of the Wave 3 figures being repacked in later Waves plus some are also coming in the Revenge of the Sith line and we also appreciate that Wave 3 will ship again soon with Wedge (Assortment 11). However, the Gamorrean Guard is still only packed one per case and we all want more of them! What's the chances of reissuing this figure in a later wave but in greater numbers? Also, will the UK ever see Wave 3 released (still not had it)?
      Hasbro: Unfortunately the Gamorrean Guard is not currently planned in any 2011 waves. We still hope to see wave 3 hit shelves in the UK.

      JediNews.co.uk: With new figures in both The Vintage Collection and The Clone Wars only shipping one per case it is getting frustratingly hard to get each and every new figure. Surely it would make sense to pack all new figures two per case therefore ensuring that more people get access to these new figures and then leaving the remaining slots in the cases for the more popular figures from previous waves? It seems brick and mortar shops are ordering fewer cases and by making this switch you'll allow a greater number of collectors and kids to get the new figures they want and stop the problems we're currently encountering whereby all we're finding at retail are huge quantities of Clone Troopers and Sandtroopers (that's probably stopping the retailers from ordering more product - it’s seems like a vicious circle!).
      Hasbro: We are continually optimizing our ratios in order to maximize the most sought after figures in each case pack. Beginning in fall 2011 and continuing into 2012 you will see this strategy in action on a more regular basis.

      Lichtgeschwindigkeit.de: As we all know, distribution is a major problem around the world. Some countries are months behind or do not see product at all. Even worse some dealers do not pick up certain case assortments because of so many figures forwarded in the next wave that end up clogging up the pegs in some stores. Characters in demand are short packed or not distributed widely, essentially putting money into the hands of scalpers and the secondary market but not into Hasbro’s pockets. Furthermore army building is almost impossible with 12
      different figures in a case. May we suggest that you add solid cases of figures in demand to your order sheets as well, so the retailer can decide to buy a case of main characters (12 different figures) and buy extra cases of army building figures or figures in high demand if he decides so. (12 Stormtroopers a case, or 6 Stormtrooper/ 6 Sandtroopers a case, 4 Death Star gunners/ 4 Stormtrooper / 4 Sandtroopers and so on, combinations are possible for so many figures during a years time). By doing so we think you would essentially sell more, and not leave money on the table or to others specializing in selling that way. Are you open for this suggestion? And can we expect to see a change for the better soon? So many dealers and collectors would love this concept. There is no need to sell/order figures individually at wholesale level, but solid cases of one or 2 figures would improve sales and customer satisfaction for sure. We are not asking to drop the current wave assortments, but ADD the army building assortments.
      Hasbro: While we are are not planning figure solid packs, we are working on improving ratios in order to include more sought after figures.

      Lichtgeschwindigkeit.de: Some information was “found” lately in the UK about an upcoming Y-Wing for the Vintage line, would you mind sharing some info about it? Is it a repack? A larger scale Y-wing maybe? Do we have to wait for SDCC?
      Hasbro: You'll learn more at SDCC…and I think you'll like what you hear!

      Mousedroid.com: G'day Hasbro.
      While we all appreciate the love the Cantina scene from A New Hope gets in 3.75" figure form, is there any chance that you might visit characters from either of the two entertainment hotspots in the prequel trilogy - the Outlander Club (from AOTC) and the Coruscant Opera House (from ROTS)? Both have been severely under-represented thus far despite having roughly similar amounts of screen time and no shortage of interesting looking characters such as Nyrat Agira, Hayde Gofai, Jynne Celwick, Koyi Mateil, Opula Deget, Delva Racine and the Mon Calamari dancers who always seem to be on a lot of people's wish-lists.
      Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
      Hasbro: We agree that there are some good potential candidates in the Opera House such as the Mon Calamari dancers. We feel the Outlander Club has slightly less appeal because it has less nostaligic appeal and past history tells us that human characters from these types of scenes tend to not perform as well.

      Mousedroid.com: We have seen the Nom Anor figure and i LOVE it!!!Congratulations on what looks to be a pretty cool figure from the EU of Star Wars....is there any chance Rallra the Wookiee and the Noghri Warrior from Tim Zahns Heir To The Empire novels might possibly be made as single carded figures now that they have earlier been reported as cut from the last of the comic 2pks?
      Hasbro: These are both cool characters but these are not currently planned for the line. They have not yet been tooled, but we'll keep them in mind.

      Rebelscum.com: You mentioned during the Toy Fair 2011 presentation that we would be able to expect deleted scenes figure in the fall of this year. In the past, it has been revealed that a ROTJ Sandstorm Leia was in the works. Also, most fans probably assume that we will be getting a Luke specific to the deleted lightsaber building scene which was the crux of the big Blu Ray announcement. Can you share with us the identities of the deleted scenes figures being released this fall? Assuming this is out of the question, can you at least share with us how many deleted scenes figures you currently have slated for upcoming release (either in the fall or in subsequent waves)? Also, can you tell us which films these figures will hail from? I think a lot of people automatically assume that ROTJ is the focus (primarily because of the two figures mentioned above). Are there other deleted scene specific figures coming from the other films as well?
      Hasbro: We'll have more to share about deleted scenes at San Diego Comic-Con! But for now we can say that ROTJ is the focus and you're correct about Luke. And if you've always wanted a Lando sandstorm deleted scene figure then you'll be pleased.

      Rebelscum.com: You've mentioned an Ewok Multipack containing Chuka-Trok, Oochee and Widdle, as well as some other Ewoks (Princess Kneesa???) that was produced, but hasn't found a distributor yet. Is there any official word on that set? Can we expect it any time soon? I know that fans would eat it up. Every ewok produced goes for a mint on the secondary market. There is definately a market for them, and it would be a shame to have you not capitalize on that. When will we see the awesome Ewok Multipacks you've alluded to?
      Hasbro: Right, you can never have too many Ewoks. No new news on the Ewok multi-pack. To your other point, we still consider Vintage to be a true collector line and throughout 2011 and 2012 we will continue to include highly sought after figures and some more specific favorites as well. We have A LOT of new Vintage figures planned for 2012.

      Sandtroopers.com: Hey hasbro Are we ever going to get Dooku's solar sailer or a ship for Assaj Ventress (there are a few to choose from here)? These are key characters in the Clone Wars and both have had their ships featured in various episodes. The bad guys need their rides for the kiddies to play with too, and collectors would eat these up too. And well were at it when is my Clone Wars Anakin going to get his Twilight to fly? These are all main character ships, that I am truly suprised haven't been made yet.
      Hasbro: These vehicles are currently not planned for the line. Perhaps there is an exclusive opportunity down the road, but nothing is in the works at the moment.

      Sandtroopers.com: We had some very good success with Star Wars fans with small scale Galactic Battle Game Tournaments at theSandtroopers.com Battle Station. Is there any chance Hasbro would OFFICIALLY consider doing a large scale event at Comic-Con or better a Star Wars Celebration event? It would be a great way to show people how much fun they can have with their action figures and give collectors a way to see where their skills rank among thousands of competitors.
      Hasbro: Galactic Battle Game tournaments is a GREAT idea. We'll need some time to plan this out - stay tuned.

      SnowTroopers.ca: With the pegs being clogged by a mountain of TVC Zuckuss/4LOMs and Dengars, there's been a lot of concern that Canadian retail stores are falling behind the US waves and that as many as 2 waves have already been dropped entirely. First off, can Hasbro not pull these pegwarmers off the pegs since even sales don't seem to be moving these figures out of the stores AND more importantly, can you please tell us what figures (or waves) and vehicles/deluxe packs from the Star Wars line are definitely not coming to Canada so we can make other arrangements? We've heard that wave5 may be coming in September but we've no idea if this is wave5 as started from 2010 or if it means wave 5 of 2011.
      Hasbro: Where’s the love for Dengar? Despite a few more Dengars at shelf than we would all prefer, all Vintage 2011 waves are still expected to hit U.S. and Canada this year.

      SnowTroopers.ca: We have heard the upcoming Republic Attack Shuttle for Canadian and European markets will not have voice phrases like the non-vintage BAT-AT released for Canada and Europe which led to an unpleasant surprise for some collectors.
      In a Q&A answer a possibility of including a switch to change between English and non-English modes for future large vehicles was mentioned. Was there no time for this to be implemented or has this idea been scrapped? Some Canadian collectors will not buy a Canadian retail version large vehicle if they know the voice phrases will be missing. If the Canadian and European version has dropped the voice phrases will they be replaced with other sound effects? Is there a possibility for a single retailer to bring in the US version, like TRU did with the Vintage packed BAT-AT?
      Hasbro: The Republic Attack Shuttle will have the same English phrases and sound effects regardless of the country.

      After finding "The Clones Wars" line's R7-A7, I'm wondering why its dome isn't white, as seen in the TV series and on the cardback?
      Hasbro: Hmmm…to us the dome looks closer to light grey versus white.

      SWcollector.com: Now that you've had a chance to gage the response to the Vintage Collection's rocket-firing Boba Fett mail-in offer, have you considered offering other unproduced figures in the vintage Kenner style from the '70s and '80s as mail-in premiums?
      Hasbro: Yes! We are constantly exploring these opportunities. Our next mail-in figure will be the Prototype Armor Boba Fett and we will soon be planning for 2012 and beyond.

      Toymania.com: The Clone Wars "Citadel" trilogy introduced many new characters to the series that would make extremely exciting action figures, including Even Piell, Tarkin, OOM-10 and R2-D2's Battle Droid Squad, ARC Troopers Echo & Fives, and more. Can collectors look forward to seeing any of these great characters captured as "Clone Wars" figures in 2011?
      Hasbro: Keep an eye out for Clone Wars Even Piell and an ARC Trooper!

      Toymania.com: The upcoming Star Tours Star Speeder looks amazing. Are the upcoming theme park exclusive figure packs (ambush and pilot packs) and speeder the only 3 3/4 toys planned or will we see a return of the Star Tours carded figure line?
      Hasbro: The two exclusive theme park figure packs are the only 3.75" figures currently in the plan for this year.

      Yakface.com: A few months back now we were told that we’d be seeing a re-issue of the 2010 EU Spacetrooper (originally available in the exclusive EU wave sold through Toys”R”Us) in the Saga Legends line. Recently (3/9/2011), you released images of this new wave of SL figures but the solicitation imagery showed the DARK TROOPER instead (although it was shown with the proper “Spacetrooper” Galactic Battle Game card). Can you clarify as to which figure we will actually be getting? Troop builders want to know!!!
      Hasbro: You will be seeing the Spacetrooper at retail. The Dark Trooper was simply a placeholder.

      Yakface.com: Over a year ago (Feb 2010), you stated in a QnA we could expect a re-issue of Luke’s Landspeeder sometime in 2011. Now that we are into the second quarter, has a more definitive time and method of release (general or exclusive) been determined? Will we see this available in the gorgeous “Vintage” style packaging as well? Sounds like a perfect holiday release item to me!
      Hasbro: The Landspeeder in Vintage packaging should hit U.S. Target shelves towards the end of 2011

      YodasNews.com: When and how will collectors have another chance to buy (at retail prices, in brick and mortar stores) the EU Universe line that included Shaak Ti, Jaina / Jacen Solo, etc?
      Hasbro: Those are all strong characters in EU but we do not have plans for these in the immediate future.

      YodasNews.com: Seeing as it was featured prominently in the season 3 Clone Wars premier and looks to be in season 4 is there any chance we will see Asaj Ventress' Trident Drill Squid ship made?
      Hasbro: This is an extremely cool vehicle, but for most part our mainline will not include vehicles that only appear in a limited number of episodes. However, there are always exceptions! But this vehicle is currently not planned in the line.
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