• Hasbro Questions from Other Sites for June 14th, 2011

      Attachment 25032Here's a list of other site's questions Hasbro answered for the week of June 14th, 2011. Don't forget to check out our Q&A as well. And if you know of any other questions we've missed, drop me a line and let me know.

      16bit.com: How finished is Galactic Heroes as a line? Have we seen the last of it? The AT-ST hit stores the week we submitted these questions, but are there additional exclusives, repaints, gift sets, or other items in the pipeline?
      Hasbro: Galactic Heroes had a great run, but the line is now done. We think you'll like what you see in the new Jedi Force line.

      16bit.com: Most Commander Bly figures based on Revenge of the Sith have had less-than-authentic deco. In late 2005 you guys put out a running change with dark brown stripes, true to the movie, but the rereleases since then have largely lacked this deco. It appears the Episode III Commemorative set continues this not-movie-accurate deco, nearly six years later. Why are the brown stripes continuously being left out?
      Hasbro: Thanks for pointing this out - good catch. We chose to use an existing Commander Bly for the Commemorative Pack, however in the future we plan to give Bly his stripes back.

      Any plans to reissue REX (or a red and white repaint of him) for Star Tours? How about a holographic Admiral Ackbar as seen in the updated Star Tours attraction?
      Hasbro: Great thoughts…these are certainly options but we have not yet developed a Star Tours plan for 2012.

      ActionFigureInsider.com: And any chance/thought of Hasbro doing figures of Pre-Visla, Cad Bane, Asoka, Hondo, Embo, or any of the other "Clone Wars" characters in the more realistic saga or vintage styles?
      Hasbro: Yep, you asked for it, you got it. A handful of core Clone Wars figures are planned for the Vintage Collection line in 2012. Stay tuned for more information!

      BanthaSkull.com: The deluxe line is great. You’ve brought in a lot of cool new vehicles that collectors and kids love. What are the chances that we might see some OT mini rigs based on regular ships, like the X-Wing or Imperial Shuttle? Some ships are a bit too big to come in the regular assortment, but maybe minis of those ships would be a great way for those of us that are running out of display space.
      Hasbro: We are continuing to explore including OTC vehicles in this segment.

      BanthaSkull.com: I’m sure you’ve received feedback on the retail success of the Return of the Jedi wave from 2010. Fan feedback polls indicate that ROTJ is the most desired figure source as well. The recent Jedi figures are some of the best ever and it seems like you’re building up a tooling library that would allow for some parts reuse to help us rapidly fill out our skiffs, Jabba’s palace and the bridge of that Sail Barge that isn’t being made. The problem is that waiting for slotting in the basic line is drawing this process out to the point that it takes a little fun out of the scene building. Have you considered going off the Vintage Collection playbook a bit and offering some partially new figures in a multipack either as a main release or exclusive to accelerate this process? There are some three packs that seem like naturals. Completing the prisoner skiff with a three pack including Vedian, Velken Tezeri and an update to the Weequay Hunter seems to make sense. A complete update to the old “Skiff Guards” cinema scene would be welcome, too, since those figure have not aged well.
      Hasbro: We are contining to mine ROTJ (Jabba’s Sail Barge is chock full of goodness) and we will continue to sprinkle some of these into the line. A new Weequay Hunter is in the Vintage Collection plan for late 2012.

      ImperialShipyards.net: We have seen numerous Republic Gunships in Season 2 and Season 3 of The Clone Wars and some of them had some fantastic nose art. One of them that comes to mind is Ki Adi Mundi's LAAT from Landing at Point Rain (We believe it is called the Separtist Nightmare) that has the great image of a Clone Trooper Helmet as a kind of Skull. Is there any chance we will see this or any other version of a Gunship being released soon so we can transport our Clones to the planet's surface?
      Hasbro: Love this topic. A Republic Gunship is not currently planned for 2012, but perhaps 2013…

      ImperialShipyards.net: Having recently finished up viewing the Season 3 Finale of The Clone Wars with the Episodes Padawan Lost and Wookie Hunt we were immersed into the history of the Trandoshans versus the Wookies. Hands down I think I can speak for everyone when I say I would love to see specific figures and vehicles made for every character in these episodes and was wondering if you could release any specific details on which Trandoshans/Wookies are going to be made and if we are going to see any of the great Trandoshan Skiffs (MSP80 Pteroptors) perhaps in a battlepack or in a mini-rig vehicle offering?
      Hasbro: We agree that many of these vehicles and characters were fantastic. However, given our shift in focus on characters and vehicles that can be seen in many episodes/storylines, items such as these that appear in shorter story arcs are not planned for the toy line.

      JediDefender.com: The Deluxe Figure w/Vehicle line is taking a new direction with the original designs of some of the vehicles you're creating, and we like this direction for the line overall. It certainly harkens back to the original Kenner mini-rigs. We're curious though, will these "off-screen" designs you're doing be strictly relegated to The Clone Wars cartoon? We like that we're getting the Yavin Technician and Cart from the Original Trilogy of course, but we'd really like to see some Original Trilogy inspired designs for new vehicles that were maybe "just off-screen" as well. Maybe even modern takes on some of the original 1980's designs would be a possibility?
      Hasbro: We are continuing to explore including OTC vehicles in this segment.

      JediDefender.com: OK, you're probably well aware that early images have leaked of a new Taun-Taun sculpt, which clearly appears to be Luke's mount. Also, the early images strongly implied that the new beast sculpt is easily changed to make Han's mount... Speculation is a fun part of the hobby for everyone of course, so if you were to hypothetically be doing these new beasts, and doing new figures to go with them, would you completely resculpt a figure like Hoth Luke and Hoth Han to go with the upgraded Taun-Tauns? Or would you re-use say the Vintage Saga Hoth Han with retooled legs, or the upcoming Echo Base Trooper as a base for a Hoth Luke? And just to stir the pot a little more, you'd surely be making that Han coat brown, right (we can't resist asking this)?
      Hasbro: If we were to release a Taun-Taun for Han we would most likely update the figure to fit onto the creature.

      JediInsider.com: When will we see the recently released (bigger) Clone Wars Slave 1 re-released in a Empire Strikes Back deco?
      Hasbro: Great question…we would love to release a Vintage OTC Slave 1 for 2012. We are trying to find a home for it now, perhaps as a retailer exclusive. Stay tuned for more details.

      JediInsider.com: Can you provide us with final press images and details as far as pricing and availability for all the Star Wars/Raiders 2011 SDCC exclusives?
      Hasbro: These will be released by Hasbro's PR department as we get closer to the show. Thanks for asking…we are excited about these items too.

      JediNews.co.uk: The Galactic Heroes line was a fan favourite but after 9 years I guess it was time for something new. The Jedi Force line looks fantastic and making the vehicles compatible was a very welcome idea. However, there are a few figures that we're missing from the Galactic Heroes line such as the other half of the Republic Commandos... is there any chance you'd consider releasing one more Cinema Scene featuring a selection of these 'missing' figures - maybe we could even vote for the figures we'd like to see? If not for retail, would you consider it as a convention exclusive?
      Hasbro: No further Galactic Heroes packs are planned, but another Cinema Scene pack would be a cool addition. Perhaps someday in the future...

      JediNews.co.uk: You've confirmed Ben Quadrinaros and Tarkin for The Vintage Collection and made Kyle Newman a very happy person in the process (incidentally, will we also see Tarkin coming from The Clone Wars ‘Citadel’ episodes too?). Now the most important question that fans are asking… with Episode I being released next February, in cinemas and now in 3D, are we still on course for a Kitster and Wald two pack in 2012 as discussed with Derryl at Star Wars Celebration V?
      Hasbro: Kitster and Wald are not currently planned for 2012.

      JediTempleArchives.com: OK, Hasbro. You're doing great and marvelous things with The Vintage Collection (if we could only find them in stores – we digress), but there are many glaring omissions that really need the 'vintage treatment'. Four are weighing on our mind heavily. Could you let us know if a super-articulated Jawa (in the style of the 1978 figure with a full soft-goods cloak), the blue Power Droid, Snaggletooth (blue and red) or Princess Leia Organa (Bespin Outfit) are coming any time soon for us? These are four figures that must absolutely see TVC release! You could even throw in for good measure a few chase plastic cape Jawas to make hardcore collectors very happy. We would like to see many others as well, but these seem mandatory for The Vintage Collection and we want all-new sculpts. Also, instead of repacking figures like Zuckuss, Snowtrooper, IG-88, and AT-AT Driver in the Saga Legends line, can't you just throw them into TVC packaging and use them as "carry forward" figures in The Vintage Collection? You have to stop putting the Clone Trooper (VC15) and the Sandtrooper is every case assortment. They're clogging the pegs!
      Hasbro: We have good news...Leia is planned for single card but the others are not currently in the plan for single Vintage card release.

      JediTempleArchives.com: We're slightly worried that the Special Action Figure Sets are going to lose steam quickly. Is there any possible way you could include one all-new or significantly retooled figure in each pack? How hard would it have been to take the 2008 Surgical Droid 2-1B figure and retool its arms and legs to make it Episode V specific? (We're not being sarcastic, we're actually quite curious.) And again we ask how much time and money could have been really wasted by slightly altering the 2007 Death Star Trooper by including a new ranking badge and a headset with a cord to make him the true vintage Death Squad Commander. These reproduction packs are wonderful to see available in 2011 with updated figures, but if you don't start giving us a little bit more for our money than straight repacks, people will wait for clearance prices and this exclusive program will likely go extinct. And we really want to see all of them updated. (Please make at least one figure exclusive to this set, please?)
      Hasbro: Many times with exclusives our timelines are extremely tight and we need to make tough choices. We would have liked to add new parts but the timing did not allow for this. The upcoming 3-packs will contain a good amount of newness.

      Lichtgeschwindigkeit.de: Battlepacks. Years ago Battlepacks included 5 figures, then we saw them go down to 4 figures and recent photos showed
      that only 3 figures are included in a "Battlepack." What is the reason behind this? Cost? And is the name Battlepack still justified?
      Are we going to see larger accessories included in these sets or just 3 figures?
      Hasbro: Cost, cost, cost. Yes, despite the reduction in figures we still view these packs as good "starter pack" troop builders. Three figures plus accessories PLUS 3 cards, bases, etc. for the Galactic Battle Game. Not a bad value.

      Lichtgeschwindigkeit.de: With the success of the Rocket Firing Boba Fett, what is the chance that you will produce more figures
      similar to the old vintage figures? Like Gentle Giant is doing with their 12 inch series? How about
      a short exclusive run? And with the success of the current vintage line cardbacks when will the decision be made
      if you continue to use this style after 2012? Will we see this line continue after 2012?
      Hasbro: Interesting…we've been discussing this for some time but we do not yet have any solid plans.

      Mousedroid.com: With the upcoming release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D, I see that you're releasing 3D glasses in a Optimus and Bubblebee Masks. Are there any plans for Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, or Fett versions for when the Star Wars Saga is released in 3D?
      Hasbro: No, a 3-D Star Wars mask for use in theatre is not currently planned for 2012.

      Mousedroid.com: Have you considered releasing something like a Clone Trooper helmet accessory pack? I adore Clone Troopers, but don't like the animated style trooper figures, which means I miss out on figures such as Captain Rex, Phase 1 Commander Cody etc. Therefore, what about the chances of producing a pack just containing the 'custom' helmet of assorted troopers, so we can just swap them on our 'realistic'-style Clones? (Ed: It would also be great for when kids loose clone helmets down the back of the couch or the dog eats them)
      Hasbro: Cool idea - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised with our upcoming releases of Clone Wars figures in the Vintage Collection.

      Rebelscum.com: With the confirmation of Ben Quadrinaros in the works (quite exciting, by the way!), I can't help but think back to the original Fans' Choice Polls from 2000-2006, and nearly all of those characters have eventually been made (see Adam Pawlus' great "Fan's Choice Metrics" article on these), with 2 still remaining: Nym from the Starfighter video game series, and the Twi'lek Masseuses Ann & Tann Gella from TPM. We're heard in the past that both characters have been in the fabled Hasbro "parking lot" for many years now...but we're wondering if there has been any renewed interest? It would be quite fitting to knock off the final characters from this time period.
      Hasbro: Both of these characters are still idling in the parking lot.

      Rebelscum.com: Are there any plans to continue the Jedi Spirits? We got a great Anakin Skywalker (even if he had a young Anakin head sculpt) way back in 2007...but nothing since then. If there are no plans to release them individually, perhaps as a 3-pack (with a older Anakin head, hopefully!)?
      Hasbro: No, additional Jedi Spirits are not currently planned.

      SnowTroopers.ca: Now that we've gotten confirmation that the Galactic Heroes AT-ST will be showing up in the US. Will it also be coming to Canada?
      Hasbro: Not at this time.

      SnowTroopers.ca: Ewoks. Could you give us a hint on which Ewoks has made it to your short list for next year? Gray, tan, black, white or brown fur? Plain or stripes? Any hint? What about re-releasing the vintage catapult, this time with a new paint scheme?
      Hasbro: Chuka Trok and Neesa are on our short list as possible figures in the future as well as a few others.

      Yakface.com: The new TVC Rebel Fleet Trooper has been one of the most eagerly anticipated retools for many years. Now that he is finally upon us (if we can find him), what was the reasoning behind including the “blink-and-you’d-miss-it” cap accessory versus giving him an actual functioning holster – a detail present (although only for show) on the previous 1997 POTF2 and 2001 POTJ sculpts? Also what happened to the staff that he was pictured with at Toy Fair? Is this all a Sith plot to double dip with this mold later and include the holster and the staff in some future release??? Expectant collectors want to know!
      Hasbro: We wanted to make him the best trooper possible, so we added accessories in order to allow him to be the Tantive IV figure or from the awards ceremony. The staff was planned to be included but it did not fit into the Vintage Collection package. Or, Darth Sidious informed us that the staff was not needed…

      Yakface.com: E-tailers have been updating their pre-orders with a cargo hold of new product in the past few weeks, but there has been a curious observation with some of the Vintage Collection waves. It seems that certain waves have leap-frogged over others in terms of order of release and some figures are nowhere to be found (Aayla Secura, Dr. Evazon, Echo Base Trooper, Nom Anor, etc.). Obviously rearranging has to be done from what was planned at the beginning of the year due to unforeseen delays or other factors like the incorporation of the Revenge of the Jedi recards. Can we get an approximate wave breakdown/contents/release order list for the remainder of the year?
      Hasbro: New figures are on the way! New waves Vintage figures will be hitting stores throughout the rest of the year. The contents of specific waves often change based on development schedules and consumer demand, so we would prefer not to publish a list of specific figures by wave for the rest of the year.
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      1. El Chuxter's Avatar
        El Chuxter -
        The answer that reveals Nym is still idling in the "parking lot" is an interesting one. When they proposed him for the Fan's Choice poll the first time, I had to look him up, and that was about a decade ago. It's not like the Starfighter games expanded into some massively successful video game franchise, so why even bother with him at this point?
      1. JediTricks's Avatar
        JediTricks -
        I took the "idling" aspect to be the key, it's not going anywhere, just sitting.

        As to why folks want him, I dunno, but he has a long Wookieepedia entry so he probably has more fans than the average EU character.
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